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Friday, January 13, 2017 9:00 p.m.

The Toughest Tenors

This band will blow you away ...

The Toughest Tenors can only smile wearily at the would-be hip hop thugs engaging in furious rhyme duels.

The five heavy jazz boys, hardened and trained in the club battlefields of New York, do not hesitate long.
They show what the "hard" means in "hardbop", how much muscle mass the blues has, and make it clear where the so-called "battles" of rap really come from.

The Toughest Tenors have made it their business to bring the long tradition of "Saxophone Battles" back to life. With original arrangements, but without false nostalgia. Up-to-date, but without trend doping. With concentrated energy, unbridled joy in playing, quick-witted humor. And with a boxer's heart.
Live, the quintet, led by the two independent tenor characters Bernd Suchland and Max Hacker, has already triumphantly won countless battles for the audience's favor. The Toughest Tenors are based in style and music on the great legendary saxophone battle formations of the 50s and 60s, such as Dexter Gordon and Wardell Gray or Johnny Griffin and Eddi 'Lockjaw' Davis.

A band with an unusual line-up, in which two stylistically very different tenor saxophonists present selected bebop, swing and blues pieces in friendly competition and with a lot of joy in playing.
This project is more than just a spontaneously put together all star session band. The large, carefully transcribed repertoire, with great attention to detail, still has surprises and rarities in store for real jazz connoisseurs. Effective swinging arrangements ensure lively and virtuoso LIVE music for all lovers of the full tenor saxophone.

Bernd Suchland (ts), Max Hacker (ts), Sebastian Wittstock (p), Marc Muellbauer (b), Ralf Ruh (dr)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 8:30 pm

Rhythm'n'Blues Jam

The session hops
Long live the blues!

The blues has long been rooted in Hildesheim and the Bischofsmühle has always been his home.

That is why the Bischofsmühle is launching a new series in January.
Every second Wednesday of the month the house band "The Session Hops" presents a rhythm 'n' blues jam there. A contact point for blues enthusiasts and those who want to become one.
Behind the session hops are great interpreters of the blues such as guitarist Till Seidel, Maddy Arlt on harp, Fabian Fritz on piano and Andre Werkmeister on drums.
So you can look forward to an urban sound that targets the heart and mind and is equally creative and virtuoso.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 8:30 p.m.

Blues jam

A Tribute To The Fabulous Thunderbirds

The more recent blues history also has its heroes and the Fabulous Thunderbirds are without a doubt one of them.

To this day, the first records with Kim Wilson and Jimmie Vaughan are considered milestones. A white band from Texas who dared to play the blues at a time when synthesizers were on the rise. Her album "Tuff Enuff" hit the American market like a bomb. So is her powerful way of playing the blues. Reason enough to devote a whole evening to them between the years. Henry Heggen (born January 20, 1955 in Jacksonville, Florida) is one of the most famous singers and blues harp players from Germany. He shares the job of singing with none other than Michael Arlt (German Blues Award Vocals), who grew up musically with the T-Birds. Over the years the Thunderbirds had many different guitarists and on this evening Andreas Arlt (Best European Guitar Player) and Till Seidel will give everything on the six strings. The band is completed by Fabian Fritz on piano, Dirk Vollbrecht on bass and Malte Albers and Andre Werkmeister on drums.

Henry Heggen · Voc, Harp
Michael Arlt · Voc, Harp
Andres Arlt · Guitar
Till Seidel · Guitar
Fabian Fritz · Piano
Dirk Vollbrecht · Bass
Malte Albers · Drums
Andre Werkmeister - Drums

Saturday, December 24, 2016 10:30 PM

B.B. & The Blues Shacks

Years on tour around the world, that's more than 4000 concerts - · The BBs love their music and play the blues so skillfully that even the Americans now take off their hats to this German band. With their mixture of "Rhythm & Blues" and a touch of "Sixty Soul" you have earned a fan base around the world.

The band received countless awards such as the "German Blues Award" and the title "Best Blues Band in Europe" from French music editors, and their CD "Unique Taste" was awarded the German Record Critics' Prize. B.B. & The Blues Shacks stand for great live performances and have established themselves as a top act overseas. They played in Dubai, the Doheny Festival in Los Angeles, and the Byron Bay Festival in Australia with artists such as Bob Dylan, B.B. King and Elvis Costello tens of thousands ago. Front man Michael Arlt (vocal and harp) has long been part of the premier league of European blues and soul singers. He is also a unique entertainer. His brother Andreas Arlt is an elegant stylist and is now traded as a world-class guitarist. With Fabian Fritz on piano and organ, the band was able to sign another genius for the independent sound. Henning Hauerken (double bass and electric bass) and Andre Werkmeister (drums) deliver the unique drive and groove that you can take home with you from the concert. "The boys are in demand all over the world" SAT 1 "This band underlines once again that they are absolutely Europe's best blues band" Jefferson Magazin · Sweden "When they play live, you definitely have to go" Peter Urban, NDR 2

Saturday, December 17, 2016 21:00

Pink Baxter

PINK BAXTER is returning to Hildesheim in December 2016 to present his brand new album "Legende", which will be released at the end of the year.

The artist gives three exclusive club concerts in the Bischofsmühle Hildesheim ("My living room") and is back with a large orchestra and his musical partner Steven Steen and the musical director Glen Larsen jr. from Stockholm to rock the club. In addition to the Baxter classics such as "Bottle of Whiskey", "Egal" and "Endstation vorm Glück", the songs from the new album will also be presented musically. As always, Baxter will be joined by Glen Larsen Jr. Orchestra, which includes some of the best German live musicians. Despite the small club, the maximum amount of effort is put into the music as you know it from an artist: big orchestra, big show, big face. Happy Holiday!
PINK BAXTER presents its new album "Legende" and is coming back for three exclusive shows in the Bischofsmühle on Thursday, December 15, 2016, on Friday, December 16, 2016 and on Saturday, December 17, 2016. Everything new · it stays as it is: "simply legend"!

Friday, December 16, 2016 21:00

Pink Baxter

PINK BAXTER is returning to Hildesheim in December 2016 to present his brand new album "Legende", which will be released at the end of the year.

The artist gives three exclusive club concerts in the Bischofsmühle Hildesheim ("My living room") and is back with a large orchestra and his musical partner Steven Steen and the musical director Glen Larsen jr. from Stockholm to rock the club. In addition to the Baxter classics such as "Bottle of Whiskey", "Egal" and "Endstation vorm Glück", the songs from the new album will also be presented musically. As always, Baxter will be joined by Glen Larsen Jr. Orchestra, which includes some of the best German live musicians. Despite the small club, maximum musical effort is made, as you know it from an artist: big orchestra, big show, big face. Happy Holiday!
PINK BAXTER presents its new album "Legende" and is coming back for three exclusive shows in the Bischofsmühle on Thursday, December 15th, 2016, on Friday, December 16th, 2016 and on Saturday, December 17th, 2016. Everything new · it stays as it is: "simply legend"!

Thursday, December 15, 2016 8:30 p.m.

Pink Baxter

PINK BAXTER is returning to Hildesheim in December 2016 to present his brand new album "Legende", which will be released at the end of the year.

The artist gives three exclusive club concerts in the Bischofsmühle Hildesheim ("My living room") and is back with a large orchestra and his musical partner Steven Steen and the musical director Glen Larsen jr. from Stockholm to rock the club. In addition to the Baxter classics such as "Bottle of Whiskey", "Egal" and "Endstation vorm Glück", the songs from the new album will also be presented musically. As always, Baxter will be joined by Glen Larsen Jr. Orchestra, which includes some of the best German live musicians. Despite the small club, maximum musical effort is made, as you know it from an artist: big orchestra, big show, big face. Happy Holiday!
PINK BAXTER presents its new album "Legende" and is coming back for three exclusive shows in the Bischofsmühle on Thursday, December 15, 2016, on Friday, December 16, 2016 and on Saturday, December 17, 2016. Everything new · it stays as it is: "simply legend"!

Friday, December 09, 2016 21:00

Löseke's Blues Gang

In December 2013 Lösekes Blues Gang presented the new CD Old Masters and Soul and now for the cycle anniversary the band is back in the mill. Germany's longest-serving blues band wants to rock the mill with a new program and a lot of fun.

With the Löseke horns around the gifted trumpeter Basti Stein and the saxophonist Hardy Schölch. Whether traditional, modern, rocky, the pithy blues, the driving boogie, the soulful vocals and the soulful solos, which are always good for goosebumps, always cause a sensation with the audience. Whether in the 70s and 80s at club gigs with blues stars like Memphis Slim, Blind John Davis, Errol Dixon and Champion Jack Dupree or on the big festival stages in Germany, Holland and Switzerland, Löseke's blues gang was and is still an absolute blues highlight ! Comment from the group: "We're looking forward to it, because the mill is always something special!"

Saturday, December 03, 2016 20:30

8. Bluegrass Jamboree

Great enthusiasm and standing ovations shaped the first seven tours of this bluegrass concept, which is unique in Europe and which inspires more than 5,000 spectators every year and continues to shine with increasing numbers.

In 2016, bluegrass impresario Rainer Zellner will once again present exciting discoveries in the extensive "bluegrass cosmos".

The Honey Dewdrops, two dreamy singer-songwriters with their songs picked up "on the road" in the sensitively celebrated Appalachian sound. The singer-songwriter duo won the important newcomer competition of the legendary radio show "A Prairie Home Companion". Laura Wortmann and Kagey Parrish then gave up their apartment and traveled all over America and other countries for many years. The two poetic observers came back with a large repertoire of their own songs and settled in Baltimore.

Then an Italian band actually has to come first to show the bluegrass community in the USA what the music of the genre's golden 1950s sounded like. Without any modernism, the five Italians lead back to the wild and rough sound of the early years. Not only do they sound strikingly close to the originals (none of which are active anymore), they also look like they came from a show from that time.
The incomparable Truffle Valley Boys! With the fast-paced retro bluegrass of the 1950s, they uncover the roots and aesthetics of the genre from its golden age, in a way that no longer exists even in the USA.

Finally as a rarity - The Goodbye Girls, an all-women oldtimes / bluegrass band. They do not care about style boundaries, but rather that women have long since drawn level in the formerly purely male domain through skill and intensity. Four women in a bluegrass / folk band are basically something special even in the USA, but they also make a name for themselves with their energetic and innovative crossover sound between folk and bluegrass / oldtime. They know each other from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, a hotspot for young, virtuoso and cross-style artists.

As the final highlight of the show, all the musicians come back on stage and say thank you in a joint session in front of and with the audience.

Friday, November 25, 2016 21:00


Since the founding of triosence in 1999, bandleader and pianist Bernhard Schüler and his fellow musicians Stephan Emig (drums), as well as Matthias Nowak and Ingo Senst (bass) have further developed and released their independent, compositional style, which they call "songjazz" 2013 her fifth CD with "turning points" and thus the high point of her work so far.

Stern magazine devoted a detailed article to triosence and gave it the top rating: "It seems as if German jazz has finally found new young faces." In Japan, the Swing Journal called the band triosence, “which wipes away the impression of stiff German jazz.” The CDs reached high positions in the jazz charts and with “Away for A While” triosence had the highest new entry by a newcomer Record Critics' Award and various national and international jazz and songwriting awards speak for themselves. After triosence released a CD with the American singer Sara Gazarek in 2010 and toured extensively internationally, the band devoted themselves to a unique project abroad in Taiwan, where at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture gave large concerts with their own interpretations of Taiwanese folk songs on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.

This event has become possible thanks to the kind support of Volksbank eG, Hildesheim-Lehrte-Pattensen

Thursday, November 24, 2016 8:30 p.m.


The show series "Schau" is being relaunched and celebrates its grand finale with a "Schau Down" consisting of reading, theater, comedy and recital. All of this at the same time, confused, true and wonderful.

From standing // a ball // from the barrel // of things:
We put the cards on the table. We read from the hand. We interpret the weather. It will be fine.

Look Down · Because you always come down.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 19:30

Meyer-Burckhardt's stories of women

Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt goes on tour again: His radio program "Meyer-Burckhardts Frauengeschichten" on NDR Info will be recorded on Tuesday, November 15th from 7:30 pm in the Bischofsmühle in Hildesheim.

Meike Winnemuth is the guest. The journalist and author likes to try things out on herself and let other people participate. The Hamburg native won half a million at Günther Jauch's in 2010 and then traveled around the world for a year. She described her experiences of 12 months in 12 cities in a travel blog and in a book: 'The Big Lot' became a bestseller.
Week after week, many readers' hearts open up with their texts:
The bestselling author hits the nail on the head again and again with her columns. She talks to Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt about her life out of the suitcase and about joie de vivre, about people she has met, about a blue dress that accompanied her for a year and about her dog, who is also very often there.

The program "Meyer-Burckhardts Frauengeschichten" runs on the first Sunday of the month at 4:05 pm on NDR Info, the information radio of the North German Broadcasting Corporation. So far, guests have been among others. Marianne Sägebrecht, Ina Müller, Helene Fischer, Veronica Ferres, Barbara Schöneberger, Elke Heidenreich and Dora Heldt. The broadcast with Meike Winnemuth can be heard on Sunday, December 4th at 4:05 p.m. on NDR Info.

Friday, November 11, 2016 21:00

Hellfire unplugged

In the AC / DC cover band sector, the competition is enormous. All the more gratifying the fact that one of the best German combos in this genre comes from the Hildesheim region!

Hellfire, stands for a gigantic and authentic hell show, with cannons and bell, as well as original interpretations of the legendary Australians. Unplugged and with support, the guys are rocking for the third time in the Club an der Innste.

Support: The O-Jacks

The O-Jacks mix rhythm 'n' blues and rockabilly in a special O-Jacks style: "Muddy Waters plays with Bill Haley and Elmore James with the Paladins".

Saturday, November 05, 2016 20:30


Elen began to learn guitar at the age of six. This was followed by keyboard and at the age of 14 she started playing drums in a cover band. At the age of 17 she began her career as a street musician.

The success soon came. Her fan base grew and she was able to make a living from music.

On the street she was asked whether she would like to go to the new show "The Voice of Germany". After a moment she agreed and shortly afterwards stood in front of Ray Garvey, Nena, the boys from Boss Hoss and Xavier Naidoo. Her voice was convincing and everyone wanted her on their teams. But after a while she realized that other people's music choices and certain regulations are simply not her thing.
In order to remain independent from the big labels for the time being and to fulfill her dream of her own album, Elen decided to use crowdfunding for the financing.
Her fans helped both financially and with words of encouragement so that she could produce her first record "elen" and release it in February 2015.

In October 2015 she performed with Inas Nacht and with Marius Müller-Westernhagen. In April 2016, together with her guitarist Ernst Jochmus, she presented a song from her album "elen" at the Grimme Prize ceremony.

support: Kaya striker

Friday, October 28, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Les brunettes

Les Brünettes, since their debut in 2012, the four young women have caused a lot of sensation.

They are prizewinners of the International A Cappella Competition Leipzig 2013 and the international A Cappella Competition Vokal.total.2013 Graz and have also played well over 100 concerts.
Her program is a personal approach to the works of her role models; thus also a journey through the decades, continents, languages ​​and styles. Les Brünettes manage to reconcile this divergence by making songs by strong women their own. Only with the sound of four female voices.
You can hear how well the singers know each other: Every voice has its importance, pauses work as well as dynamic climaxes. The musical templates do not lose any of their original radiance, but in the new guise they flash up previously unheard facets.

The march L'Homme à La Moto becomes a light-footed, swinging wink, the 99 balloons gain sharpness through aggressiveness, the world music piece My Heart through a pinch of R'n'B in groove and the rather bluesy Sea Line Woman in coolness, the Folk song A Case Of You shines in an almost sacred chamber music version.

When singing, the four singers use their vocal potential to the full: they soul, scat and conjure. Their voices sound like a string quartet or crackle like an old engine. They scream, seduce, argue, breathe, cheer and laugh.
The use of the vocal possibilities remains natural and in the service of the song. Since their debut in 2012, Les Brünettes have developed a mature sound concept that brings the vocal interplay together in a colorful and fast-paced way. It is important to prick up your ears. Curtain up…

Thursday, October 20, 2016 8:30 pm

The Rapparees

Highwaymen and outlaws are called rapparees in Ireland. In any case, the name has a positive note, because it refers to journeymen à la Robin Hood who take it from the rich and give it to the poor.

But only after they have gambled away and drunk a considerable part of the prey. According to their band name, the five young Irish act as musical buccaneers who plunder several styles and present this mixture to the best. They are excellent singers who harmonize perfectly. This vocal force carries you away. The quintet is clearly part of the "Sturm und Drang" spectrum of the folk scene.

If any band has what it takes to give the Irish ballad a revival, it's the Rapparees! The Dubliners with their traditional style and the Pogues with their punk variant have shaped the perception of the Irish ballad in the last few decades. With a touch of world music, The Rapparees tread a new and refreshing path.

The Irish tradition is interspersed with rocky punk elements and a portion of their own singer / songwriting is also part of the party. The Rapparees play with an incredible energy, freshness and enthusiasm, without losing elegance and lightness. That is the small but subtle difference that sets them apart from the many other "speed folk" bands. At least that's what the Irish media thinks, predicting a great future for the band. Their way of playing is often described as "rough and ready". That speaks for itself and does not require any further translation.
The band plays pretty much everything on instruments that make a typical Irish sound like banjo, fiddle, bodhrán, bouzouki, whistle and guitars. E-bass and drums provide the rocky note.

The percussionist switches back and forth between his drum set and the time-honored Irish frame drum · the bodhrán ·. This shows both the connection to tradition and modernity.

Friday, October 14, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Kickoff Blues Shacks Festival

Every year for the home game of the Blues Shacks, the kickoff takes place in the Bischofsmühle. In 2016 "Boogie Boys" from Poland and "Night Trippers" from Cologne will kick off.

Boogie boys

The term "boogie woogie" is no longer a foreign word. What is new, however, is the permanent existence of a boogie band with two pianists - Bartek Szopinski, Michal Cholewinski - on two pianos, including Szymon Szopinski (Bartek's Brother) on the drums.
They met for the first time in autumn 2002 in a club in Poznan, their hometown, where they inspired each other for hours on an old piano with sparkling boogie-woogie ideas. That was the hour of birth of the Boogie Boys, who, after almost 15 years, can look back on almost unbelievable national and international successes.
The group has since made guest appearances in almost all of Europe and often tours together with American blues stars. With their unique, globally unrivaled game, they sparked huge cheers even at the largest European boogie-woogie festivals (Baden Baden, Salzburg, Paris).
At the international blues competition in Memphis / USA the Boogie Boys reached the final concert of the best in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (among almost one hundred applicants), which resulted in numerous other USA appearances.
At the Jazztime Open Air 2013 they were celebrated by an enthusiastic crowd, some of them standing on the pianos. The Boogie Boys ignite a veritable musical fireworks display, and not only with the usual boogie classics!

Night Trippers

The Night Trippers are a new formation from the Cologne / Bonn area and a hot tip. After the "Silvertones" dissolved, the Cologne guitarist Helmut Wirtz and bassist Andreas Meier made a fresh start. With Matthias Zasche they brought on board an experienced drummer and singer and at the same time an old friend. So Chicago blues? Yes, but not only that. During one session, the three of them met the Bonn pianist and singer Christian Bobbert, who talked to "Dr. B's Blues Dropouts ”to which New Orleans Rhythm & Blues is dedicated. In just a few months, the four of them put together a rhythm & blues show that brings influences from Chicago, New Orleans and other places to life. The Night Trippers take you on a musical journey through the night. Check in and find out ...

Matthias Zasche (drums, vocals)
Christian Bobbert (piano, organ, vocals)
Helmut Wirtz (guitar)
Andreas Meier (bass)

Thursday, October 13, 2016 8:30 p.m.

Jaimi Faulkner Band

support: Belle Roscoe

Jaimi Faulkner has rightly earned a reputation as a talented songwriter and exciting live performer. His handmade, authentic music knows no bounds: rock, soul, roots and folk mix together to create catchy tunes that hit the hearts of music fans with pinpoint accuracy.

His songs have a high recognition value, with sophisticated melodies and sophisticated arrangements. Wonderful ballads on the one hand, strong, groovy songs on the other fill the spectrum that this modern troubadour fills.
At the age of 21 he first caught on in the Australian music scene with the impressive debut album "Last Light". Three years later Faulkner was awarded the prestigious Australian Blues / Roots Performer of the Year award.

In addition to his undisputed talent as a singer and guitarist, his 2009 CD "Kiss and Ride" impressively underscored his skills as a songwriter and arranger. In the same year Faulkner was on tour as support for Chris Whitley and Chris Isaak on their tours in Australia.
In addition, he played in the opening act for Men At Work and the Holmes Brothers as well as on the autumn tours of Paul Young and Vonda Shepard in 2011. In the meantime Jaimi has released three more CDs.

This gripping singer-songwriter should not be missed, because Jaimi Faulkner has developed from a talented youngster into a musician and entertainer of the highest order. Poignant songs by a charismatic artist whose songs live not only from the melody, the expressive voice and the groovy guitar playing, but also from the lyrics. He is supported by Judith Renkema on bass, Luuk Adams on drums and Leon Den Engelsen on keyboard and accordion.

"To put it straight away: The man is a huge talent. On stage he turns out to be an entertainer, whose audience lies at his feet after two songs at the latest".
Danube Courier


Jaimi brings the Australian duo "Belle Roscoe" on tour as support. The two siblings Matty and Julia Gurry not only appear with their very own indie folk rock in the opening act, but also enrich the sound of Jaimi and band with backing vocals.

Friday, October 07, 2016 21:00

Black Patti

Since 2011, the guitarist and harmonica player Peter Crow C., who has already received the German Record Critics' Prize, and his partner Ferdinand 'Jelly Roll' Kraemer, who excels at the mandolin as well as singing and guitar, have formed the duo Black Patti, named after an obscure record label.

Acoustic pre-war blues, based largely on impressive original compositions, have already brought the musicians to festivals such as the Jazz Spring Kempten, the Snow Jazz Festival (France) or the Birmingham Jazz Festival (GB). Performances in the context of art and literature (Harry Rowohlt, Fritz Rau, etc.) are part of their activities, as well as countless club and bar shows.
With 'No Milk No Sugar', the accomplished instrumentalists, who mostly perform with wonderful two-part vocals, are now available for the first time. Recorded on traditional instruments, of course, and recorded vintage, fully analog and without overdubs.
With their extremely varied repertoire, the southern Germans present filigree and incredibly touching roots music between deep black Delta Blues, springy ragtime and soulful spirituals.

Saturday, October 01, 2016 21:00

Tony Vega band

Tony Vega, born in Chicago and raised in Houston / Texas, takes the listener with him from roadhouse blues, Texan juke joints to American Roots'n'Roll.

Music as it could come from a Tarantino soundtrack. "Tony Vega is a monster!" says ZZ Top’s frontman Billy Gibbons about the charismatic frontman. As if that weren't already promising enough, Vega is bringing Kai Strauss on board for the second time, "Germany's blues guitarist of the hour" (eurojournalist.eu) for the tour. The two thoroughbred blues musicians kindle a real guitar fireworks every evening, always driven by Mads Andersen and Henrik Poulsen, one of the most groove rhythm groups on this side of the Atlantic.

The Tony Vega Band feat. Kai Strauss is a rare international blues get-together that live music and guitar fans should definitely add to their calendars.

Thursday, September 29, 2016 8:30 pm

The fretless

Irish folk is fertile soil on which some rare plants can thrive. It is the same when a string quartet is enthusiastic about the Irish tradition and arranges it in such a sophisticated way that it blossoms beautifully.

The Fretless from Canada all received a classical education at the renowned Berklee University. It is considered one of the great classic forges worldwide. But before they even got there, the love for folk music blazed deep in their hearts. As the descendants of Irish and Scottish emigrants to Canada, their parents and grandparents passed on the cultural heritage of their old homeland. That gave them stability and identity in the New World. The radio with country, bluegrass and jazz was also part of everyday life, so these can also be found in their arrangements. The cello and viola in particular have adopted some techniques such as chopping the bluegrass in order to add new rhythmic elements to the accompaniment of the melody. So there is a lot going on with some instrumentals. The repertoire includes a firework of jigs & reels but also heart-touching slow airs and with Ivonne Hernandez you not only have a fine singer, but also the five-time "Grand North American Fiddle Championness". It has probably never happened before that a string quartet also has songs in its program. The border crossings are by no means exhausted. When the jigs & reels are suddenly stepped like crazy, a concert by The Fretless turns into a big cinema. This band is one of the liveliest innovations that the Celtic music scene worldwide has experienced in recent years. The debut album "Waterbound" was named "Instrumental recording of the year" at the Western Canadian Music Awards! The Fretless won prizes at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for “Ensemble of the year” and “Instrumental recording of the year.” Cast: Ivonne Hernandez (violin, viola, vocals, tap dance), Karrnnel Sawitsky (violin, viola), Trent Freeman (violin, viola), Eric White (cello)

Friday, 23 September 2016 9:00 p.m.

Wasserfuhr quartet

Young German Jazz is growing up. Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr stand for this par excellence, for whom "growing up in public" · such a famous album title by Lou Reed · has become second nature.

The brothers recorded their album debut "Remember Chet" (2006) at the age of 17 and 20 respectively - a homage to Julian's early role model, the trumpeter Chet Baker - and thus met with an enthusiastic response. The time found the music of the brothers "amazingly unusual", the Süddeutsche Zeitung certified Julian Wasserfuhr a "magical tone", but above all the broad public embraced the brothers from the dreamy town of Hückeswagen. After three successful albums, they are now among the most renowned jazz musicians in Germany. With their fourth album "Running", which was released in August 2013, the Wasserfuhr brothers finally stand on their own two feet. It has become her most personal album. A large part of the compositions, recording and production were in the hands of Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr. The fact that they took this risk testifies to the astonishing maturity that the two musicians have now gained in their still young years. Conviction, determination, trust and passion · this is what you need and you can hear it in every tone!

Cast Julian Wasserfuhr (tp), Roman Wasserfuhr (p), Benjamin Garcia Alonso (b), Oliver Rehmann (dr)

Friday, September 16, 2016 9:00 p.m.

The Red Hot Serenaders

How should it taste? Sweet or hot? No question about it, the Red Hot Serenaders do both:

Rainer Wöffler (D) and Tanja Wirz (CH) serve high-proof blues, hot jazz, bitter chansons, melting Hawaiian music and hot ragtime. These musical delicacies, mainly from the 20s and 30s, are prepared on a wide range of instruments, some of which are as old as the songs. Whether guitar, ukulele, mandolin, slide guitar, washboard, cajon or clarinet. Nothing is safe from the two enthusiastic musicians who have performed in numerous locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since their first concert together in summer 2011 and who released their debut album "Such A Night" in early 2012. Rainer Wöffler has been on the European blues scene for years. His particular passion is resonator guitars, he sings, plays the ukulele, Hawaiian guitar and mandolin and is known as a great slide guitarist. Tanja Wirz, "Frau Doktor Jazz", swings through the Serenaders menu with guitar, ukulele, percussion, clarinet and an expressive and diverse voice. Together they play acoustic string band music at its best with a lot of dedication, humor and two-part singing. Good Appetite!

Friday, September 09, 2016 21:00

Lars Stoermer Quartet

The Lars Stoermer Quartet has existed since 2005. In 2013, the saxophonist, bass clarinetist and composer Lars Stoermer found the perfect ensemble with a completely new line-up.

The band quickly found a sound cohesion and an almost blind interaction. The compositions are varied, unique and give each section of the concert a special character. As in a road movie, they convey the story in an exciting arc to the end of the concert. Due to the improvisational freedom of all those involved, the main roles and perspectives change again and again. Lars Stoermer was a guest at numerous jazz festivals and toured with the saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis (Jazztime-Gala 2016). The piano is played by Eike Wulfmeier, who also works as a lecturer at the University of Music in Hanover and, with his trio "Center", won 2nd place at the "New German Jazz Prize" in 2013. The bassist Clara Däubler played tours in Lithuania, Canada and the USA and was a guest at the JazzOpen Stuttgart, Kaunas Jazz, among others.The drummer Raphael Becker-Foss worked in various formations both as a drummer and timpanist and brings his influences that reach far beyond the boundaries of jazz. Tours have already brought him to Switzerland with them the CD "in here", released in 2015 by Ajazz. "Contemporary jazz that couldn't be more lively". New press Hanover

Friday, September 02, 2016 21:00

Boogie radio

If you are looking for musicians and you have the choice between buddies and professionals, take the buddies. It is even better if the buddies are the first choice among professionals.

So in January 2013 the next section of Boogie Radio was created in a small studio in Hamburg St. Pauli. The EP "St. Pauli Sessions - black edition" is well received. No more boogie woogie. Rather the root of the word from the ki-kongo - language: mbugi - something devilishly good. Now everything is pure. No hidden sounds, no tricky grooves, no artful behavior. Jan Mohr, a guitar that says what is to be said, clearly and distinctly, sonorous. Björn Puls, a drum kit that doesn't fiddle around a lot, no unnecessary fullness, everything feels competent, open, clear. Dirk Vollbrecht, a bass you can build on, a base. Calm and confident, stylish. Peter Behne, vocals with depth and a lot of feeling, matured for decades, without frills, straight ahead. Everything pure. This is boogie radio today. Old pop songs, hits from a time when the blues could still be heard on the radio and R&B had a different meaning.

Friday, August 26, 2016 9:00 p.m.


The Trio Folkmidable consists of the children's book author and musician Nikola Huppertz, the author, musician and entertainer Thommi Baake, and the thoroughbred multi-instrumentalist Christoph Gebhardt.

And, they go together like Peter, Paul & Mary, the Beatles without Ringo, the Marx Brothers, the three musketeers or Tick, Trick and Track. With violin, guitars, bass, cister, accordion, ukulele, concertina, timple, flute and piano they make Colourfolk. This is a direction of world music that the three invented. So colorful, alternating, so diverse, they play music from the big, wide world. Irish-Scottish music is paired with French-Finnish sounds, as well as German and Yiddish sounds. The music trips of the charismatic folk trio also go to Russia or to the pop fields of America and England. Colorful and international, funny and serious: this is color folk music paired with charming entertainment. Exciting arrangements alternate with interesting song and instrumental pairings. In between, the entertainer Thommi Baake trumps with witty introductions, Nikola Huppertz with a violin solo and Christoph Gebhardt with the virtuosity with which he processes his many instruments.

Friday, August 19, 2016 9:00 p.m.


Art loves pop, pop needs art: Lanford loves both. Sensitive text passages meet well thought-out arrangements and beats that can float away from the mainstream as well as right in the middle.

Lanford calls this hip-pop and sums up what defines this young group from tranquil Hildesheim: combining energy and feeling in such a way that the titles work from their own pens, both in the club, at the city festival and on the big stage . With frontman Brian Taylor at the helm, it quickly becomes clear why Lanford nods heads both live and on record. Starting as a singer / songwriter armed with a guitar, playing in bars, visiting countless slams or festivals across the country, he was shaped by direct contact with the audience, the joy of improvisation and playing on stage. André Hahnefeld on drums, who recently returned from Los Angelos, is another professional in the team, because he enjoyed his musical training at the renowned music collage LACM, which he successfully completed after six semesters with distinction. The quartet is completed with Christoph Lubrich on bass, who was part of Sonny Vincent's formation for a long time and who accompanied him on several tours through the USA and Europe. That speaks for a lot of experience, which can be clearly seen on stage. The second oldest member of the band is Marcel, who plays the most virtuoso tunings on his guitar, which he develops himself. He has also traveled all over Germany with his guitar and played with Brian as a singer / songwriter. Lanford is now reorienting itself and, after the first album was released in 2015, is more experienced with text and music. The new album will be released in 2016 via the record label Flowfish Records. A mix of hip-hop, pop and dubstep with German lyrics is waiting to conquer the stages in the German-speaking area. This style not only arouses curiosity, but also leaves no one standing still. Faster, further, better! Lanford.

Friday, August 12, 2016 21:00

Anne Haigis

Anne Haigis, who has stood for high artistic and high quality standards in the German music scene since the 1980s, is coming to Hildesheim with her brand new live CD "15 Companions".

In the album, the energetic singer combines some of her hits like "Kind Der Sterne" or "Freund" with titles by other musicians. Such as B. "No Man's Land", a song that Anne interpreted in a rousing manner in association with Tony Carey and Eric Burdon.

Anne Haigis not only interprets music - she feels it, she lives it, and this fact makes her performance so inimitable and irresistibly authentic. She effortlessly builds bridges from US southern rock to blues to gospel and folk, all genres with which Anne has always been deeply rooted.

Since January 2014 she has been accompanied by Ina Boo on guitar and piano. Ina provides the harmonious counterparts to Anne's 12-string guitar. Melodic solos alternate with impulsive bottleneck blues, underlined by pounding beats from the stomp box. In the ballads she proves to be a sensitive pianist. Working together, the two ladies ensure moments that get under your skin and rousing outbursts of temperament.

Style, ability and charisma: An evening with Anne Haigis and her unmistakable, sometimes rough, sometimes gentle and always powerful voice possesses that artistic quality that sticks unforgettable in the head and heart of the listener. And then of course this special magic thanks to Anne's easy-going, natural way: A concert with the versatile musician always feels like an evening with friends.

Saturday, August 06, 2016 16:00

Birthday special

At the start of the anniversary celebrations, the cycle really gets going and turns the meadow in front of the Bischofsmühle into a festival area! From 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. music non-stop.

In addition, just in case, a giant tent, drinks stands and, and, and.

Admission: advance sale 8.00 (plus advance booking fee) box office 10.00 (no further reduction)
Advance sales only in the Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung service centers.
A badge pin was created especially for the anniversary and produced in a limited edition as an admission ticket.


With an excursion through decades of music history, Kuddel Renner and his Amazing Blues Orchestra serve a menu of earthy blues, grooving boogie woogie, paired with a pinch of country, sometimes gentle, sometimes rocky and sometimes soulful.

Kurt "Kuddel" Renner, born in 1950, born and raised in the blues metropolis of Hildesheim, founded a blues initiative with Udo Wolf after graduating from high school in 1969, from which the group Das third Ohr developed.
After a session in the Bad Salzdetfurth Disco Mobile, the Kuddel Renner Blues Band came together in 1986. This then became the Amazing Blues Orchestra in 2006

Kuddel Renner (voc, g), Bernie Rings (voc, harp), Sebastian Dressler (g), Lukas bente (p), Stephan Roffmann (b), Alex Mause (dr)

Then the stage is clear for the Salty Mountain Boys. The band now belongs to Hildesheim, like the Salzberg to Giesen.
Meanwhile, the cowboys are on everyone's lips thanks to various concerts and their own YouTube channel and "have won the hearts of their fans at a gallop" (quote from HAZ).
Inspired by the film Crazy Heart and the accompanying soundtrack, produced by T-Bone Burnett and Jeff Bridges, an extensive repertoire of catchy songs with a country attitude from the genres of country, soul and rock'n'roll was created.

Armin Balkenholl (voc, g), Stephan Quast (voc, g), Stephan Gehlhaar (voc, g), Ingo Meißner (voc, b), Frank Peters (voc, dr)

For the finale drum roll and African joie de vivre!

The formation Mama Afrika already thrilled thousands of music fans in front of the city theater at the Jazztime-Open-Air 2013. Founded in 1987 in Dakar, Senegal, the group is one of the most popular African music groups in Germany today.

Your music is absolutely authentic. Artists from Senegal and other West African countries tell, sing and dance stories from their lives, their culture and their beliefs.
The suggestive sound of the drums, the singing coming from a deep soul, virtuoso dance and breathtaking acrobatics show Africa in its diversity, vitality and joie de vivre. Sound, color, movement. A feast for the senses! A cascade of feelings!
With their unique performances they conquer the hearts of the audience, but never lose sight of the intercultural mediation of their activities to promote mutual respect and understanding.

The magic, the fascination, the emotion arousing happiness of the artists from Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Togo let the audience participate in the culture of the cradle of humanity · Mama Africa.

Saturday, July 30, 2016 10:30 PM

Summertime Blues Session

The last Summertime Blues Session in the summer vacation takes place as an after-show party for the Hildesheim Blues Festival.

Anyone who would like to end this hopefully mild summer evening in the well-known cozy atmosphere of the Bischofsmühle is cordially invited.
In addition to the actors of the Summertime Blues session around the great Till Seidel, the top acts of the blues festival will not be asked for long and will certainly bring a special kind of encore to the session in the mill.
The admission ticket to the Hildesheim Blues Festival is also valid as a ticket for the Bischofsmühle, as long as there is space in the mill.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 8:30 pm

Summertime blues session

presents "A Tribute To The Kings"

Each genre has its very special heroes and the blues has its three kings.

Far beyond the boundaries of the blues, B.B., Albert and Freddie King influenced generations of musicians.
Kai Strauss is probably still known to most as the head of the Bluescasters. At that time they toured with Memo Gonzales and now he convinces as a frontman and exceptional guitarist.
Andreas Arlt has been one of the best blues guitarists in Germany for two decades. With B.B. & The Blues Shacks, he has played over 3000 concerts and in 2005 received the award for best blues guitarist in Europe.
Till Seidel completes the trio of guitarists as a newcomer among the "old hands". The Hildesheimer has been providing a breath of fresh air in the blues scene for some time.
Michael Maddy Arlt was won over for vocals. The powerful-voiced singer from Hildesheim won the GERMAN BLUES AWARD 2010 in the 'Vocals' category.

Kai Strauss · Git., Voc.
Andreas Arlt · Git.
Till Seidel · Git., Voc.
Michael Arlt · Voc.
Nico Dreier · Pno.
Fabian Fritz Org.
Henning Hauerken B.
Malte Albers Dr.
Andre Werkmeister Dr.

Saturday, June 11, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Phil Lassiter Band

With Phil Lassiter, a musical jack-of-all-trades from the USA comes to the Bischofsmühle.

He is known for his intensive collaboration with Prince - on whose album he is also represented - as well as bands and artists such as Snark Puppy, Al Jarreau, Jill Scott, Cory Henry or his own celebrated project "Philthy".

As an arranger and trumpeter with the greatest gospel and solo artists in America, the 7-time Grammy winner also conjures up a spirited live show on stage that will tear every audience out of their chairs.

Like last year, Lassiter is going on tour with a refreshing and perfectly coordinated band of excellent German and Dutch musicians to present the American funk fireworks:
Hanno Busch (Heavytones, summer record) on guitar, Simon Oslender (including Twogether, WDR Big Band, Nils Landgren) on Hammond B3 and keyboards, Daniel Hopf (Pimpy Panda, Hiram Bullock, Cosmo Klein) on bass and Jerome Cardinaals (Twogether, Glen David Andrews, Dr. Lonnie Smith) on drums.
In addition, Phil Lassiter brings his wife and singer Josephine Lassiter-Rojer with him, who is currently enjoying a successful solo career in the USA and, together with the band, will also ensure a dazzling concert experience of a special kind.
Boiling grooves, elaborate arrangements and irrepressible joy in playing are the order of the day.

Friday, June 10, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Horst Wagner Quartet

The bassist Horst Wagner has been playing the double bass since 1951 and is now considered a veteran of the Hanoverian jazz scene.

Unforgettable for many, his glamorous appearance at the Jazztime Gala in 1988, when he stepped in for the bassist of the Lou Donaldson Quartet at short notice and thus effectively saved the first concert of the evening.
But Wagner had already played with the best jazz musicians at home and abroad. Including such famous legends as Sonny Stitt, Dexter Gordon, Jonny Griffin Lionel Hampton, Herbie Hancock and Lou Donaldson.
The cast includes the clarinetist and saxophonist Helmar Marcinski, who has been a professional musician since the 1970s, and the pianist Elmar Braß, who grew up in the Lower Saxony youth jazz orchestra. Braß received numerous awards and played among others. with Roman Schwaller, Ack van Rooyen and Dusko Goykovich.
The formation is rounded off by the brilliant drummer Christian Schönfeld.

Friday, June 03, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Trick bag

5 crazy Swedes who do not let themselves be disturbed by motorway traffic jams and who have already delivered several acclaimed concerts in the club at the Innerste.

Now you are back in the cathedral city.
Trickbag, the fantastic formation from Sweden, has established itself in the European blues scene for some time and has been a big hit at Scandinavian festivals for several years. Blues, Jump and Rock'nRoll in the best possible way guarantee a lively music evening.

Since 1994 this band has surprised audiences with their incredible energy and explosive house rockin 'rhythm & blues. They have a wide repertoire of original material mixed with blues from the 50s, swing and rock'n'roll.

Friday, May 06, 2016 05:24 AM

Jazz time

Dear guests,
we prepare for the jazz time.
From May 13th until May 16 in Hildesheim all clocks are set to jazz time over the Whitsun weekend.

13.05. 7.30 p.m.
Opening on the historic market square

May 14th 2 p.m.
Open air in front of the Theater for Lower Saxony
8.45 p.m. Joo Kraus meets Malia feat. Pee Wee Ellis

15.05. 12:00 p.m.
Open air in front of the Theater for Lower Saxony
8.45 p.m. Kenny Garret Quintet

16.05. 12.30 p.m.
Open air in front of the theater for Lower Saxony

Wednesday, May 04, 2016 21:00


"Nice Boys Don't Play Rock 'N' Roll"

- that's what the legendary Rose Tattoo said over 30 years ago and that's exactly how Machine from Hildesheim thinks it is.

Accordingly, the well-oiled rock machine from Lower Saxony has been rocking the stages across the country at full steam for almost 4 years and has thrilled audiences all over the country.
Machine play rousing, hard and uncompromising rock in the spirit and style of the 70s - influenced by bands like AC / DC, Black Sabbath, Rose Tattoo or Thin Lizzy to name just a few references and influences.
Live, the extensive machine song material is supplemented by different cover versions, e.g. of the bands mentioned above, making every single live show a hard rocking experience and a unique sweaty party for band and audience that nobody forgets so quickly who ever experiences it could...!!
The band has so far successfully demonstrated its undisputed qualities as a live act in over 60 performances, including at the Fehmarn Festival 2008 or as headliner at the International Edersee Meeting 2009 in front of over 25,000 spectators. A performance by the audience and the organizers was so enthusiastic and impressive that Machine immediately booked again as a top act for 2010! In 2015, Machine will again be at the Edersee Meeting!
This year, just in time for the 10th stage anniversary, the long-awaited album "Too Hot For The Devil" will be released.

Saturday, April 30, 2016 20:30

Robert Griess

Cabaret: Up-to-date, crazy & funky

The Cologne comedian Robert Griess offers "great political cabaret, cheeky, apt, ruthless" (Rheinische Post).
The new program deals, among other things, with the world domination of businesspeople, the house of Europe as a flat share or community of owners, the Waldorf mother's fear of the bratwurst, the 5-star luxury resort as a refugee camp for tax evaders - and many other questions ("To have lunch or to be lunch? ") and answers (" You can't make a pork out of a gyros "). A program full of surprising scenes, rapid dialogues and pointed highlights that will resonate for a long time.

The FAZ sums it up: "At Griess you are guaranteed to be served different food than on TV."

An event of the DGB district association Hildesheim

Friday, April 29, 2016 21:00

Mitch Kashmar's Boogie Kings

Blues harp in a class of its own

Mitch Kashmar is one of the top 10 when it comes to blues harmonica and was born in 1960 in Santa Barbara / California. Formerly on tour with his renowned blues band "the Pontiax", today he is a guest under his own name at countless festivals around the world as a fantastic singer and gifted blues harp player.

In 1999 he released his solo debut "Crazy Mixed-Up World", which, although he was "a docile student of his mentors", was much more an original songwriter, solid singer and one of the really exciting representatives of the genre "accordion player" " shows. Today he has the internationally recognized label "Delta groove" under contract in the USA.

Mitch Kashmar (voc, harp), Jan Hirte (voc, g, harp), Nils van der Leyen (p), Andreas Bock (dr)

Friday, April 22, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Candye Kane

Dear guests,
Candye Kane is unfortunately ill and cannot go on the European tour.
So the concert is unfortunately canceled.
We ask for your understanding.


Friday, April 15, 2016 21:00

Florian Hoefner Group

After his two CD releases with his Florian Hoefner Group, the New York-based pianist Florian Hoefner has finally established himself as an innovative force in the field of modern jazz.

The group, which consists of an American, an Australian and an Austrian, has earned a reputation as an extremely well-rehearsed and energetic live band after more than 50 live concerts. The countless concert engagements in North America and Europe also speak for this.

Roland Spiegel from Bayerischer Rundfunk thinks the debut album "Songs Without Words" is "great" and dedicates an entire program to it. "Impressive", adds Guenter Hottmann from Hessischer Rundfunk and even puts the band in line with Mark Turner’s "Fly Trio".

In the US, All About Jazz writes: "An absolutely catchy album that is a joy to hear".

"Music that combines rhythmic sophistication with lyrical flow."
Sarah Seidel, North German Broadcasting

Cast: Matt Marantz (sax), Florian Hoefner (p), Sam Anning (b), Peter Kronreif (dr)

Friday, April 08, 2016 21:00

The Henry Girls

Irish Folk meets Americana

Karen (fiddle vocals), Lorna (vocals, accordion) and Joleen McLaughlin (harp, piano, vocals) have always been known as "The Henry Girls" in their homeland of Malin, a picturesque town on the Inish Eoghain peninsula in North Donegal .

Nobody really knows why, but somehow the unusual name stuck to the three sisters. The young girls were given lessons at an early age and at home singing with several voices was the order of the day, today it is their trademark.

Karen and Lorna took their first steps into professional life in Australia while the younger Jolene learned to play the harp at home. In addition to the traditional sounds of their home region, they heard the modern variants of Irish folk and pop early on (such as the legendary Clannad, also from Donegal), but also turned west, towards America. Soon the girls were among those who linked American folk and bluegrass styles more strongly with their Celtic roots through the musical "Transatlantic Connection".

They are now considered one of Ireland's pioneering new folk groups with a personal style. In addition to worldwide concerts, countless TV and radio shows, they teach, work with stars such as Donal Lunny, Mary Black and Moya Brennan and write complete soundtracks for films and theater. In 2012 they came to Germany for the first time as part of the Irish Spring Festival tour and quickly became popular with the public.

For their third tour of their own in Germany, they are preparing a sound journey that will lead from the stormy and rough northernmost cliffs of Ireland to glittering New York at night and blues-soaked Memphis to the Celtic emigrants and their wistful sounds in the mountainous southeastern USA.

"The Henry Girls are spectacular ... the best Donegal vocal harmonies since Clannad!" (BBC)

Saturday, April 02, 2016 21:00

Brazzo Brazzone & The World Brass Ensemble

The brass band was founded in spring 2012 by Daniel Zeinoun.

The studied jazz musician was active in various jazz, funk and salsa ensembles as well as on tour with bands such as "Wir Sind Helden".
According to the legend, his Italian great-grandfather Brazzo Brazzone appeared to him in a dream - until then completely unknown to him - and commissioned him to re-establish the fabulous World Brass Ensemble.
In 2013 the debut CD "Best of Brazzo 1922-2013" was recorded and numerous concerts were played.
After these sensational successes, pronto was topped up so that the Brazzone family can now present their second record entitled "Less Conversation - more Action"!

With polished brass sections and rhythmic sophistication, the band manages the feat of dissecting many well-known pieces and working out their rhythmic peculiarities.
Lots of fans, sharp tones - that's music entertainment today!
At the last Jazztime Open Air, this combo thrilled the packed theater forecourt to the utmost!

Saturday, March 26, 2016 8:30 pm

Chasing Wheels

The spring oldie show in the 31st year

One of the oldest formations of the Hildesheimer Börde will once again welcome the spring in the Bischofsmühle traditionally with a journey through the history of rock that is worth listening to!

World-famous catchy tunes are always presented close to the original with their own creativity. Stones, Dire Straits and many other greats of rock would have their joy! Songs for all moods and all ages will once again make this gig a very special evening.

The line-up of the band found today, from Berndt Albrecht / drums, to Bernward Krawinkel / keyboard and vocals, Rolf Vatteroth / bass and vocals, Norbert Schönsee / lead guitar to Paul Gibbins / vocals and guitar, creates a sound volume for even without a large orchestra every taste.

The inexhaustible repertoire of the Chasing Wheels of oldies and well-known hits makes every concert an experience that will be remembered for a long time. Equipped with numerous instruments and the best technology, they guarantee a pure party mood.

Saturday, March 19, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Blue Train Sextet

The "Blue Train Sextet" is the result of a previous collaboration with the legendary Curtis Fuller, who was the trombonist on John Coltrane’s world-famous album "Blue Train".

With guest Steve Davis, whose mentor is Fuller to this day, and who played for Art Blakeys Jazz Messengers from 1989 to 1991, this sextet merges pieces from "Blue Train" and other "swinging · grooving" compositions.
The list of those the band members were on stage with reads like the "who's who" of jazz history and ranges from Ray Charles, Lionel Hampton, Jackie McLean, Chick Corea to Horace Silver, Freddie Hubbard and Benny Golson.

Jim Rotondi USA (tp), Ralph Reichert D (ts), Steve Davis- USA (tb), Oliver Kent A (p), Milan Nikolic A (p), Joris Dudli A (dr)

Thursday, March 17, 2016 8:30 pm

Paul Lamb & Chad Strentz

Soulful blues

Paul Lamb, the bandleader of Paul Lamb & the King Snakes, "Great Britain’s Best Blues Band", comes as a duo to a top-class blues concert in Hildesheim.

Paul Lamb is rightly considered one of the 10 best harmonica players in the world and he has received a lot of prizes and awards, most recently the British Blues Award 2013 and 2014 as "Best Harmonica Player". He was inducted into the British Blues Awards Hall of Fame, next to Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Peter Green and Alexis Corner!

Duo partner Chad Strentz is a fantastic singer and guitarist, perfect for blues & soul. He joined the King Snakes in 1991 and was a member until 1999. He then took a break and played with various other musicians, including the Big Town Playboys, before Paul brought him back into his band in 2003!

Thursday, March 10, 2016 8:00 p.m.

Irish Spring

Festival Of Irish Folk Music

Since its premiere in 2001, the Irish Spring Festival has long since developed from an insider tip to the most important annual Celtic spring folk festival on tour. For many music fans today it belongs to spring like the first warm rays of sunshine and awakening nature.

In addition to singing, the focus in 2016 is on instruments such as the violin (fiddle), button accordion, concertina, banjo, guitar and wooden and tin flute. All three music groups can be experienced in this way for the first time in Germany and have their current CDs in their luggage.

Tradition is once again very popular with young artists of the genre: "Fiddle-Concertina-Step Dance" is how Caitlin & Ciaran describe their style - pure power of melody, diluted and smoothed by no additions. The essence and magic of instrumental Irish folk in its original form, enlivened by a magical duo. Their first CD was "Best Irish Traditional Album 2012" for the Wall Street Journal.

As a special musical treat, an All Star Quartet, specially put together for the Irish Spring Festival, will perform with Blás: Stephen Doherty, the grandiose accordion and flute player, with Anne Brennan (vocals), David Doocey (fiddle), and Shane McGowan (guitar), first-class Musicians who know each other from various top bands.

A surprise and proof of the ever exciting development of folk music is the discovery of a special band from Edinburgh, Dallahan! The band plays "Irish Music from Scotland" as they say themselves.
Dallahan has only existed since 2013 and is already considered a top act in the scene, the list of awards for the band members is almost endless.
Tradition has the big festival finale, which brings all artists back on stage to celebrate the magic, but also the intoxication of a wild folk evening in a joint session.

Friday, March 04, 2016 21:00

Ed Kroeger quintet

One of the German jazz legends

Ed Kröger has been on the stage, big and small, in the jazz world for over fifty years. He is one of the most distinctive figures in European jazz and, along with Albert Mangesldorff, who died in 2005, is one of the most important jazz trombonists in Germany.
If Mangelsdorff broke new ground on his instrument and explored its limits, Ed Kröger developed his style, which can be ascribed to bop, neobop and hardbop, inexorably towards elegance and independence.

The band plays acoustic modern jazz based on the rhythm and harmony of hard bop, which means swinging melodic jazz.
Compositions by Ed Kröger and Ignaz Dinne as well as selected standards from the Great American Songbook form the quintet's repertoire.

"Ed Kröger is one of the most interesting trombonists on the German jazz scene."
Martin Kunzler, rororo Jazz Lexicon

Ed Kröger (tb), Ignaz Dinne (sax), Vincent Bourgeyx (p), Tom Berkmann (b), Rick Hollander (dr)

Friday, February 26, 2016 9:00 p.m.

The Bluesanovas

Blues that you just have to hear!

Blues is something wild, something fresh for the 5 bluesanovas. Sounds that go to the core, a groove where nobody stays silent. With awe and respect, the young band walks on the path of their great role models, but is audibly not afraid to go their own way. They learned their craft at the renowned blues jams in Münster and Osnabrück. There they were supported by greats such as Christian Rannenberg, Kai Strauss, Christian Bleiming (played with Chuck Berry, among others) and the American Memo Gonzalez.

A large part of the band gained stage experience in the band of "Blues-Papa" Tom Vieth. The Bluesanovas is now the common will to present the blues in 2015 timeless, but still up-to-date.
Classic Chicago blues, fiery Texas blues, swing-heavy jump and west coast blues, the repertoire is varied, full of surprises and rough edges. The instrumentation is very variable. In addition to guitar (Filipe de la Torre), bass (Lars Bitting / Nico Dreier), piano (Nico Dreier) and drums (Philipp Dreier), there is a brass section consisting of saxophone (Lars Bitting) and trumpet (Philip "Ralf" Heermann) as well to hear the blues harp in various forms (Philip "Ralf" Heermann). Blues that you have to hear!

Friday, February 19, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Jimmy Reiter band

The born bluesman

The guitarist, singer and songwriter Jimmy Reiter released his solo debut "High Priest Of Nothing" in 2011, after having been guitarist for US singer and harp player Doug Jay for over ten years and many other well-known international artists on their European tours had accompanied.

The fact that the time was ripe for Reiter to take on the position of front man and to go to the recording studio with repertoire of his own pen was shown by the fact that the record was immediately awarded the German Record Critics' Prize and celebrated by fans and press alike has been.

"This guy is definitely one of the best young guitarists in the European blues scene", writes the British magazine "Blues & Rhythm" about the Osnabrück musician, and people seem to agree in this country too · Comments like "top-class guitar art" and "masterful string work "can be found more often in the local press.

In October 2013, Jimmy Reiter excited the Hildesheim blues community at the official warm-up for the Blues Shacks Festival!

In autumn 2015 his second disc was released with the title "Told You So", on which the incomparable Sax Gordon recorded four tracks on the saxophone.

Jimmy Reiter (g, voc), Moritz Fuhrhop (org, keyb), Jasper Mortier (b, voc), Björn Puls (dr, voc)

Saturday, February 13, 2016 9:00 p.m.

Vincent Herring - Eric Alexander Quintet - USA

In the Spirit of Coltrane & Cannonball Adderley

With a tribute to the late old masters, John Coltrane and "Cannonball" Adderley, the Bischofsmühle presents big names and fantastic jazz music.

Again and again this extraordinary constellation was on their first highly successful European tour
in November 2012 (also in the Bischofsmühle) rewarded by the audience with "standing ovations". For the almost one-month tour in February 2016, one can expect with excitement how the "Young Titan" Victor Gould will meet the band for the first time at the piano.

The formation also includes the 54-year-old alto saxophonist Vincent Herring, who has already made jazz history. In order to earn his private lessons with the great Phil Woods, he worked as a street musician in New York at a young age. From 1985 to 1992 he played in the famous bands of Lionel Hampton, David Murray, Horace Silver and Art Blakey. He became really known in 1993 as a member of the band of Nat Adderley, the brother of "Cannonball".
As one of the most sought-after alto saxophonists, he currently plays in the Louis Hayes and Kenny Barron Quintet, Cedar Walton Quartet and can be heard repeatedly in various "All Star" formations such as "Kind Of Blue" with Jimmy Cobb.

The 53-year-old tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander lives in New York and in 1991, after studying classical jazz at the University of Indiana, took second place behind Joshua Redman in the Thelonious Monk saxophone competition. In 2004 he signed an exclusive contract with the renowned record label High Note Records.

Born in 1973 in Krusevac, Serbia, bassist Milan Nikolic began playing the electric bass at the age of 17. He found his "roots" in "Rhythm & Blues". In 1993 he moved to Beograd and established himself in the local scene. Three years later he switched to the double bass and completed his master's degree at the Graz University of Art in 2003. Since then he has worked with Fritz Pauer, Don Menza, Renato Chicco, Seamus Blake, Billy Harper, Johnathan Blake and Dusko Gojkovic.

The drummer Joris Dudli was able to distinguish himself musically, especially during his almost 10 year stay in New York. Before that, he was already established in recent years with the Vienna Art Orchestra and the Art Farmer Quintet. Countless concerts with international musicians such as Benny Golson, Chico Freeman, Johnny Griffin, Joe Henderson and the Joe Zawinul Syndicate followed.
A MUST, not just for old-school jazz fans!

Friday, February 12, 2016 9:00 p.m.

New Göttingen Group

Joke, satire, and skewed meaning

Sharp satires, bizarre stories and curious poems are the trademarks of the three Göttingen authors Klaus Pawlowski, Reinhard Umbach and Peter Köhler.

Whether it's about the horrors of cold progression or the civil partnership with a cat, about "dead red, green pussies and black stuff" in politics or in everyday life about the deep secrets of women's handbags.
The three rhyming artists and word acrobats get it to the funny point "promptly and sustainably". They do not stop at big names: When Peter Köhler mocked the Polish head of state Lech Kaczynski as "Poland's new potato" in 2006, he caused diplomatic entanglements at the highest level.
The three satirists write regularly for Die Truth, the satirical page of the Berlin daily newspaper, and therefore also operate as Die Drei von der taz-Stelle.

Saturday, January 30, 2016 21:00

The Battlefield Band

The very best of Scottish Folk

The Battlefield Band is a folk band from Scotland. It was founded in Glasgow in the 1970s. The name refers to the area of ​​Battlefield in Glasgow, from which the founding members of the band came.

The formation was one of the pioneers who kicked off the folk revival. Since then, the band has been traveling tirelessly around the globe with their motto "Forward with Scotland’s Past".
Fascinating that the band is still in the front row today to make Scottish tradition sound fresh and contemporary. The interpreters of traditional songs blossomed into singer / songwriters who target Scottish history and everyday life in an exciting, critical and astonishing way. The arrangers of old instruments became composers whose melodies have now become part of the Scottish tradition.
In addition, the group combines traditional Scottish music with their songs and instrumentals with newer styles. The instrumentation is reflected in it: from traditional instruments such as bagpipes, violin, concertina to synthesizers.