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In an interview, tuner Jean Pierre "JP" Kraemer spoke openly about his difficult childhood and his mother's suicide - but also about his companies and his assets.

Dortmund - For Dortmund tuner Jean Pierre "JP" Kraemer (40) everything revolves around cars - almost everything. Sometimes he lets his fans look a little deeper into his soul. On the one hand with his book “I am Jean Pierre and fear-driven”, which he presented in tears last year - but also with his Instagram stories and the question-and-answer videos that occasionally appear on his YouTube channel “JP Performance”. But now the tuner has given a very open interview. And in it he not only talks about his difficult childhood and his mother's suicide, but also about his now numerous companies and his assets.

JP Kraemer talks about his fortune - that's how he makes the most money

Leeroy Matata (24), also known primarily as a YouTuber, spent more than an hour talking to JP Kraemer - the episode of “Leeroy's Podcast - Backstage Talks” is available on Amazon Music. “My childhood was very, very bad,” says the Dortmund tuner. Neither father nor mother really wanted to see him. Sometimes he lived with his father, sometimes with his mother, and for more than a year with a “strange woman” - a friend of his father's. After all, he grew up in an apartment without furniture. “For example, we didn't have a dining table,” reports JP Kraemer. At home he ate upstairs on his bed, his mother downstairs. You slept on a mattress. "That wasn't that family thing as we know it." (JP Kraemer is astonished about upbringing: "Krass", how some children are showered with gifts)

JP Kraemer on the consequences of his childhood: "I took anti-depressants until I dropped"

“I'm assuming that my mother wasn't quite normal,” says the 40-year-old. "My mother committed suicide." However, by the time it happened, he had not had any contact with her for many years. “I wasn't sad,” says JP Kraemer. Sure: he was sorry that a person had to do something like that. But in principle it didn't really concern him. It was more like a friend's mother had died. He found out about the suicide from his sister, who called him at the company. But he also has no contact with the sister today. The mother also left him a lot of debts - he paid them off later. (Shock for JP Kraemer: Tire blowout in his "Supergolf" - "What such a tire can do")

JP Kraemer also speaks openly about his depression in the interview with Leeroy Matata: “I was in therapy. I took anti-depressants until I dropped. ”Ultimately, everything got better thanks to his work - although depression would never go away completely. In addition, he would have many constraints. So he has a shower gel for every day of the week. And when he drinks at home, he always drinks exactly ten sips. "I have a lot of quirks." (Tuning icon JP Kraemer plays in a Netflix film - there is also a well-known pop singer)

Jean Pierre "JP" Kraemer
jobCar tuners, restaurateurs, YouTubers, museum operators
CompaniesJP Performance, Big Boost Burger (both in Dortmund)
birthdaySeptember 12, 1980 (Age 40)
place of birthPlettenberg (North Rhine-Westphalia)
bookI'm Jean Pierre and I'm scared
Television broadcastsThe PS professionals - More power from the pot, Turbo - Das Automagazin, 2 professionals for 4 wheels, JP Kraemer - Alles Auto
schoolGartenstadt comprehensive school

JP Kraemer: The tuner's fortune is apparently significantly greater than eight million euros

And then it comes to the topic of money: Leeroy Matata confronts the tuner with the fact that his fortune is estimated at up to eight million euros on the Internet. That is completely wrong, explains JP Kraemer. "That's a lot more." And as often as he repeats this sentence, he actually seems to mean it. Sometimes he couldn't even think of all of his companies. And then he begins to list what he earns all his money with: there is his fast-food restaurant “Big Boost Burger”, which, according to him, would have ten thousand people to eat in seven days. There is also the new PACE museum, for which he has evidently developed his own brand of cinnamon buns (he also lists cinnamon buns as a company or source of income). Then there is the Rotiform rim brand, whose Germany branch he is managing director, and of course his YouTube channel - he also does moderation. (JP Kraemer: Trouble about the PACE Museum - "Stones thrown in the way")

JP Kraemer: "I do a lot of consulting for large automobile manufacturers"

What was probably unknown up to now: "I do a lot of advice for large automobile manufacturers," explains the tuner. He doesn't say which brands he works for. Then there is the normal workshop operation of "JP Performance", and he does "a lot of real estate" - here too he does not reveal any further details. And finally: his clothing label, "which unfortunately almost is the strongest financial branch." In plain language: This is where he earns the most money - but why "unfortunately" does not explain the 40-year-old. (Tuner Sidney Hoffmann starts podcast: His first guest is a well-known TV chef)

However, he is wasting the money that he does not earn. “I'm not tackling the money. I usually have ten euros in my pocket. ”He invests his fortune or helps people -“ even without YouTube or Instagram post. ”He doesn't buy a shoe that he likes but costs 120 euros. "Because it is too expensive for me." He also did not buy a PlayStation 5 because the price was too high for him. Then the employees would have merged and given him one. Often he also forgets the PIN on his bank card. Then he would have to get by on ten euros for ten days, as before. When there is no more fuel in the car, he changes the car. "So that's a very strange life."

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