Is kosher food blessed

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Bake Kosher
In Cologne there is a very special bakery that we visited for you - because they bake “kosher” there. But what does that mean exactly? Kosher foods are “pure” or “suitable” foods and dishes in the Jewish tradition. There are therefore certain guidelines and rules for the use and preparation of kosher food. And of course that also applies to baking! For example, the oven in the Zimmermann bakery is ritually cleaned at regular intervals by the rabbi who looks after the Jewish community in Cologne. This means that the oven is kosher and can therefore be used to bake kosher baked goods.
Separation of milk and meat
For bakers, kosher baking also means that milk and meat products must be strictly separated in the bakery. Because in the Torah, part of the Hebrew Bible, there is a sentence in three places that is translated as follows: “You should not prepare the goat in its mother's milk.” Milk is therefore not used in baking, as baked goods are often too Meat dishes are eaten. Certain additives are also not allowed in kosher baking. Almost every day, compliance with these rules in the Zimmermann bakery is checked by a representative of the rabbi!
Challah bread for Shabbat
A very special bread is baked in the Zimmermann bakery on Friday: the challa. The challah is a braided yeast bread that is sprinkled with either sesame seeds or poppy seeds. A Jewish community member comes to the bakery on Friday and lights the oven, as Jewish tradition dictates.
Many customers from the Jewish community in Cologne then come to the bakery on Fridays and buy two challah breads. Because these breads are needed in the evening for the festive Shabbat meal. There they are placed on the table covered with a doily and eaten later.

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