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Start of shooting for the ARD Degeto thriller "The Last Harvest" (AT) with Kostja Ullmann and Kristin Suckow

11.11.2020 – 09:00

Constantin Television

Munich (ots)

Directed by genre specialist Stephan Rick ("The Super", "The Dark Side of the Moon"), filming of the thriller "The Last Harvest" (AT) began in the outskirts of Berlin and on the Baltic Sea. In it, the policeman Ben delves into his own past in order to penetrate a web of traumatic memories and lies. With unexpected consequences ...

In addition to Kostja Ullmann and Kristin Suckow in the leading roles, the top-class cast also includes Michael Witte, Deborah Kaufmann, Martin Feifel, Urs Rechn and Christian Kuchenbuch. The shooting is expected to last until December 3, 2020.


Ben (Kostja Ullmann) works for the police witness protection. After he was shot in a failed mission, his girlfriend Marion (Kristin Suckow) persuades him to go to the Baltic Sea together. Here, where his parents Ralph (Martin Feifel) and Anke (Deborah Kaufmann) also live, Ben spent his holidays as a child. But after his best friend Timmi had a tragic accident at the age of eleven, he was never there again.

For many years Ben thought that Timmi had died then and felt responsible for his death. But now he learns that Timmi survived - and is in a vegetative state. Together with Marion, Ben succeeds in establishing contact with Timmi and even communicating with him via an MRI procedure. He begins to reconstruct the events of that time in order to bring Timmi back into consciousness through the confrontation with his trauma. But the deeper Ben goes into the past, the more his own world begins to shake ...

"The last harvest" (AT) is a production by the Constantin subsidiary MOOVIE GmbH on behalf of ARD Degeto for ARD, produced by Sarah Kirkegaard and Jan Ehlert and Oliver Berben as executive producers. Stephan Rick is directing, behind the camera is Pascal Schmit. Thorsten Wettcke wrote the script. The editing is with Carolin Haasis and Christoph Pellander (ARD Degeto).

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