Are humans made up creatures

Violence against human-like beings

Since the criminal law reform in 2004, the prohibition of criminal law in Section 131 of the Criminal Code (StGB) has not only included depictions of acts of violence against people but also against "human-like beings". If the wording of the regulation is taken seriously, so-called "horror splatter films", which show cruel and inhuman violence against zombies, vampires, etc., must be strictly prohibited under penalty of the prohibition. However, current law enforcement and seizure practice in Germany is very cautious and the scope of the extended ban is ultimately unclear. Legal literature also points out that it is not easy to determine the limit from when a representation is so imaginative that it is not a "human-like" being, but an invented creature, an "alien" et cetera. In addition, the constituent element "in a way that violates human dignity" in combination with "human-like beings" raises hardly any rationally solvable questions of interpretation (when are representations against non-human beings that nonetheless violate human dignity? or even on the recipient?). It is therefore demanded that the concept of "human-like beings" be interpreted narrowly and only to be applied to figures whose physical appearance makes them confusingly similar to a human being. In this respect, however, the discussion is by no means closed. Designed figures that show human traits in their behavior and abilities, but are recognizable, for example, as animal figures or "extraterrestrial aliens", are clearly not covered by ยง 131 StGB, even under the new law.