What is a good AP test result

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Users now have the opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 by participating partners and to receive the result of the rapid test via the Corona warning app. As with a PCR test, you can warn your contacts directly in the event of a positive test result. The prerequisite is that the test was carried out by trained and authorized employees according to the four-eyes principle. The new function in version 2.1 is intended to help users warn their surroundings even more quickly in the future after a positive rapid test result and thus be able to interrupt chains of infection more quickly.

Data only decentralized on your own smartphone

People who get tested by one of the partners receive their test result via QR code, which they can scan. In the sense of the decentralized approach, all personal data is only stored on the tested person's own smartphone.

Share positive test results via the app and warn contacts

In the event of a positive test result, users of the Corona warning app can warn their fellow human beings within a very short time by sharing their result - like a PCR test. Together with the positive test result, the check-ins from the event registration can also warn contact persons who were checked in at the same location or at the same event. These people receive a warning in their Corona warning app about an encounter on a day with a low (green tile) or increased risk (red tile). It cannot be seen in the app whether the warning was due to a rapid test or a PCR test.

Result as proof of negative rapid test

A negative test result can serve as proof of the existence of a negative rapid test result for users of the Corona warning app, if stipulated by law. The negative result is displayed in the Corona warning app for 48 hours. The recognition of test certificates can, however, vary from state to state. The users should therefore inform themselves about the respective criteria in their federal state.

Which partners are involved so far?

At the start of the rapid test integration, eight partners are involved, including the Federal Chancellery, the Bavarian Red Cross, dm-drogerie markt, Doctorbox, EcoCare, the healthcare brand of Ecolog Deutschland GmbH (including Lidl), Huber Health Care, the Ministry of Education and Culture Saarland and testbuchen.de/No-Q.

The developers' blog also offers current information on the Corona Warning app.