Is our vision an illusion

Bringing Together - Vision or Illusion?

How often have I asked myself in my professional practice why there are so often arguments in the construction industry, why we keep clearing landscapes, compact cities more and more, wrap houses in foil and thick insulation, use building materials that outgas pollutants, ... we Ultimately, we build an environment that is detrimental to our health and contradicts our innate needs. I asked myself why architecture and construction do not take into account what people really need - to live, even to survive?

Are we so far removed from our inner being that we no longer even know our natural needs? Are we so fixated on money, power and growth that we don't even notice that the most essential thing - relationships - has become unimportant to us? Why is it so difficult for us to stop the destruction of nature, wars, exploitation and everyday quarrels? I am convinced that nobody wants that, on the contrary, we all suffer from it. So is it an illusion to believe that there can be a happy, peaceful coexistence of all in an intact nature?

No! We all know intuitively that we cannot live alone, that we belong together, that we are all one! We are just not aware of our universal connection! We have learned to be a being endowed with intelligence, standing above nature, outwardly demarcated, physical, born by chance and dying again and cannot do anything with soul and spirit. But is there no love, no pain, no despair just because we cannot measure and count them? The denial of our feeling inner nature and thus our belonging to everything that surrounds us and the refusal to recognize our spirit make it difficult for us to recognize the consequences of our thoughts and actions and to stop the destruction of nature.

If we live knowing that we are connected to everything, our world changes. The times of global disputes, isolation and egocentric going it alone are a thing of the past. We can satisfy our longing as an expression of all innate, unfulfilled needs for peace, harmony, happiness and love without harming others or nature.

But how do we achieve the awareness in everyday life that we need in order to live in peace and a harmonious, loving togetherness? Just change the previous view of the world, which has turned out to be unsuitable for survival? From mechanistic-biochemical human beings to all-connected, feeling, spiritual-spiritual, self-conscious beings? It sounds so simple. But it is a challenge for every individual and a prerequisite for a happy life. Where do we start with the world change?

bring-together! Let's bring together what has never been separated: heart and mind, body, mind and soul. Then the external relationships will also succeed again, between people and nature, between people with one another. Let us reflect on our inner connection, learn to feel our body again, listen to our inner doctor and take responsibility for our own well-being by no longer allowing ourselves to be directed by our inner weaker self, our ego. The ego expanded within us as a substitute when we were told in infancy that emotions are only a hindrance to successful progress in life. Now we no longer feel when a room is harming us, when we are harming nature, when we eat something contaminated with pesticides, or when we say or do something that we regret in retrospect.

If we change, if we learn to listen to ourselves again, the world changes. A peaceful change becomes possible, the unimaginable, the vision of a happy world in an intact nature becomes conceivable and will be realized - through each individual. The way there may begin individually, it will lead everyone into a community that they themselves help to create.