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ÖAMTC survey: This is how the corona crisis changed our travel behavior

How differently Austrians vacation in 2020 and an outlook for the year 2021 offers the latest travel survey of the mobility club.

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With its latest travel survey, the mobility club wanted to find out what effects the coronavirus pandemic will have on the holiday behavior of Austrians for the summer and the rest of 2020. A key result: one in four had to change their planned or already booked vacation for the summer due to Corona. For example, almost every second family with children has moved a vacation planned abroad to Germany. For people living alone, however, vacation planning changed significantly more frequently because the flight or trip was canceled due to the pandemic. But in spite of everything: The Austrians' desire to travel is unbroken. Almost three quarters of those surveyed do not want to miss the best time of the year and are planning a summer vacation. At 53 percent, a little more than half of the travelers would like to spend their summer vacation in Austria this year; preferably in Carinthia, Styria or Salzburg. Austrians are also drawn to other EU countries in the summer, namely around a third of those surveyed. Croatia is the clear leader, followed by Italy and Germany.

Whether on holiday at home or abroad, most people don't want to do without going for a swim in summer - holidays by the sea or at the lake are very popular. But holidays in the mountains and visiting family and friends are also on the program this year. The mode of transport of choice is mainly the private car with 73 percent - this year only 12 percent travel by plane on their summer vacation. This year, travelers can apparently easily reach their destination by car and are therefore more flexible. With regard to the vacation budget, an average of around 829 euros per person is planned - and the trend is increasing with age. Those who are not planning a summer vacation this year justified this with the uncertainty due to the Corona crisis and the plan to save their money for better times.

Maria Renner, ÖAMTC Touristik

More inland, more self-sufficient, more like autumn

Travel behavior

Half of Austrians seem to be optimistic about the 2nd half of 2020 in terms of travel technology: When asked whether they will change their previous travel behavior for this year's trips due to the Corona crisis, 51 percent of those surveyed said they did not want to change anything. More than a quarter (28 percent), however, would very much like to adapt to the circumstances - in concrete terms: taking more holidays in Austria, not visiting highly frequented places such as sights or choosing accommodation with self-catering. Autumn as the preferred travel period is also a reaction to the Corona crisis, especially among those over 60. Few of those surveyed do not want to travel again until they have been vaccinated against the virus.

Travel plans for 2021

The future travel behavior regarding the plans for the travel year 2021 will normalize again for 35 percent of Austrians, i.e. the trips will also be planned as before. However, 25 percent of those surveyed also say that flexibility is now more important to them and that they would like to travel more spontaneously next year without planning long in advance. And almost one in ten Austrians (eleven percent) would only like to go on vacation in Austria in 2021 - this project is particularly pronounced among those over 60. A few of the respondents (five percent) want to forego travel altogether in 2021 as well.

About the survey: The online survey was carried out on behalf of the ÖAMTC by the market and opinion research institute Bilendi between June 5 and 15, 2020 among 1,175 Austrians. The results are representative for the Austrian population aged 16 and over.

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