How do people learn how to make contacts

Freddie makes valuable contacts all over the world

Networking. Everyone knows how important this skill is in modern business life. But how do you build a network? Where do you start? Why is that so important? Freddie started as a trainee in our technology department and now works as a software developer in London. He thinks: In working with so many different people in our globally oriented company, you can not only make many contacts, but also learn a lot about yourself.

Get better results

Freddie started his professional life with a degree in computer science and a great interest in code writing and was fully motivated for the practice. At that time he had no idea what to expect. "It is a great help when you move to a new city after university and have the opportunity there to get to know other trainees - that creates a good transition into professional life."

At Deutsche Bank, we know how important it is for Freddie and other young talents to build their networks and support one another. That is why we created the Graduate Networking Committee (GNC), which is active worldwide.

“The bank was looking for volunteers who would like to represent their areas on the trainee committee and manage the activities together. I thought it was a good way to get to know colleagues all over the world. "

Connect differences - become even stronger

There are around 1,000 trainees worldwide at Deutsche Bank and Freddie and his committee colleagues help ensure that everyone sees themselves as a team. In some regions there are additional initiatives, for example in the Asia / Pacific region. (APAC), in which there is a so-called "APAC-Lead" who travels between Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong and organizes amazing activities.

“They send us photos of them all standing together on a bridge somewhere in Australia or sitting on a beach while we're here in good old, rainy London. But it's cool to get to know her perspective on life and work at the bank. And it helps us to always think in global contexts. "

Freddie sees the GNC as a great platform for professional and personal development. In London, for example, he organized a series of events in which experienced colleagues from different areas of the bank give lectures on current topics. “We are currently also in the process of issuing a regular worldwide newsletter and introducing young talents there who have exciting roles in interesting areas. That is very informative and inspiring. "

More than networking

The trainee community is not only networked around the world, but also actively participates in the CSR activities of our bank. Freddie has just signed up for a nine-day tour of Cuba scheduled for November. "We will raise around £ 16,000 for the charities of Deutsche Bank UK Charities, Cure Leukemia and Rays of Sunshine Children's Aid."

The voluntary work has opened up more doors and even more opportunities for Freddie. He is now also an active part of an agile development team who, as a gift from the bank, invests one day each month to develop an app for the Rays of Sunshine Charity.

The start of his career at Deutsche Bank was a real aha experience for Freddie in more than one respect. Working life offers so much more than he thought possible during his studies. “There is a lot of freedom here for your own activities and everyone can try out and show what they can do. What I like most about the bank's trainee program are the learning opportunities and extensive practical experience. And of course the great cooperation among us trainees - we all learn and work with and from each other. "