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Beijing climate

Beijing in China has one moderate continental monsoon climate. The changes in the weather over time can be clearly divided into 4 different seasons.

The meteorological one spring lasts about 60 days from March 15th to May 15th. In mid-March, the cold, dry winter releases Beijing from its clutches and the temperature rises. From April the mean values ​​rise to over 10 degrees Celsius. An average spring in Beijing is dry and windy.

The summer in Beijing begins in mid-May (May 15th) and lasts for about 120 days until September (September 15th). The city, as well as the entire region, is hot and rainy in summer - especially in July and August - these two months are the hottest (approx. 25 degrees) and hold the most rain (approx. 200 mm each) May and June are the more pleasant summer months.

The autumn lasts about 60 days, from September 15th to November 15th. The foggy and cloudy days of summer pull away and the cool Autumn gives itself up cloudless sky, a lot of sun and colorful leaves on the trees. In September and October, temperatures can rise a lot during the day. If it is still clearly fresh in the morning, the 20 degree mark can be reached in the early afternoon.

A long and colderwinter starts in mid-November (15.11) and lasts for about 120 days (15.3). The days are short and the sun sets at 5 p.m. From December onwards, temperatures drop well below freezing point (approx. -5 degrees) and do not leave this area until spring. Solid and warm clothing is strongly recommended here.


Weather in Beijing

Weather in Beijing: Temperatures and rainfall for Beijing are taken from the yr.no website and provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecasts are updated four times a day.


Beijing Best travel time

In Beijing autumn, from September to October, is the ideal time to visit the city. The stifling heat and rain of summer have gone, but it's still pleasantly warm outside. Perfect conditions to explore the city and to sit in the many open cafes and restaurants.

Spring, too April to May, is pleasant and bright and invites to activities in and out of the city.

In general, travelers should pay attention to traditional Chinese holidays. During these times, many travelers come to the city, accommodation prices rise, and many hotels are fully booked. One such time is the Chinese Spring Festival in late January and early February. Other very important holidays are International Workers' Day (May 1st to May 3rd) and National Day (October 1st to October 7th).


Beijing climate table

Beijing climate

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Climate in China

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