What muscle groups do squats

How many squats per day for firm legs and buttocks?

Squats are probably one of the easiest exercises we can do. And the results are more impressive than we think. When it comes to squats, the work of the buttocks is generally mentioned, the key to flexibility and strength. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research finds that squats are the perfect exercise for building lower body strength. (Read Here: The Five Best Warm Up Exercises For Burning Fat)

The upside is that they can be done anywhere, whether at home, at the gym, or on any trip, and they are more effective than other exercises at burning calories.

How many squats should we do a day to see results?

According to the experts at Fitness Authority, 20 squats a day is ideal for beginners. If we can do this without difficulty, we can increase the number. For those looking to get their metabolism up and burn calories fast, 50 a day is ideal. (Read here: How EMS training works)

Remember that it is not necessary for them to be 50 in one set, you can split them over two units over the day. If you really want to increase your strength and get the most out of squats in order to achieve better results faster, it is best to do 100 squats a day.

Squats: Pay attention to the correct execution

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Different types of squats

The same squat over and over again can be boring or tiresome, so we should be doing different types of squats in our training routines. (Read here: The right workout for your body type)

Basic: The normal squats.

Back leg: When bending down, one of the two legs is crossed with the other.

Leg forward: One of the two legs takes a step while the other makes a movement like you are kneeling.

With dumbbell: Similar to Basic, but with legs open diagonally. You can hold a dumbbell in your hands to work your core. This usually has more of an impact on the buttocks and inner thighs.

Open: As above, but without the dumbbell. It can be most effective as it allows for a greater incline, which allows the glutes to work more.

Of course, any squat performed with weights or dumbbells can be more effective. It also helps you train more muscles and save time. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a slight weight gain and then gradually increasing. (Also Read: Forget The Gym: These Sports Will Make You Live Longer)

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