Why are my YouTube views stuck

How does YouTube actually count views? It's trickier than you think!

How successful is a video on YouTube? YouTube views are an important indicator for this. So: how often a video is viewed. But how are the views counted exactly? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

Watching a video on YouTube once equals a call? That sounds logical. But counting YouTube views is definitely not that easy.

What counts as a view and what doesn't depend on many different factors. Especially if you want to monetize your channel, it is important to understand the mechanisms behind the YouTube views.

YouTube views are not an exact science

First of all, you should know that capturing YouTube views is not an exact science - at least not for outsiders.

Because behind it there are also algorithms whose programming is not 100 percent known to outsiders. As is so often the case with SEO analyzes, a lot is based on experience, which can vary in individual cases.

At the same time, YouTube of course also regularly updates and improves its algorithms so that certain things can change over time.

The following statements are based on collected findings that do not exactly apply to each individual case, but at least provide rough guidelines that you can use as a guide.

30 seconds decide everything

YouTube counts a video as "viewed" if two basic conditions are met:

  1. A user actively called up the video to play it himself.
  2. He watched the video for at least 30 seconds.

You don't have to watch the videos linearly from second zero to second 30. The time can also come together when zapping through the video.

What if you watch a video for less than 30 seconds? Then this is usually not considered a view. And what about videos that are less than 30 seconds?

According to Matthias Funk, the co-founder of the YouTube SEO tool Tubics, a certain number of YouTube views come together, which are then added together as one call. How high the number is is unclear.

The experts at Hubspot again assume that a view is counted when a viewer has watched a certain percentage of the video.

In any case, it is clear that you cannot monetize such short videos. This only works from the magical video length of 30 seconds.

Can you watch a video multiple times and get more YouTube views?

The surprising answer to this is: yes! Because YouTube also counts repeated views as multiple views. So if a person with the same device and the same IP address views the same video multiple times in a day, it will be counted multiple times.

But that doesn't work indefinitely. There is an upper limit that is somewhere between four and five views.

It is also not allowed to buy views.

In these cases, YouTube views do not count

In addition, YouTube has various filters to recognize view bots and to exclude these illegitimate views.

There are certain criteria for this. So a user has to watch the videos in a realistic and logical way. So if an account jumps from video to video for every 30 seconds and the videos are also unrelated, this is considered a bot viewer. The views from this account are then no longer counted.

“Real” users can also get their calls withdrawn. For example, the platform does not count views from users who leave spam comments. The platform also excludes video calls that start via the autoplay function.

Analytics tools show different values

YouTube has various tools that are used to count your views. But the algorithms obviously use different methods because the number of views is not always the same.

Especially shortly after uploading, the YouTube views in Analytics, in the search function, on the watch page and in the Creator Studio can differ from each other.

Do views count in live videos?

In fact, YouTube counts the views not only in recorded videos, but also in live videos. However, there is a time window of 24 hours in which YouTube adjusts the number of views. That is how long the platform needs to verify and correct the views.

The following views do not count for live videos:

  • multiple simultaneous calls from the same IP address via different devices
  • calling up the same video in multiple browser windows
  • Videos that update after 30 seconds

Why easy if complicated is another option?

There is, of course, a simple reason why identifying YouTube views is so complicated. Video views number is an important metric for making money from videos. It is of course inevitable that users will try to artificially increase their number of views in order to generate more income.

That's why YouTube decided at some point that it would verify the views from a certain number of views. This used to be 301 calls. The number is probably higher now. But even if views are still important, you shouldn't attach too much importance to the metric.

YouTube views aren't everything

Because YouTube has now recognized that not all views are equal. For example, a call from a viewer watching a video from start to finish and leaving a comment is worth more than a brief 40 second call with no interaction.

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Engagement metrics are also becoming more important on YouTube than the raw number of views. YouTube therefore prefers to speak of "watch time" rather than views.

So if you want to get the most out of your videos, the following also applies here: You can achieve this primarily through repeated good, interesting and high-quality content.

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