Who thought of the coin system?

Has the handicapped been considered when producing cash?

Disability associations made a significant contribution to shaping the money

The color scheme of the euro banknotes is striking. The choice of colors, which is often criticized as "too colorful", primarily serves consumer protection. Experience shows that similar colors in different banknotes mean a risk of confusion.

In addition to the color scheme, the value of a note is also recognizable by its size. The following applies: the higher the value, the larger the banknote. The seven notes can be easily distinguished in clear gradations from 12 x 6.2 cm for the small five to the 16 x 8.2 cm five hundred. The value is printed in large bold digits on all notes.

In addition, tactile signs enable the visually impaired to determine the value of the notes. Through intaglio printing it is achieved that some elements of the banknotes appear as relief. The tactile characters are placed in one corner of the banknotes. Other tactile characters can be found on the edge of the banknotes for 200 euros and 500 euros.

Likewise, when designing the new coins, care was taken to ensure that there were significant differentiation options. The coins differ in size, weight, material, color and thickness. Innovative features were introduced to make it easier for blind and visually impaired people in particular to recognize the various denominations. So all coins have a different knurling. The twenty cents coin is particularly striking. It has the shape of a "Spanish flower" with seven notches on the edge.

The value of the coins is stamped in large, clear digits. The number can be found on the front of the coins, which is designed in a uniform European manner. The coins can also be distinguished from one another by their color design. The 1, 2 and 5 cent coins are red in color. The 10, 20 and 50 cent coins are yellow. The two-tone design of the 1-euro and 2-euro coin in yellow and white is particularly striking.

By the way: People with unrestricted eyesight also benefit from the differentiation aids for the visually impaired.