Do people want to harm you

7 toxic personalities

Last update: September 14, 2017

Even if we don't think we are surrounded by people who have toxic personalities. People who make us feel bad even when we are not to blame, who take advantage of us without our being able to prevent it. We know these personalities, but we are not aware of their harmful consequences.

In the following, we will show you the seven most common types of toxic personalities that we are constantly dealing with in our everyday lives for you identify them, set limits for them and develop strategies for self-protection can.

“Often we leave people who blaspheme, who are jealous and authoritarian, psychopaths, people who are proud, in short, people who are toxic, who are constantly evaluating what we say and do, or what we don't say and don't do, in our closest circle. "

Bernardo Stamatea

The envious

A jealous person will always try to find allies. This will help him infect others with his words and negative mindsets. That kind of person is not happy. They always want to have or achieve what others have or try to boycott it.

It's not difficult to spot an envious person. You can see him from afar. The important thing is to know how to stay away from them and not let them affect us with their harmful nature. If we suffer from them, we must try to ignore them. When we turn into a potential ally, we shouldn't let them change our image of the other person.

Nobody thinks of someone else alike and we need to be aware of that. Nobody should influence what we think and no one should turn us against another person with their harmful thoughts.

The authoritarian

The authoritarian always wants to be the boss, always to have the reins in hand. Such people are usually not very confident and therefore create fear in their subordinates to demonstrate their control and power. And it doesn't stop there. An authoritarian person exposes and threatens others and enjoys forcing their will on others. She plays with the fact that others are dependent on keeping their jobs.

Nobody should just accept it. There is a law that protects against harassment in the workplace. If this affects you, don't be afraid to take the necessary action, as going to work can become a real ordeal.

The manipulator

A manipulator is not easy to spot. The manipulator is a toxic personality that can go unnoticed for a long time. She is always friendly and complacent. She has a strong ability to empathize, which is very useful to her. But when you get to know her better, there are certain things you shouldn't do to her.

You must never be sincere to a manipulator'Cause he's going to project it back on you. He will feel attacked and make you feel guilty for your sincerity. You will be the only culprit and he will make you feel that way too. Even if you know he is wrong, you have to be careful what you say so as not to feel bad afterwards.

Manipulators don't play fair and like to lie. If you have a problem, hers will be worse. Ultimately, they have the gift of contaminating their environment. When they are sad, those around them also become sad.

The pessimist

As the name suggests, pessimists see everything negative. These people take it all pretty quickly and they give up quickly. This negativity that they live in attracts more and more negativity, which eventually leads to a vicious circle. They see themselves as defenseless victims in a big, wide world. They constantly complain about their past, their present and their prospective future.

It is imperative to stay away from this type of personality. As much as you try to convince them that all is not as bad as it seems, they will hold you against the contrary and will drain your optimism until they get better. As a result, you will not feel so well yourself anymore. This type of person is therefore also called “emotional vampire”.

The sociopath

The sociopath is one of the most dangerous and harmful personalities of all. They are impulsive people who know no limits and no mercy when harming others. They are ambitious people who pursue their goals without considering who they are destroying. You are unable to apologize.

Sociopaths are people who act charming, who tell you what you want to hear. They are usually very interested in their counterparts and ask a lot of questions, but only to gather information that they can use against them later. With this they will lie and cheat and achieve what they want. You fake feelings and are the opposite of an empathic person.

How can you recognize a sociopath? You have to be very attentive to this. Since they don't feel anything, you have to watch their gaze and facial muscles very carefully. If they keep their eyes on you and don't move a single muscle in their face, you should be careful because they may be manipulating you.

The disqualifier

The disqualifier enjoys disregarding, manipulating, and emotionally destabilizing others. This leads to the other person becoming insecure and dependent on the manipulator's opinion. He pretends to be a good friend, but uses whatever you tell him at the right moment to disqualify you in front of everyone else. Therefore, he is always very interested when others tell him something. He plays with the surprise effect.

The neurotic

Neurotic people are often very insecure. Therefore, they try to develop a good social position, even though they set goals that they cannot achieve due to their low self-esteem. They can't stand it when someone knows more about something than they do, and therefore constantly try to attract attention.

It is because of this insecurity that they have suffered from since childhood and that they have not gotten rid of to this day that neurotics develop perfectionist, conflictive, selfish and childlike behaviors. As a result, they want to control other people. In addition, living with them is unbearable because of their mood swings.

All of these harmful personalities contaminate their environment through their negative energies. Becoming aware of who we are relationships with is important to our health. The trick is to look ahead and to choose who we want to surround ourselves with, while avoiding toxic personalities.