What does holy mean in the Bible?

Keyword: holy

Everything that belongs to God and is related to him is holy. God himself is holy, i.e. he is completely different from everything we know in this world: He created the world and maintains it. At the end of the time, people have to answer to him in court. He gives people salvation and salvation.

(1) Old Testament: In the Old Testament, holiness plays a major role, especially in connection with the temple and the priests. The temple is holy because it is considered the dwelling place of God. Here people can meet the holy God. The priests have the task of distinguishing between "holy" and "unholy". At the same time, however, it is part of their service to mediate between the holy God and unholy people so that people can come into contact with God. The people whom God chooses should live in such a way that they respect God in his holiness and keep his commandments. This is in the instruction “You shall be holy; for I, the LORD your God, am holy "(Leviticus / Leviticus 19: 2).

(2) New Testament: The New Testament emphasizes that God alone is holy. Everything that can be called "holy" on earth shares in God's holiness. His holiness radiates on what is connected with him. The apostle Paul addresses Christians in his letters as "saints" because they are holy through faith in JesusChrist. This means that all people who believe in Jesus can live reconciled with God and live in peace with him. God gives them the Holy (and sanctifying) Spirit.

Their job was to lead the worship service, make sacrifices, and interpret the will of God.
Literally "emissary". Someone who is sent to an addressee with a specific order.
"Faith" means deep trust in God.
Greek name form of the Hebrew name Yeshua.
Originally designates the king of Israel appointed by anointing on behalf of God, then the savior promised by God for the people.
Through him God works in this world.