Do the students prefer biology or chemistry

Chemistry and various other tutoring (biology, English, German, natural sciences) in Heidelberg, for students of all ages


Welcome to my profile!

When it comes to teaching methods, I try to find out briefly what level the tutoring student is at and "where it depends" :) This is important because most school subjects are generally not particularly difficult - most of the time, the only thing missing is good access. Then I try to convey a few core findings of the respective subject so that the student can ideally build on it after a certain time and continue learning independently.


I am a student of biochemistry in the final year of a master’s degree, have been studying the subject of learning for years and would be happy to impart a little knowledge and methods in various subjects to you / your child.

The best subject I can provide is biology and chemistry, but I also have a basic understanding of physics and other natural sciences. Since I myself like to learn languages ​​on the side (Japanese, Chinese ...) I could also imagine tutoring in German and English up to and including intermediate level!


Price for 1 lesson: 20 € / h
Pascal offers the following types of lessons:
Classes take place:
  • chemistry
  • Natural sciences
  • Organic chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • Other sciences
  • Natural history

Pascals Career

2018 - 2020: MSc Biochemistry, Tübingen (average: 1.43)
2018: BSc Biochemistry, Tübingen (average: 1.57)
2014: Abitur in Heidelberg (average: 1.4)


German (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
Japanese (Intermediate)
Polish (Intermediate)
Chinese (Basic)

Tutoring experience: students in 5th, 7th and 9th-11th grade Class.