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Madara Uchiha


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Madara Uchiha


  • Second rikudō
  • Savior of the world
  • Spirit of the Uchiha clan



  • Leader of the Uchiha clan (formerly)
  • Co-founder of Konohagakure

Skills / weapons

  • Sharingan
  • Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
  • Rinnegan
  • Gutter Sharingan
  • Mokuton
  • Katon
  • Raiton
  • Rikudō Senjutsu
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Superhuman perseverance
  • Stratagem and Intelligence


  • Using Jūbis power to rule the world as a knowing God (failed)
  • Kill Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha (failed)

Kind of villain

“Kyūbi ... you are nothing more than a fleeting appearance that passes in the next moment. No more than a small fraction of the dissipated force. No more than an inconsistent force with a lack of intelligence. But I will guide you I, an Uchiha. You biju are nothing better than subordinates of the eye artist. Follow me."

"The world doesn't have to evolve anymore ... Let us let it sleep in the limitless Genjutsu Tsukuyomi."

Madara Uchiha is a key antagonist from the manga and anime series Naruto. He is the co-founder of Konohagakure village and its first nukenin. Although believed dead, Madara survived and planned to rule the ninja world as a god. For this purpose he made Obito Uchiha his apprentice Tobi. He was eventually revived as an indestructible undead ninja and took part in the fourth ninja world war, in which he successfully carried out his plan. He was seen as the main antagonist on the series but was just a pawn manipulated by the real main antagonist.

In the Japanese original he was dubbed by Naoya Uchida and Gō Inoue (as a child). The German speaker was Volker Hanisch.


"Like a cutting edge ... only hatred paves its way through the generations."

Madara Uchiha's most distinctive feature is his monumental ego. He is an extremely confident, self-centered, manipulative and conceited man who only cares about power and ability, which is shown by belittling anyone he thinks is weaker. Including the incredibly powerful Kage and the formidable Kurama. The only one he respects is Hashirama Senju, whom he admired immeasurably, but later had a violent hatred for.

Madara is a staunch and dependable fight enthusiast who lives and breathes to fight what he calls "dancing". However, he only engages in fights that he finds challenging and goes so far as to keep his enemies alive while he is having fun. On the other hand, he will mercilessly kill everyone he doesn't care about or worse. While he never bothered to fight at full strength, the only reason he displays his most powerful techniques is to show that he has mastered them.

Nevertheless, he remains very cautious in every situation. He also proves to be very commendable and honorable, giving sincere praise when someone exceeds their expectations, and criticizing harshly but constructively when he deems it necessary. However, most of his praises are followed by a statement of how superior he and Hashirama are.

Madara is cruel, aloof, self-righteous, and vicious, with a macabre sense of humor. He cannot stand to be outdone and shows a childish obsession with settling his accounts with Hashirama. Growing up in a time of permanent war made him extremely warmongering, vicious, and vengeful. He hated the Senju so much that he never imagined the possibility of a truce. He believed that their offers of friendship masked attempts to subjugate his clan and tried to maintain hatred against everyone's wishes. His disregard for the well-being of everyone around him has led him to commit some pretty horrific acts, such as manipulating events to smash Obito's mind and dismember both allies and enemies so he can replace missing body parts.

In stark contrast to the angry and boisterous outburst he often had as a child, Madara has an almost unshakable composure due to the loss of his earlier ideals. The only signs of real emotion are when he is facing Hashirama or a real challenge. At this point he is beside himself and acting like an overly eager child. He also proves to be a very intelligent and manipulative strategist and skilled manipulator who takes a lot of security precautions to ensure that things are going in the direction he wants, even when it looks like he is losing. His inability to fathom that he could be outwitted, however, proved his undoing.

Madara believes that hope is seemingly irrelevant, that cooperation is nothing but a silent conflict, and that peace and war cannot exist without each other. He despises other worldviews than his own and believes that he is the only one who is able to correct the errors of the ancestors. He also shows a very strong desire for rule, which initially led him to want Konohagakure to dominate any other nation and culminated in his desire to rule reality himself. Although he himself believes that the Tsuki-no-Me plan is the only way to make the world better, everyone else rightly points out that his vision of a better world is actually to be in control of everything.

All in all, Madara appears to be someone who is utterly repulsive, bizarre and petty and who not even a bijū or his own apprentice can stand. He is unable to accept that he is under Hashirama, or that he deserves the Hokage title less, and cannot bear the thought of not being the greatest in every field, like a boorish child withholding a fancy toy has been. All he wants is to rise higher than Hashirama ever could, with everyone worshiping him as the god he believes he is. He would sacrifice everyone, including his clan members, to advance his plan without remorse.

However, Madara is full of qualities in every way as he loved his little brother Izuna Uchiha very much, even more so than Itachi Uchiha loved his brother Sasuke Uchiha. As a child, Madara strove to create a safe world for his family and believed that peace could be achieved through agreement with his enemies, hence his friendship with Hashirama, who shared his ideals. Even by this time he was already very pompous, domineering, boastful, and blaming others for his own shortcomings. Unfortunately, it was his selfishness and rampant egomania that finally got the best out of him.

Although he really wanted the best for his clan, he could never understand that they did not share his wishes and instead felt that they did not respect him enough. Tobirama Senju has stated that the Uchiha sharingan is driven by their grief and anger and that this in turn runs the risk of corrupting them. In doing so, he partially explained why Madara sank so low.

However, after learning that Kuro Zetsu manipulated and betrayed him to revive Kaguya, Madara laments the mistakes he made and re-accepts Hashirama's friendship, effectively releasing him from his curse of hatred.

Powers and abilities

Madara Uchiha was incredibly powerful even during his lifetime, but as the undead he was brought back to his prime and retained the special powers he had gained after his defeat, thus setting his original power to an absolutely ridiculous level. As if that wasn't enough, undead status gives him unlimited regenerative abilities and unlimited supplies of chakra (energy), making him virtually unstoppable.

Tsunade is surprised that her grandfather was able to defeat him when the five Kage couldn't. After fully resuscitating, absorbing Hashirama's Senjutsu chakra, and regaining his right Rinnegan eye from Shiro Zetsu, he was able to defeat and seal all nine biju. After he had gained further power as Jinchūriki des Jūbi, only Maito Gai (by activating the Hachimon Tonkō no Jin), Naruto (with Rikudō Senjutsu) and Sasuke could compete against him on the same level, although Naruto and Sasuke overpowered Madara before he acquired his second Rinnegan.


Madara is gifted with immense combat skills, strength, speed, and reflexes. He is able to dodge very quick attacks, effortlessly take a weapon from the owner, effortlessly mow down the entire Fourth Division of the Ninja Alliance and overpower the five Kage several times while holding back himself. He has been seen fighting with swords and giant shuriken, but his signature weapon is a giant war fan (gunbai), which he uses as both a spear and a shield. His Gunbai is connected to a chain with which he can swing it like a flail and at the other end of which a scythe is attached. He can also direct his chakra into the fan to increase its sharpness, to erect chakra barriers, to generate strong gusts of wind and to absorb attacks and reflect the effect.

Madara has huge amounts of extremely powerful chakra. He is able to identify people and their powers by noticing their chakra and has mastered the most powerful fire-based attacks there is, including Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku, Katon: Haijingakure no Jutsu and Katon: Ryūen Hōka no Jutsu. Its reserves are also large enough to use the Senjutsu chakra.


Madara was the most capable user of the Sharingan (copy circle eye), the inherited eye power of the Uchiha. The Sharingan gives its wearers several abilities:

  • Physically seeing the flow of the chakra and perceiving traps, illusions or hypnosis.
  • See through movements, imitate them and predict their outcome to avoid attacks. (Although wearers cannot avoid movements that are too quick or unpredictable for them.)
  • Copy almost perfectly any technique (apart from Kekkei Genkai) used by an enemy. (Although the wearer cannot copy his opponent's level of training and mastery.)
  • Hypnotize enemies to control their actions. (The power of Madaras Sharingan was notorious for taking complete control of Kurama.)
  • Trapping enemies in illusions or paralyzing them with a single glance.

Through Hashirama's DNA, Madara was able to use the most powerful jutsu of the Sharingan, which can only be performed by the bearers of the Sharingan AND the mokuton, and blind the eye that it performs: Izanagi (named after the father of all things in the Shinto religion), which replaces the wearer with an illusion in order to avoid death, and Izanami (named after the mother of all things who became the goddess of the underworld), which locks an opponent in a time loop until he accepts his fate. (It must be noted that Madara never used Izanami.)

Mangekyō Sharingan

Should users of the Sharingan witness the death of a loved one, they awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan (kaleidoscope copy circle eye). The Mangekyō Sharingan grants three really terrifying powers (although some users have been able to develop different powers that are specific to them):

  • Susanoo: A force named after the Shinto god of storms and extremely difficult to master. It conjures up a multi-armed giant made of pure chakra around the wearer, which forms an almost impenetrable protection and uses energy weapons that differ depending on the wearer. Madara's Susanoo uses two wavy swords, can finger sign (In) to perform jutsu, and can perform an attack called "Yasaka Magatama". This creates powerful, comma-shaped energy projectiles that are connected by a thread and that he can fire together or separately. Susanoo's only weak point is that he cannot fend off attacks from below. In Madara's case, this is of no importance, as his Susanoo has a lower part (including feet). It is unknown what two powers Madara had to unleash with his Mangekyō Sharingan to awaken Susanoo (possibly he was simply talented enough to receive Susanoo directly).

The Mangekyō Sharingan gradually leads its wearer to blindness. By transplanting his brother's eyes, Madara won the "Eternal" Mangekyō Sharingan. He could now use his powers without effort and much more powerfully than before. Madara's entire Susanoo, for example, became a skyscraper-sized warrior whose blows have incredible range and can casually cut mountains in half.


Shortly before his death, Madara's eyes developed into Rinnegan (reincarnation eye), the most powerful Kekkei Genkai there is. The Rinnegan enables its wearer to master the five Seishitsuheka (Katon, Suiton, Doton, Raiton and Fūton) and practically every existing normal technique. It also enables him to summon Gedō Mazō: the empty shell of the Jūbi, which has immense power, can summon soul-absorbing energy dragons and deadly energy surges and whose power increases depending on how much Bijū it has absorbed. More importantly, the Rinnegan grants seven terrifying powers:

  • Gedō (Outer Path): The main force of the Rinnegan. It enables its wearer to conjure up powerful chakra chains, which can bind and suppress the forces of other living beings. Furthermore, you can use it to create chakra bars that can send and receive the wearer's chakra. The wearer can control anything and everyone that he pierces with these receivers by letting his chakra flow into them. By sticking the wands on six corpses, he can assign one of the Rinnegan's abilities to each one and share his field of vision with them. He can also combine the receivers with the aforementioned chakra chains. Furthermore, with this path it is possible to reanimate several dead at the same time at the expense of your own life. As with Jigokudō, the king of hell appears here, who lets the souls free and their bodies return. This technique can also be used to transform the fake body of a person resuscitated with Edo Tensei into a real, living body. However, since the soul no longer has to be released in this case, the king of hell does not appear either.
  • Tendō (Heavenly Path): The ability to attract and repel anything with variable force, be it objects, people or attacks. One can also create black spheres that rise to heaven, attract everything around them and finally create celestial bodies from the attracted masses of earth, which squeeze their interior together.
  • Shuradō (Battle Demon Trail): The power to turn the wearer's body parts into mechanized weapons, including extremely powerful chakra cannons, rocket collections, metal ropes, and rocket fists.
  • Chikushōdō (Beast Path): The power to summon giant animals under the control of the wearer. These also carry chakra receivers, expand the field of vision of the wearer through Rinnegan copies and are apparently immortal.
  • Jigokudō (Hell Path): The power to summon the King of Hell. This is a demon used for interrogation of opponents, able to drain the life force of its victims, preserve human souls and even reanimate the dead whose bodies are present.
  • Gakidō (Hunger Spirit Trail): The ability to absorb chakra either directly from the victim or to repel attacks.
  • Ningersō (human path): The power to read the minds of the victims and to deprive them of their souls.

Madara's Rinnegan powers prove to be far superior to Nagato's as he can work two impressive techniques: That Tengai Shinsei, which conjures incredibly destructive meteorites the size of skyscrapers, and that Rinbo: Hengoku, which summons up to five immensely powerful clones of the user, which cannot be discovered without Rinnegan or Rikudō Senjutsu and which move independently for a certain period of time. Apart from that, Madara only shows the use of Gakidō, Gedō (Chakra receivers & Chakra chains) and Tendō (Chibaku Tensei), whereby the full extent of his control remains unknown.


By transplanting Hashirama's DNA, Madara acquired his rival's special power to create and control trees, plants and anything made of wood. This is also one of the few ways to control the biju. Madara masters it just as well as Hashirama himself by growing huge forests out of the ground in seconds and attacking his enemies with it. He lets giant flowers grow that spread poisonous or sleep-inducing pollen. He can also create an army from his own wooden doubles with the same powers as himself. He even masters the mighty Mokuton: Mokuryū no Jutsuconjuring a wooden Asian dragon. This is big and strong enough to choke Kurama and Gyūki at the same time and is able to absorb chakra and grow trees in its wake.


After Madara was finally resurrected, he lost the immortality of an undead and his eyes turned to dust, although he was still able to use his Sharingan powers. He then absorbed the powers of the undead Hashirama and gained access to his unmatched healing factor and his ability to master Senjutsu (battle with natural energy instead of chakra). Madara eventually recovered one of his rinnegans and used it to capture the nine bijū at once, resulting in him becoming the third jinchūriki of the jūbi.

Jinchūriki of the Jūbi

As the Jinchūriki of the Jūbi, Madara shows even greater skill than Tobi himself. The extent of his normal powers jumps upwards: He is now able to levitate, trigger highly effective Seishitsuheka attacks that are mixed with Senjutsu chakra, inevitable rays of light spit out immense power and create Gudōdama: These are balls of black chakra, which are described as a mixture of the five Seishitsuheka and Senjutsu chakra and which go far beyond the capacities of an ordinary Shinobi.

The spheres can obliterate everything they touch, nullify any technique used against it, overcome the regenerative powers of opponents and take on any possible shape. Madara also uses his Black Chakra Shakujō like a weapon and can use it to make bullets. In addition, he can attack by mixing seishitsuheka with Senjutsu chakra and creating black lightning bolts, for example.

After Madara had regained both Rinnegans, he was able to open a third eye, the Rinne Sharingan, and reflect it on the moon Mugen Tsukuyomi to start. In doing so, all living beings are hypnotized and locked into a dream of their ideal life before they come with Shin: Jukai Kōtan are wrapped in cocoons that hang down from the roots of the tree of God (Shinju).


"(Hiashi Hyūga: Remember! The Hyūga are the strongest clan in Konoha!) I would have liked to attack them before they say something like that."

"A long time ago, when people didn't even know the term chakra ... they kept fighting each other."

- Madara Uchiha (to Hashirama).

“Would you like to hear what changed for the people ... after the forbidden fruit was consumed to end the wars? Exactly, nothing has changed. The wars have become even more violent. [...] Since hand was laid on this fruit ... people are cursed. They were made to hate each other even more. And the ninja - their existence is a symbol of human stupidity, isn't it ?! ”

- Madara Uchiha (to Hashirama).

“Hashirama's world has an insidious contradiction in it. People want peace. On the other hand, they keep fighting against each other. These two sides are part of human nature. Wishing for peace while waging bloody wars is typical of humans. It is as closely related as the two sides of the same coin. To protect something, you always have to sacrifice something else ... It's only different in the world of dreams. "

- Madara Uchiha (to Tobirama).

“In this world things don't go according to your wishes. The longer you live ... the more you realize that reality consists only of suffering, pain and leaden emptiness. Listen, the rule applies to everything in this world ... Where there is light, there is also shadow. Where there's a winner ... there's a loser. The complacent intention to keep the peace causes war. Because of love, hatred arises. "

- Madara Uchiha (to Obito).

“I broke the cause and effect connection. I have separated people from their suffering ... their pain ... and their futile longings. Naruto ... you prevent others from being happy. Now finally stop ...! I turned hell into paradise. Finally perceive it ... Everything is at the end. "

- Madara Uchiha (to Naruto).