External motivation is an illusion

Here they are: The secrets of success of effective motivation

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Avoid watering can motivation programs and do not indulge in the illusion that reward and incentive systems are effective in the long term. And above all: Motivate the right employees individually and in a targeted manner!

Motivation lives from recognition, material incentives can be effective, work-life balance can motivate and more are well-known opinions on motivation. We do not want to bore you in this post and ruminate on familiar things, as is often done. Rather, some, including provocative theses, and lesser-known perspectives should be in the foreground and encourage you to look at the important topic of motivation from other angles and to rethink your previous understanding of motivation.

Motivation work starts with recruiting

Successful motivation practice starts with the recruitment process - you can recognize those candidates who cannot be motivated here. It is about concentrating on personalities who show commitment and ambition, have a positive attitude and have a strong sense of achievement. With specific questions, the motivation of employees can be determined very well. Of particularly great and crucial importance is the testing of the ability to motivate employees management and here again - the human image of candidates for management positions!

Explore the individual motivation profiles

Just as every person has different fingerprints, they also have their own unmistakable motivational profile, which follows their personality, their professional goals and their basic values. This can be security, career, striving for success, team membership, prospects and more. Employee support interviews, performance feedback, target agreements and more reveal motivation profiles. Only executives with a fine touch and who know people well are able to act according to individual motivation profiles and promote employees. It is particularly wise to rely on talents and strengths, as these lead to top performance - these are always the best motivation - for the employees themselves and their company.

In the case of executives, the image of man has to be right

The main motivators are managers - and motivating leadership cannot be ordered - it arises from a positive and respectful image of human beings. Be aware of the limits to the learnability of motivational leadership. The most important factors such as the image of human beings, the positive attitude, holistic social skills, communication skills or the gift of enthusiastically “sparking the spark” cannot be learned or can only be learned to a limited extent.

Focus the perspective viewfinder

These employees strive for self-fulfillment, they are interested in further development, often above average intelligent and need a variety of challenges. Their basic values ​​are very often value creation, goal orientation, further development and creativity. Diverse challenges, personal responsibility and freedom are important. Seekers of perspective are loyal and willing employees. Career planning, career discussions, development goals and potential analyzes are of great importance here.

Rely on performers and those hungry for success

The performer is the ambitious and disciplined employee with a high level of motivation and pronounced ambitions. This also leads to the fact that his self-motivation is strong and the manager “only” has to be careful to offer him corresponding challenges. Clearly and unambiguously measurable goals and tasks, continuous feedback on success and varied challenges are particularly motivating.

Only intrinsic motivation is sustainable

Here the driving motor of the human comes out from within, it is the self-motivation. Over 80% of HR managers now attach the greatest importance to this motivation. The action that arises from this motivation is for personal satisfaction. Factors such as having fun and being interested in something and performing on one's own initiative based on talents and strengths are in the foreground of intrinsic motivation.

Forget material incentives

These motivate the wrong people with the wrong effects. Attachment to tasks and goals is replaced by attachment to money. The effect of material incentives fizzles out quickly and is never sustainable. Those who are more interested in bonuses than services are seldom loyal and don't have their company and their customers in their sights, but their bank account. Added to this are the long-term consequences: permanent increase in stimulus levels, dissatisfaction as a result of indulgence when bonuses are missing and an increasing addiction to reward. Reinhard K. Sprenger is right: you can't buy motivation.

Who motivates, invests

Who motivates, invests. You can expect a return on investment. It is therefore important to motivate the right employees, namely those who value their job, who want perspectives and meaning and who have a strong will to perform. The really valuable employees give back what they get from their “motivational investment” - mostly in the form of top performance and loyalty to the company. And: Employees must also make their own contribution to motivation.

Meaning of work

People who have the feeling that their job makes sense, that the company needs and recognizes their performance and who feel and experience every day that they are needed, work much more motivated than people who do not feel that way. Make sure that the purpose and meaning of the work are transparent and also communicated. Gertrud Höhler sums it up in her book “Die Sinn-Macher”: “Companies have to create an environment for employees in which it becomes clear to them: Here I am not just for the company. Here I am also for myself ”.



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