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The newly revised Luther Bible 2017 with 96 colored, newly revised information pages makes it easier for confirmands, students and inexperienced Bible readers to get started with and deal with the Bible.
Bible text:
- The Luther Bible revised 2017 is the Bible translation recommended by the Evangelical Church in Germany for church and teaching
- With practical register markings on the edge of the page
- Bible reading plan in the book cover
Information pages:
- Tips for getting started with Bible reading
- Overview of the biblical books
- Short articles addressing questions that many ask themselves while reading the Bible
- short articles on central topics of the Bible
- Overview of biblical history in the context of contemporary history
- new colored maps


Further information
  • Format: Bible - Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-3-438-03365-9
  • ISBN 10: 3438033658
  • Edition: 1st total edition (1st edition: 02/06/2017)
  • Pages: 1632 pp.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 18 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 764g

  • With information pages about the Bible, index, Bible reading plan, maps, colored cover, four-colored, with ribbon bookmarks and color photos

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  • Bible for every day

    from Johannes(Posted on 7/8/2020)
    This is exactly the Bible I was looking for, unfortunately the script is very small.
  • Not just for young people

    of robins(Posted on 5/19/2017)
    The LUTHER BIBLE 2017 FOR YOU is intended for young people, but is also very interesting for adults. In front of and behind the Bible text there are color pages on which you can find short, clear information about the Bible and its contents with photos and specific reading tips. A treasure trove for everyone who wants to get to know the history of God with his loved ones better and to get an overview. Whoever browses through the color pages will hopefully be curious to go on a journey of discovery in the main part - the LUTHER BIBLE 2017! There is an annual Bible reading plan for this in the front and back covers.
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