How can you annul a marriage

Annul marriage: these are the requirements

Even if you are now certain that your marriage can be undoubtedly annulled, you should not rush anything. First, turn on your trusted attorney. In this way, they can provide you with information and at the same time you comply with the legal requirement that exists in the event of a marriage annulment.

  • Then it is time to check your application. Depending on why you want to annul the marriage, there are different deadlines and requirements. For example, maintenance obligations may arise and after a deception is discovered, you only have one year to file your application, for example.
  • If you do not have a lawyer, you can request legal advice from the German lawyer hotline. You can reach them by phone at 09001 300 101 091 and also by e-mail at [email protected] Now around the clock.
  • They can also only remarry once the cancellation has been approved. If you get married again beforehand, you are making yourself liable to prosecution. Bigamy is strictly forbidden in Germany.
  • In general, it must be said that marriage annulments are not "cheaper and easier" than divorce. The court costs must also be borne by both partners. In addition, the same principles are observed in both processes: the household effects are divided fairly and both parents receive custody of their children.
  • One advantage, however, remains: the year of separation can be dispensed with. The marriage annulment can accordingly be carried out overnight.