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Coding Bootcamp: Become a web developer in just twelve weeks

The Coding Bootcamp Europe set up by Symatics GmbH promises that interested parties can train to become a web developer within twelve weeks. It is divided into three phases: First, it deals with the basics in dealing with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The second phase focuses on the use of Node.js and experiences in how applications can be tested automatically and checked for errors. Ultimately, it is about how the experiences made with React, Vue.js and Angular can be implemented.

Both participants with prior knowledge and complete career changers are welcome at the boot camp. Age, financial prerequisites and level of knowledge should not play a role here, the focus on diversity and inclusion is prominently highlighted on the website. The costs for the boot camp, which amount to 8,500 euros, could probably be fully covered by the employment agency. There are also other funding proposals on the Bootcamp website.

Learn anytime

The organizers use the blended learning format. This way, professionally busy people, parents and locally bound interested parties could also take part in the program, because the bootcamp consists of a mixture of online and face-to-face events and the learning content, lectures and presentations are made available online. Due to the corona virus, the first boot camps will only take place remotely.

So that all future web developers are on the same page at the beginning of the program, there is a preparation time before the start of the boot camp in which learning materials are to be developed and discussed with the coaches. Once the individual phases have been completed, there is finally a final project. Here the participants have to develop their own application, program it and put it online.

Transfer to professional life

After completing the bootcamp, the so-called career lab follows. Here the coaches help to polish the application documents and go looking for potential jobs together with the graduates. The trainers are available to answer any questions and bring the participants into contact with employers and suitable companies. Advice is also available for all graduates who would like to start their own business after the bootcamp.

More information can be found on the Bootcamp website.

heise Developer is not involved in the offer, but welcomes the diversity and inclusion supportive nature of the boot camp.


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