What are writing tips for wikiHow

What is "wikiHow"?

Do you know the wikiHow website? Sounds a bit like Wikipedia, doesn't it? You're not wrong about that. Just that wikiHow isn't about What there is in the world but how something is done.

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What is wikiHow?

wikiHow is a portal that offers instructions for every situation in life. In the German-speaking world, the phenomenon is not yet as widespread as its English counterpart. The motto on the wikiHow homepage is:

“We want the world to know how everything is done. Take part! "

How does this work?

The principle is the same as with Wikipedia. Anyone can register in the portal and write or edit an article. In order to avoid duplication, the planned name of the post is checked beforehand for similarities with existing content.

What topics are there on wikiHow?

Almost anything is suitable for the topic. Here are a few articles that actually made it onto wikiHow:

This funny list could go on and on. Anyone who thinks wikiHow is a fun platform that is not meant to be serious is wrong. In addition to the humorous instructions, the portal offers a wealth of very useful articles, such as:

These articles are the added value that so many website owners are looking for. And here we can find this unique content for free on a reputable website.

What is the quality of wikiHow?

wikiHow is a dynamic platform that, like Wikipedia, lives from the contributions of its users. It cannot be ruled out that laypeople write on a topic. So we cannot apply the same quality standards as in a specialist journal or a craft course. Still, there are enough experts on wikiHow who write about topics with background knowledge.

Tip: wikihow is also available as an app for Android and iOS. In addition to the articles, step-by-step videos and photo series are offered. Users of the app can bookmark their favorite articles for later.

An essential element of wikiHow is the Quality improvement. The community assumes that every article is subsequently improved by experts. All changes can then be tracked in a history.

wikiHow itself writes on this topic:

“WikiHow is a collaborative effort to create and share the world's largest, highest quality guide. Imagine if everyone on earth had a knowledgeable trainer who could teach them how to do anything. In the end, our guide should contain correct instructions on almost every imaginable topic. This freely available information will improve millions of lives. "


wikiHow is a great platform for topics that are neglected or neglected by most blogs and magazines. It is particularly exciting that the German community still seems to be in the process of being established. So there are still a lot of topics to write about!