What are the fouls in Kho Kho

The boxer who intentionally behaves in any of the following is considered a foul:

  • Biting, stabbing in the eyes, spitting on the opponent, sticking out the tongue to make grimaces, banging the head on the head, hitting or some similar act.
  • Throwing, breaking the back, closing the opponent's arms, using judo and wrestling techniques.
  • Falling over or chasing after a fallen opponent, the same applies to an opponent who wants to get up. Grab rope for fighting or other purposes.
  • Use provocative manners during competition.
  • Disregard of the referee's order.
  • Knee kick in the groin (e.g. holding for knee kick in the groin and straight knee kick in the groin). In the event of such violations, the referee has the right to rest for no more than five (5) minutes. If the boxer refuses to continue with a knee kick, the referee declares him a loser or a "no decision".
  • Catch the opponent's leg and slide more than two (2) steps forward or backward without using a punch. The referee has to stop the boxer and warn him. After two warnings, the referee warns him and the judges.
  • When a boxer pretends to fall on the ring floor after catching his kick leg. This is considered an advantage over his opponent and the referee advises him of this. If the boxer repeats the action and the referee has given two warnings, he will receive a points warning.
  • When both boxers fall out of the ring and one of the boxers tries to delay their return to the ring.
  • Violating any of the rules.