How can you automatically bid on eBay

Automatic bidding system on eBay (maximum bid)

To bid on an auction offer, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay. We will then submit a binding bid on your behalf. It's high enough to make you the high bidder, but no more than the maximum amount you specified.

example: A seller lists an item with a starting price of EUR 1.00 and a minimum price of EUR 100.00.

Bidder A offers EUR 1.50. The current bid is increased to EUR 1.50, but the reserve price has not been reached.
Even if no one else submits a bid, Bidder A will not be awarded the contract.

Bidder B submits a maximum bid of EUR 150.00. The current bid is increased to EUR 100.00 so that the reserve price is reached.
If no further bid is submitted, Bidder B will be awarded the bid and thus the item at a price of EUR 100.00.

If you are outbid, we will notify you. You can then decide whether you want to increase your maximum amount.

Set up the automatic bidding system

To set up the automatic bidding system for an auction listing, enter the maximum amount you want to pay for the item and select Offer. We will gradually increase your bid on your behalf to keep you the highest bidder, but only up to your limit.

If you are outbid, we will notify you so that you can decide whether to increase your max bid.

When setting the maximum amount, keep in mind that you will also have to pay the shipping costs.

Bidding on items can be very exciting, but you are entering into a contractual obligation. When you set your maximum bid, you should therefore be sure that you really want to pay this amount if you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

Why was I outbid immediately?

If you get outbid immediately after placing your bid, another bidder is likely using the automatic bidding system as well and has set a maximum amount that is higher than the amount you entered. To be the highest bidder, you need to increase your max bid.

Incremental steps

If another user makes a bid, we will make a slightly higher bid on your behalf. The amount by which the bid is increased is known as the incremental increment. If the bid price is low, the increments are smaller and correspondingly larger in the case of higher price ranges.

This is how incremental steps are calculated

Current priceIncremental step
EUR 1.00 to EUR 49.99EUR 0.50
EUR 50.00 to EUR 499.99EUR 1.00
EUR 500.00 to EUR 999.99EUR 5.00
EUR 1,000.00 to EUR 4,999.99EUR 10.00
Over EUR 5,000.00EUR 50.00

It can happen that bids are increased by a smaller amount. This means that another user has placed a bid that is only slightly higher than your automatic bid amount.