Past continues (I was doing )

Past continues (I was doing )

Yesterday Ellen and Tom played tennis. They started at

9 o’clock and finished at 12.10.

So, at 11.10 they were playing tennis.

То есть если мы говорим что вчера(месяц, год назад) и указываем точное время к примеру 11:10 мы совершали какое-то действие то мы должны употреблять Past continues.

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В нашем примере выше  Елен и Том были вчера дословно играющими в теннис в 11:10.  Действие незаконченное и происходило в прошлом, поэтому Past continues.

They were playing = they were in the middle of playing.

They had not finished playing.

Was/were -ing is the past continuous:

Past continues-struktura

I was doing something= I was in the middle of doing something at a certain time. The action or situation had already started before this time, but had not finished:

They were playing = they were in the middle of playing.

They had not finished playing.


Past continues-grafik

This time last month he was living in France.

What were you doing at 9 o’clock last night?

I waved to Gary, but he wasn’t looking.

He was walking home when he met Bill.

(in the middle of walking home)

Jon was watching TV when they arrived.

Jane phoned while They were having dinner.

It was raining when we got up.

I saw you in the park yesterday. You were sitting on the grass and reading a book.

I hurt my back while I was working in the garden.

Мы часто используем past simple, чтобы сказать, что одно действие случилось после другого.

He was walking along the road when He saw Alex. So He stopped, and we had a chat.

When Ellen arrived, I was having dinner.

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