Is lukewarm water good during a workout?

7 reasons why you should drink warm water regularly

Wouldn't it be nice if health was easy? Without complicated recipes or long lists of ingredients for smoothies & Co.?

The good news: Sometimes it can actually be very easy - with warm water, for example. Without a lot of chichi you can do a lot of good for your body. We'll tell you seven advantages of warm water.

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1. The easiest way to detox

Followers of traditional Chinese medicine have always used warm water for detoxification. Due to the increased temperature of the drink, pollutants in the body can be more easily dissolved and transported away.

2. Metabolism and digestion are stimulated

Warm water stimulates the metabolism and thus also the digestion. After drinking, the blood vessels in the body expand, the water reaches the stomach more quickly and can help break down the food that has been consumed into its individual parts.

The advantage over cold water: The body first has to bring it to stomach temperature and thus uses up energy. However, if the water you drink is already at body temperature - i.e. around 36 degrees Celsius - this service is no longer available.

3. Better calorie burning

Warm water while eating has two advantages. On the one hand, fats are better dissolved and digested in the body. On the other hand, after drinking, the body temperature increases slightly and arteries and veins widen, which in turn improves blood flow.

In this way, muscles and the rest of the tissue can be better supplied with blood and fat deposits can be broken down more easily.

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4. Hello circuit!

If you drink your warm water immediately after getting up, you can look forward to an energy boost: The slight increase in body temperature stimulates the circulation and wakes you up faster.

5. Goodbye to slimy noses

Warm water reduces the accumulation of mucus in the nose, throat and gastrointestinal tract as well as the growth of viruses or bacteria in these areas. Two advantages that are now clearly on the plus side, especially in autumn.

In addition, liquids generally have an expectorant effect, so you should also drink a lot if you have a cold.

6. Warm water relieves pain

Who hasn't put a hot water bottle on their stomach when they have stomach cramps? The relaxing, antispasmodic effect of warmth also works from within.

Experts certify that warm water also provides relief from headaches, although of course a glass of water should not be used instead of a professional treatment - but it certainly does not do any harm in addition to the treatment.

7. Warm water makes people more sympathetic

With a cup of warm water, we immediately find our counterpart more personable. Why?

Studies have shown that warm water stimulates certain receptors in the mouth that lead directly to the pleasure center of the brain - exactly to the point where we feel sympathy for others.

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