Which type of squirrel tastes best?

Translation of "and tasted funny" in Polish

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It was all muddy and tasted weird.
The water ... didn't look normal and tasted weird.

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The stuff tastes strange and does not fill you up.
Okay, the only thing you can cook is lasagna and even the tastes good somehow funny.
Jedyne, co umiesz ugotować, to lasagna a nawet i to never za dobrze.
Okay, the only thing you can cook is lasagna and even the tastes good somehow funny.
It's supposed to be good for the baby. It tastes weird.
There would be trouble with the lobby, I refused permission because someone thinks the tap water tastes weird or an eco freak gets upset because a species of squirrel is endangered.
Lobbyści przemysłowi urządziliby piekiełko, gdybym odrzucał pozwolenia, bo woda smakuje inaczej albo przez fanatyka drzew trenującego zajoba, bo zagrożony jest wymyślony gatunek wiewiórek.
The cake tastes good something funnybut the glaze is very good.
Tastes good something funny, but ... as Alan you have no choice.
Don't say it again tastes strange.
They believe it has something to do with the city's drinking water, supposedly tastes strange.
Mieszkańcy myślą, że to ma coś wspólnego z wodą pitną. Ma dziwny smak.
At 9:30 p.m. I called and said it was one of my scallops tastes strange.
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