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The perfect pitch deck: structure, inspiration and examples

How to Develop a Perfect Pitch Deck


The optimal film structure for a pitch deck has meanwhile developed largely uniformly. Overall, you should between 10 and max. 15 slides create. But the exact scope can be argued about, because there is (unfortunately) no generally valid recipe.


There is agreement that the presentation must answer all the important questions. And as short and crisp as possible. Under no circumstances should the presentation last longer than 20 minutes! Keep It Short & Simple - This rule applies not only to the presentation but also to its slides.


What you present here in detail depends on your target group, but each slide has its own topic. And here, too, the motto applies: short & concise! Text-heavy does not belong here. Wherever possible you should use pictures, graphics or illustrations - they say more than words anyway.


And if you do not fall below a minimum size of 30 points for your text, there is also no risk of getting bogged down narrative. You should always keep one thing in mind: Whatever your target group, your pitch deck is usually not the only one - it is advisable to be exceptional.


So stay exciting and don't be afraid to try something spectacular. Put yourself in the shoes of an investor who has five or ten pitch decks left and keep asking yourself: is this engaging enough to watch the end? Don't forget: the pitch deck is the trailer for your business idea. And if you like the trailer, you will probably also be there with the business.


Which data you present in detail depends in part on the target audience. Technicians will hardly value commercial key figures, and investors are (mostly) only moderately interested in technological details. That's one of the great advantages of the pitch deck: building on the slides that belong in every deck, you can tailor it for every conceivable target group. Where we would be when setting up a pitch deck ...



The construction of a pitch deck - that has to be included


We will briefly introduce you to the subject areas and elements of the slides that you absolutely need. Their order is only partially fixed and can vary. It is also possible that individual elements can be left out, depending on the occasion of the presentation and the target group.



Slide 1: Title slide / introduction

In the introduction to your pitch deck, you introduce your startup and the reason for the presentation in a few words. Be as spartan as possible. The name of your startup and the company logo can be sufficient.