What are your emotionally necessary swear words

When children use swear words

"You're a fool!" When children start to utter this kind of insult to their parents, the anger is big at first. And then come the questions: How do we best respond to this? Or what should we do now?

Strong expressions and swear words are not uncommon in childhood. Children are not yet able to precisely analyze and objectively name the reason for their own anger or anger. Therefore, it is easier to shout out displeasure with a swear word.

The little ones have yet to learn to argue and defend themselves objectively in emotionally upsetting situations. In addition, children do not perceive swear words as negatively as we adults do. Remember your child's last argument in kindergarten. If there is a “fool” and “stupid man”, it is quickly forgotten.

Another advantage of swear words from the children's point of view is that they get attention from adults. And the more violently and intensely parents react to a strong expression, the greater the temptation to repeat the word.

The following tips will help you master swearwords better:

1. Be a role model and try to avoid swear words yourself.
2. Don't take everything personally. If the child uses swear words, they do not want to hurt them.
3. Don't laugh when the child uses a swear word. This will make the child aware that they are using a swear phrase and will repeat it because of it.
4. To help the child explain themselves factually, ask them why they were berating you.
5. Ask your child if they know what each expletive actually means. If he doesn't know, explain the meaning of the swear word to him in an age-appropriate manner. As you do this, make it clear that these words can hurt others.
6. To give children an alternative to swear words, think of alternative words together.
7. Set limits! Make it clear that angry words don't resolve anger. Also, make it very clear that your family does not use strong language and that words are used to explain personal anger.
8. Show your child that you can achieve a lot more with kindness than with swear words.


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