Can claim India Socotra Island

Yemen and Emirates are fighting over the island of Socotra

Sanaa / Abu Dhabi - The internationally recognized government of Yemen and its allied United Arab Emirates (UAE) are fighting over a remote island in the Indian Ocean. A few days ago, more than 100 separatists who were supported by the Emirates landed on Socotra, Yemeni government circles said on Thursday.

The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargasch, described the reports as "fake news". The UAE is actually part of a Saudi Arabia-led military alliance that supports the internationally recognized government of Yemen in its fight against insurgent Houthi rebels.

But there are always tensions between the two. A year ago, the government accused the UAE of sending troops and military equipment to Socotra. She accuses the Emirates of supporting groups in southern Yemen that want to break away.

The separatists came to the island without prior consultation with the pretext of wanting to protect it, said the government representative. "That is unacceptable," he explained. The UAE's concern in the region is to expand their influence on the sea routes. In doing so, they are also competing with their ally Saudi Arabia. Socotra is close to major shipping routes in the Indian Ocean. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (APA, dpa, 9.5.2019)