Why can't doctors keep themselves healthy?

Medical malpractice

What to do if you suspect a medical malpractice depends on what you're trying to achieve. It is known from surveys that a very important need of those affected is a clarification discussion with the responsible doctor. In this case, the contact person is either the hospital or the doctor himself. In the hospital, you can also contact complaints management. In some countries, an independent patient advocate (ombudsman) is required by law. You can contact him or her in the event of a complaint and seek advice.

Another important point of contact if you suspect a treatment error is present is your health insurance company. The statutory health insurance companies are obliged to support their members free of charge in the pursuit of claims for damages that arose when claiming insurance benefits from malpractice. If you suspect incorrect treatment, you can request an expert report from Medical Service of Health Insurance (MDK) to clarify whether there has been a malpractice at all.


The medical profession itself has set up facilities that support patents in clarifying a suspected medical malpractice. These expert commissions or arbitration boards are usually located at the relevant regional medical association or the regional dental association. Here you can also have an assessment whether your suspicion is correct or not. The expert commissions and arbitration boards take up cases that are not yet the subject of judicial proceedings and which, as a rule, must not date back more than five years. The advantage of this procedure is that the limitation period for your possible claim for damages is interrupted during the procedure.

In the Independent patient advice every citizen can get advice from independent advisors free of charge and, if desired, anonymously on the nationwide free advice line or online: www.patientenberatung.de; Telephone: 0800 - 0 11 77 22. In addition to advice in German, advice is also available in Turkish (Tel .: 0800 - 0 11 77 23), Arabic (Tel .: 0800 - 33 22 12 25) and Russian (Tel .: 0800 - 0 11 77 24) Language offered.