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Dragon Ball Super: Manga officially confirms Son Goku's status as a god

Dragon ball will reach its 40th anniversary as a franchise in the foreseeable future, but an end to the saga about Saiyan, Gods and of course the eponymous Dragonballs is far from in sight. The adventures of Son Goku, Vegeta and Co. in the form of the manga Dragon Ball Super further and it is safe to say that the events in the current chapter have really rolled over.

We are issuing a mandatory spoiler warning!

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Dragon Ball Super: The Unstoppable Moro

The manga for Dragon Ball Super is in the middle of it Galactic Patrol Prisoner Sagawhere a new, terrible antagonist was recently introduced: Moro, the planet eater. This monster was designed by the cartoonist Toyotaro with the intention of presenting the fans with an opponent of the Z-warriors who represents pure evil without the prospect that he could ever change to the good side.

So far, Moro lives up to his name and, above all, his reputation, as he recently made it, not just the B-Team Z warriors To beat a house, but even to force Goku and Vegeta to their knees and seriously injure them. After literally punching a hole in the chest of the hero Goku, Moro sealed the Z warriors behind a barrier so that no one could help them.

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But it would be pretty strange if he just won with it and now manages to completely soak up the life energy of the earth. Accordingly, the angel stepped surprisingly Merus on the plan that Whis helped buy the heroes some time and distract Moro. This circumstance could Dende, the protector of the earth, to slip through the barrier and stand by the badly injured warriors.

Dragon Ball Super: is Goku a god?

It has long been alluded to in the manga that Son Goku and / or Vegeta are moving towards a state that ignores the limitations of a mortal warrior and rather than godlike status can be viewed. When Dende came to the aid of the heroes to use his healing powers, it was confirmed that Son Goku could already have reached this state.

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The protector of the earth, who in the past was often mistakenly called God himself by its inhabitants, affirmed in Chapter 63that Son Goku's wounds are very severe and it will take a while to heal because his chi has already reached a godlike level. This confirms what many fans have been thinking for a long time and what the manga itself announced for a long time.

It all started with the somewhat embarrassing ritual that Son Goku temporarily turned into one Super Saiyan God has transformed before the concept later with the Dragon Ball Z Saiyan shape merged and the Great Saiyan Blue created. But the most important part in Son Goku's development was the achievement of the Ultra instincts.

This technique is not a real power-up, but rather a last step on Goku's path to the divine. This was confirmed at the end of the current chapter when Merus sacrificed himself in the fight against Moro, but Goku assured beforehand that their training together has resulted in the Saiyan now having a stable form of Ultra instinct that allows him to defeat any opponent who gets in his way.


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