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3D printing

3D printing has been around for over 30 years - so why is 3D printing such a hot topic right now? Many people are convinced that 3D printing has nothing to do with everyday life or that it will not affect them. But the opposite is the case - we all have the opportunity to significantly enrich our professional and private lives with 3D printing!

3D printing is sustainable and helps you save

Tamper for the coffee machine, backpack buckles, vacuum cleaner attachments, self-designed food bowls, spare parts for cameras and cars, tools, cell phone cases, parts for model making ... these are just a few examples of the private use of 3D printing and many arguments for finally living more sustainably: Because many things no longer have to be disposed of or bought new, because missing parts or spare parts can be reproduced using 3D printing! You have the choice between designing and printing your spare parts yourself or browsing through the many 3D printing templates on the Internet and finding your models there.

The Viennese adult education centers make it their business to bring the subject of 3D printing closer to all Viennese: numerous 3D printing courses and workshops in the VHS polycollege / VHS KunstHandWerk give you the opportunity to get a first impression of this topic to do or to deepen existing knowledge.

The 3D printing courses of the VHS polycollege:

Introduction to 3D printing: immerse yourself in the fantastic world of 3D printing. From design to printing, you will learn the basic techniques and programs.

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3D printing workshop: We accompany you from the design to the printing of the object and teach you the basic techniques and programs for independent handling.

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3D printing workshop for children (10-14 years): In this workshop we will show you how 3D printing works from the idea to the printed object. At the end of the workshop you will take your self-designed and printed 3D object home with you!

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Create 3D models with Blender: Blender is a free 3D program that, due to its versatility, is very suitable for creating simple to sophisticated 3D print models. In this course you will learn to create 3D models with Blender and to export them in .stl format.

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3D modeling with Tinkercad: Make your first acquaintance with the browser-based software Tinkercad. The advantages of Tinkercad lie in the usability without installation on all operating systems, the simple handling and the clear menu navigation.
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From 3D model to 3D printing with Cura: In this course we will show you the basic settings for successful printing. From the choice of material, layer thicknesses and filling to the printing temperature and printing speed, all aspects that you need to successfully create a print-ready file with Cura are discussed.
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All courses and workshops take place in the VHS KunstHandWerk, 5th, Schlossgasse 23.

We are happy to help you at [email protected] or. by phone on 01 891 74-105 002 for more information.