Most skin care products are gadgets

Man can be beautiful - one product is enough.

What women have known for centuries - facial care - is still new territory for some men. Should the modern man now submit to the feminine care dictate and also use countless creams and lotions? No, but pimples, blackheads and dark circles? Not really sexy either, is it? Therefore, here are some tips for systematically quick and effective facial care.


Women like well-groomed men.

Impure skin, shadows under the eyes, redness and so on ... Men are generally less bothered by such unsightly details than women. Nevertheless, it is the case that a fresh complexion radiates health and competence. What use is an excellently tailored suit and an elegant haircut if the face looks pale and tired? Take care of your face! This makes you feel more confident and well-groomed and is better received. Ever since Filabé existed, facial care no longer means putting on slices of cucumber and applying anti-wrinkle serum - there is now the perfect alternative!


What man really needs.

The man’s cosmetic palette usually consists of: body care, shaving equipment, deodorant, toothpaste, and possibly an eau de toilette. We'd rather not talk about the list of women here. One can argue about the meaning and purpose of this abundance, as well as about the number of technical gadgets that man apparently cannot live without. However, the fact is that men want to spend as little time as possible in front of the mirror. Nevertheless, the shelves of the drugstores are not decreasing for men either. Do you need all the gels and creams just because it says "For Men"? Not really! But what we men really want is good cleaning and effective care - without losing a lot of time and without gimmicks. We offer both - and that in a single cloth.


Short. Painless. Every day.

Before going to sleep or in the morning after shaving (Filabé also works with a beard) simply wet the microfibril cloth with water, massage the face with it for approx. 45 seconds and you're done - pore-deep cleaning and care is efficiently done. As the? Imagine our cloth like an ultra fine-meshed net that pulls all impurities out of the pores. The dirt sticks to the cloth, the drying agents distributed all over the cloth (activated by the water) penetrate deeply into the skin and develop their caring effect there. Cool right?


Filabé - compact effectiveness.

The picture shows a single microfibril made from our cloth, magnified 5000 times. The white particles are our nourishing active ingredients - i.e. active ingredients are distributed in very high concentrations everywhere on a Filabé cloth. Specifically, this means that men do not have to use any cream or aftershave after the care with Filabé - the face is thoroughly cleaned and provided with moisturizing ingredients. Man feels that!


Man see it sporty!

And if you still don't feel like skincare - see it as a fitness program for your skin! The longer you do it, the better it does. A little stamina is required without a man becoming a cosmetics junkie! It is worth it ..