Is God wild and dangerous

Live wild and dangerous ... and be authentic

In March 2020, the government's corona measures brought our entire country into an unprecedented state of emergency. Our society got into a situation that was unimaginable for me until then. Under these conditions my pilgrimage became a special challenge. The pilgrimage through the unspoilt, lonely Eifel landscape followed by the lovely Moselle tour, with many happy interpersonal encounters, led directly into my own heart. This gave rise to the ability to see meaning behind my difficult fate, to forgive injustices and to come to terms with my life situation. The trip unexpectedly led to an inner clarification and processing of my family history. My love for life, my trust in God with a future-oriented optimism are in the foreground. This book was created from the inner images, thoughts, feelings and encounters on the way. Through many conversations I know that not a few women lived or still lived in comparable marital situations Life. I also tell my story for these women, but first and foremost I wrote this book for my daughters, in the hope that it would help them develop. We women have to make ourselves visible, strengthen ourselves against our self-doubts and connect with one another in exchange. Our daughters need our truth most of all. The portrayal of family problems prompts me to publish this book under a pseudonym out of consideration for those affected.

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