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Princess Mabel: She is opening a new chapter

by Stefanie Richter
Princess Mabel is starting a new chapter five years after Prince Friso's death. For the daughters, that means: commuting between London and Holland

The bows of her mini dress bob up and down happily when Princess Mabel appears at the "Amsterdam Diner Foundation" charity event. The hairstyle is new, the hair is shorter. She painted her lips bright red. She laughs and greets some acquaintances with a hug and treats herself to a glass of champagne.

Princess Mabel: Five years ago, her husband Prince Friso had an accident

Later, she made a big appearance on the AFAS concert hall stage: Mabel was honored by the foundation for her commitment to the fight against AIDS. Her cheeks glow with pride. This radiance acts like the symbol of a new beginning after a fateful time. Six years ago, Mabel's husband, Prince Friso, middle son of the then Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, had an accident while skiing. He was in a vegetative state for a year. Then he died with his family at the age of only 44.

Princess Mabel and her daughters are drawn back home

Since then, Mabel has been raising daughters Luanam and Zaria alone in the London borough of Notting Hill. The family lived in the financial metropolis during Friso's lifetime: the prince worked there for an investment bank and a technology company. Only now, five years after his death, is Mabel able to start a new chapter in her life. This also means that she wants to spend more time in Holland. For 1.7 million euros, she acquired a 245 square meter holiday villa in Breukeleveen, a town with 260 inhabitants. It is very close to Drakensteyn Castle, Beatrix’s residence since her son Willem-Alexander became king.

"I wouldn't make it without my two families"

The area is full of fond memories for Mabel. Even as a child, she spent happy holiday weeks here. Her new villa used to belong to her mother's best friend. Now Mabel's daughters should be able to enjoy the idyll as often as possible. For example, the Royal Water Sports Club, of which Beatrix is ​​a member, is just around the corner. Mabel's relationship with her is close and cordial. Beatrix has traveled to England again and again in recent years to spend time with daughter-in-law and granddaughters, not only in the first phase of the worst grief. And Mabel's brother-in-law Willem-Alexander and his wife Máxima are also an emotional support. "I couldn't do it without my two families, my own and that of my late husband", says Mabel in an interview with the "Holland Herald", the magazine of the KLM airline. "You all bring so much joy into my life and so much important support in challenging times."

Princess Mable is involved in charitable organizations

In the future she wants to invest a lot of energy in charitable organizations such as the "Malala Fund" or her own foundation "Girls Not Brides", which fights against child marriage. The economist and political scientist has just been awarded an honorary doctorate in Scotland for her commitment to human rights. The next big project follows at the end of July: Mabel takes on the role of host at an international AIDS congress in Amsterdam. On August 11th she will celebrate her milestone birthday - as a woman who has decided to look ahead again. "I'm almost 50 and I feel like there is still so much to discover and do," she says. "Actually, I just want to keep growing and living life. That's all."

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