What are the negative effects of porn

Psychosexual Development of Adolescents: Furious Outline of the Influence of Pornography

The enfant terrible of classical modernism masturbates on the book cover with a sorrowful look: the prelude to the upcoming outline about pornography, which the child and adolescent psychotherapist / psychiatrist and sex medicine specialist Alexander Korte furiously serves. He critically questions the tendency to dramatize an alleged sexual danger situation and the trivialization of the potential negative effects of pornographic content on the psychosexual development of children and adolescents. He brings both poles closer together, taking into account the development-dependent vulnerability of underage pornography users. The procedure is multi-dimensional: Korte alternates between an empirical-sexual-scientific, a psychoanalytic and a cultural-scientific perspective. What he considered - the historical change in pornography, post-modern access via online channels, youth sexuality, analytical-film-theoretical positions and the structural coupling of pornography to the economic system - is repeatedly adapted and reflected upon depending on the perspective. In detailed work, he picks up small parts such as the gender aspect of the different usage habits in relation to pornography or the tailoring of porn videos to the consumer's individual sexual script. The author further discusses possible positive and negative effects of pornography consumption; A differentiation is made between violent and non-violent pornography. In principle, pornography should always be problematized when it appears physically or psychologically injurious, discriminatory or exclusive.

This book also convinces with the polished language of the author and his ability to present even very complicated facts in an understandable way. It encourages the reader to keep changing his own professional and personal perspective on pornography and the level of discourse together with the author and thereby gain a deep insight into the matter.

The book is suitable for everyone who works clinically and therapeutically with adolescents and who have considered the extent to which the consumption of pornography influences the psychosexual development of minors. Verena Lepschi, Sandra Dehning

Alexander Korte: Pornography and Psychosexual Development in a Social Context. Psychoanalytic, cultural and sexual science considerations on the ongoing arousal discourse. Psychosozial-Verlag, Giessen 2018, 230 pages, paperback, 29.90 euros