How long will Samsung support the S7

Samsung is discontinuing software support for the Galaxy S7

Especially in times when Samsung is charging at least 1,349 euros for flagships like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, more and more users are asking themselves whether a smartphone that is only provided with software updates for two years is actually worth that much money. At least in this area Apple can score, because even the iPhone 6S from 2015 still runs with the latest iOS version, the iPhone 11 Pro (from 1,064 euros on Amazon) could therefore be supplied with the latest software until 2024.

But even if Samsung only provides its flagships with major software updates for two years, some of the devices receive security updates for four years, as the Galaxy S7 proves. The smartphone recently received the Android security update dated December 2019, but that should be the end of software support - Samsung has now removed the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge from the list of devices that are regularly updated .

If you still use a Samsung Galaxy S7, you should slowly think about an upgrade so as not to endanger the security of the data on your smartphone. After all, Samsung provides a good example in comparison to other smartphone manufacturers, some of whom have provided their devices with new software for barely two years. A good time to read our in-depth reviews of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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