What is a cash certificate

Where and how is maternity capital registered? The procedure for registering maternity capital in simple language

Fortunately, parents whose second child was recently born or adopted are eligible for state cash benefits, but not all of them know how to build maternity capital in the shortest possible time. We remind you that a very special program has been created in Russia to help families with children. The core of this program is maternity capital. Since it wasn't that long ago, not everyone knows how to properly arrange it.

What do you need to know before registering maternity capital?

The law on so-called maternity capital came into force in January 2007. This program will run until 2016. In this regard, if you are going to give birth to a child, get the support of the state and the region, then hurry up since 2013. The initial amount of the capital was about 250 thousand rubles, im Over time, the direction of the increase has changed. Currently, the maternity capital is already 312 thousand rubles. This capital may be available to the woman who gave birth to her second or third child in January 2007. In the first case, this rule does not apply.

Unfortunately, this benefit can only be granted once, regardless of whether you have another child, as the state only grants this support once. The one who signed the contract and received a certificate for it. Maternity Capital is a registered document that is non-transferable. This certificate expires in the event of the owner's death. If you've lost or stolen a document, it should be recovered or given a duplicate where you filled out the original document.

Persons who are authorized to issue a certificate

According to Government Decree No. 873 of 2006, child benefit can be granted:

  1. a woman who has given birth or adopted a second child since 2007;
  2. a woman who has adopted or given birth to a third and another child since 2007. In this case, to-tal should not have been issued.
  3. a man who is the only adoptive parent of the second and subsequent child who has not previously worked.
  4. father or adoptive parents, not a Russian citizen. A cap is issued when his wife dies, dies, or loses parental rights.

If a woman intentionally commits crimes against a person or refuses to adopt a child for whom a hat is issued, she must repay the full amount.

A child who is not of legal age or an adult who is studying full-time at a university or a lyceum can apply for enrollment if their parents have not applied for this certificate beforehand or if problems have arisen. which did not allow the state to sign the document.

If the child does not have a mother and, for reasons known to her, did not apply for this material benefit earlier, the father of this child or the child themselves can take advantage of this opportunity and receive financial support. However, if both parents are deprived of parental rights, then in this case the child does not have the right to become the owner of state funds.

Maternity Capital Certificate

The law of the Russian Federation does not prescribe specific time, while this law needs to be worked out. If you gave birth after January 2007, you will need to submit documents for mat registration. Cap la. Funds can be received before the child is 23 years old.

In order to be issued with a certificate of cash benefits, you must present all the necessary documents to the Pension Fund. Once they have been put together, a committee will meet to decide whether to sign a capital agreement. Contact Pension Fund stay at your place of residence, place of residence. Documents required after submission and requests for their examination are sent to the Commission. She will not consider them for more than a month. A request for financial assistance must be made directly by the person who will receive it.

List of documents for issuing a certificate

To sign a certificate of cash benefits, you need to collect a lot of documents for transfer to the pension fund. Most of the necessary documents must be at home because you can pick them up without hesitation, but anything can happen.

List of documents that are required to be submitted to the Pension Fund for registration cap la:

  • the passport of the citizen, who collects the necessary documents and fills out the allowance on his behalf, as well as two copies of the copy of the passport containing personal data, information about registration and children when entering;
  • all certificates about the birth of children as well as their two photocopies;
  • personal birth certificate, two photocopies;
  • marriage certificate of the person collecting documents and two photocopies;
  • pension insurance cards of a person who collects documents and their children. Two photocopies.

If it happened that your marriage is not the first, then you will need additional documents for the registration of the certificate: divorce or marriage certificate, its photocopy, as well as a certificate from the registry office of f-28.

Most often, mothers create such documents, but there are exceptions when fathers or even children do these things. In this case, a death certificate from legal guardians or parents is also required.

So the design is mother capital - not that difficult. If you have the above documents with you, you can contact the pension fund, where you can apply for the registration of the family or parental capital. Many can find the application online, print it out at home, bring the already completed form along with other documents to the pension fund and draw up the allowance.

Note that there is a regional mother-child relationship in addition to the federal government. The regions are trying to provide additional support to families with children at his expense. The amount of these benefits varies within one hundred thousand rubles. This capital can be spent on a car (but not on loans), land, or treatment for a child. In some regions, land can be given when a second child is born. Get maternity capitalThe information provided by the regions may be similar to that in the main manual.

In Russia there is a special form of support for families with children, Matkapital. This government program appeared in 2007. According to them, families with two or more children with Russian citizenship will receive additional measures. social care. However, there is one important requirement to participate in the program. It is only available to those who have not used it before.

The program is very popular. Although there are some restrictions on how the amount provided under the program can be used, the program still offers great opportunities for families. Everyone should know that a maternity benefit cash certificate can be issued on a down payment on a mortgage, tuition for a child, and so on.

The main law regulating the Maternity Capital Scheme is Federal Law No. 256, which was passed on December 29, 2006. There is a clear time frame for the stated social support. So Support is only granted to families who have a second baby between 01/01/2007 and 12/31/2008.

Initially, the legislature adopted the document with the expectation that it would only be valid for 10 years. However, the period of validity was later extended. Therefore, the program can either be closed or extended in the future. One can, however, hope (judging by the experiences of the last few years) that it will lag behind. Perhaps the conditions for social support will change a little in the future.

The level of fees included in the program depended on many factors. Initially, it amounted to 250,000 rubles. However, growth stopped in 2015. Now the size of the payments is 453,026 rubles. No information is yet available on whether the amount allocated under the program will increase.

Who can get

In order to be able to register the maternity capital, a citizen must meet several criteria set out in legislative acts. So that such a social one. Help went to the woman, she needed the citizenship of the Russian Federation. She must also have a second or subsequent child since 2007. Men can participate in the program. The conditions for them are similar to those for women.

The program is also available to underage citizens as well as full-time students up to the age of 23. For this, the right to social support must be withdrawn from both the legal guardian and the parents.

How to Build Maternity Capital

Maternity lump-sum registration requires special care from the parent or guardian, as the whole process will have to be restarted if the paper is filled out incorrectly. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the list of required documents in advance. In the event that all the papers are prepared in advance, it will not be so difficult to obtain maternity capital.

What documents are required

Before you checkmate. Capital it is necessary to prepare all the necessary documents in advance. Required papers are:

  • statement;
  • SNILS;
  • child's birth certificate or adoption.

Sometimes one of the parents is not a Russian citizen. In this case, additional documents must be provided. You need to confirm the fact of the citizenship of the Russian Federation in the child himself.

In addition, when a guardian or father makes a statement, they must bring papers that confirm:

  • death of mother or both parents;
  • deprivation of parental rights;
  • confirmation of a crime against minors.

When you have collected all the necessary documents, you can apply to participate in the support program for families with two children.

Where do I apply for maternity capital?

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, problems related to maternity capital are resolved in the state pension fund. All documents collected must be photocopied and then forwarded to this organization along with the application. You can contact both the department at the whereabouts and the department at the whereabouts.

A request can also be made by a third party. To do this, you must first notarize the paper with a notary. If necessary, the document can also be sent by post.

What is the maternity capital?

After submitting the application, all submitted documents are carefully checked by authorized employees. If the papers are correct and genuine, the applicant will receive a certificate in their hands. You can pick it up in person. However, post is also possible in some situations.

Registration over the Internet

Registration with government services

In order to be able to use public services, you must register in advance on this portal. This will require a little free time as well as your SNILS details and passport. To register, you need to go to the portal's official website and fill out a small application form. All data must be entered correctly, otherwise the application will not be accepted. After completing and submitting the application, an SMS should be sent to the phone with a code that must be entered in the appropriate field.

How to archive electronic documents

After the registration is fully completed, you can create all the necessary documents. However, since they are routed over the Internet, they are presented with a number of requirements:

  • all contributions must be in PDF format.
  • all scans should be done in black and white. If color images are recognized, the application will not be automatically accepted.
  • the image resolution should not be less than 200 dpi.
  • the image must be high resolution so that you can see all the inscriptions as well as the signatures.
  • the maximum size should not exceed 10 MB.

In addition, each document must be in a separate file. For example, all scans of passport pages can be in one file. But with them there shouldn't be copies of SNILS or TIN.

What can you spend maternity capital on?

The cash compensation provided as an asset is relatively high. In order to prevent parents from making “unnecessary expenses”, a series of restrictions were introduced that allowed the funds provided to be used only for certain things. Maternity capital can therefore be invested in:

  • building or renovating a home;
  • repayment of a home loan;
  • expansion of living space;
  • payment of a student dormitory;
  • payment for a child to study at a university;
  • payment of kindergarten.

In addition, there is another limitation. According to him, the funds received can only be spent after a period of three years after receiving the certificate. However, this limitation can be avoided. Thus, citizens can spend the amount received in advance if the family is already paying a mortgage loan by the time the papers are received.

Other ways to spend

In addition to developing children's or home equipment, the capital can be used for other purposes. For example, it has recently become possible to issue the benefit for the formation of a maternal pension. However, there have not yet been any actual reviews of parent capital spending in this way.

Where can i get

The family can only use the most appropriate means through the following organizations: the FIU or its territorial branches and the MFC. At the same time, all transactions are only processed cashless. This was done specifically to suppress attempts to waste mother capital on other purposes. However, this has not always been the case. For example, until 2016 there was the possibility of partial benefits. Now there are also many who want to withdraw cash due to the program.

Can I cash out?

Previously, the state offered citizens the opportunity to pay out funds made available as maternity capital. Until 2016, parents could receive 12, and then 25 thousand rubles. However, legal document, the setting of these norms is out of date and there is currently no way to raise funds legally.

This is currently only possible through various financial organizations through the acquisition of loans. This method is very controversial due to the large number of scammers and one-day businesses. In addition, withdrawal attempts are illegal and are classified as fraud by law. Citizens may be held criminally responsible for investigating such acts.

Implementation documents

In order to realize the amount received as capital, it is necessary to prepare a number of documents:

  • identification document;
  • a paper confirming the applicant's registration;
  • SNILS;
  • kinship paper.

If the package of documents is transferred by a third party, the approval of the certificate holder and the applicant's passport are also required. All must also be photocopied and attached to the application for disposal. Next, the packet needs to be transferred to the FIU or MFC.

Change of use

A citizen who has received a certificate can independently cancel his application for the sale of funds upon request. To complete this process, a new application must be submitted. At the same time, the circulation conditions can vary.

So if the funds received are to be used to improve living conditions, the request for deletion should be submitted no later than two months after the first document has been sent. In the event that the allowance has been diverted to the mother's retirement savings, the period is extended until the first pension payment.

If the money has been used for education and the child has been expelled, the certificate holder must present paper to the PRF and refuse to divert funds to a college. The document can be drawn up in free form and also contains an addendum in the form of a copy of the decision on the expulsion of the student.

What else is important to know about maternity capital?

In addition to the rules mentioned, there are a few other important functions. Before submitting an application, you must know:

  • the allowance can only be drawn once by a family;
  • the amount of the certificate issued remains unchanged despite fluctuations in the amount of benefits.
  • the deadline for registering maternity capital is unlimited and begins immediately after the birth of the second child.
  • the allowance is not subject to income tax.
  • mother capital is not intended for the child itself, but for the whole family in which it was born;
  • a certificate can only be used if the holder presents a passport or other identification.
  • in case of loss, it is possible to restore the certificate via the local FIU branches.


Obtaining parent capital is clearly divided into two procedures: issuing a certificate and the ability to dispose of funds. In the first case, parents or guardians can submit documents at any time and receive a document confirming their ability to participate in the program. The second procedure can only be carried out after a period of three years from the date of receipt of the certificate. The result is the ability to spend the payment received.

Capital for mother or family that is provided from the state budget to carry out additional material support measures. A special certificate is issued for this, confirming the right to provide additional government support to families with children. When and how to register maternity capital is regulated by 256 federal law which came into force in two thousand and seven. This is exactly what is discussed in our article.

Who is Eligible?

Most often the recipient is the mother (in exceptional cases the father) who has more than one child. The right to receive such a payment is granted for one child, and at one time, that is, at the birth of, for example, three babies, the mother receives money for one of the two subsequent children.

This also applies to adopted children. An exception are children for whom it has been decided to deprive the parents of their parental rights to raise a child. This departure from the rules also includes babies who have been abandoned for adoption.

If twins are born then the right to receive cash payment arises in relation to a child who was born later.

Where to Create Maternity Capital?

A certificate of entitlement to such a payment can be issued by the pension fund at your place of residence. To do this, you need a number of legally regulated documents. All required certificates can be brought to the facility independently, sent by post or transmitted with an authorized person. An application must be attached to the package of documents, which must be completed at the Pension Fund. It is also permitted to print this form on a computer.

The pension fund is therefore an institution in which you can build up maternity capital. She also has no right to refuse to provide this service if the place of registration does not coincide with the family's actual place of residence.

When can I spend maternity capital?

Payments received lump sum for a child under the age of the majority requires a certificate. The timing of this document is not limited by law. It can be obtained even ten years after the child is born.

An application for appointment of the due payment must be made after a period of three years. The complaint will be examined within one month of the submission of the required documents. At the same time, the applicant receives a notification of payment or rejection within five days. There are such cases. The reason for the rejection is motivated. In the event of a positive result, the date of receipt must be stated in the notification. On this day, the applicant must come to the pension office to receive a certificate.

Required documents

We've already looked at where you can build maternity capital. The documents required for this are:

  • standard form instruction,
  • passport
  • certificate of the birth (adoption) of the child,
  • Document confirming the child's Russian citizenship (stamp of the migration authority on the back of the certificates) or an attachment to a family member who was born before February 7, 2007.

Where can I spend maternity capital?

The law does not provide for the right to see family capital in money and hold it in one's hands. You can spend it to improve housing conditions for the upbringing of the child. You can also use the certificate to increase the financed part of the mother's pension.

Improving living conditions means building, reconstructing and buying a house or apartment. To buy the land for the construction of a residential building, maternity capital is not allocated. There is one more caveat. Improving, building or restoring allocated funds for residential use outside the territory of the Russian Federation is also prohibited by law.

It is impossible to spend maternity capital on any other purpose (car purchase, vacation abroad, treatment, etc.) unless required by law.

The amount allocated to maternity capital increases annually by the state in relation to the rate of inflation.

If some of the funds have not been spent, they can be used in different ways. legally required destination.

Maternity Capital for a Mortgage

Mortgage under maternity capital is not prohibited by law. All loans taken out for residential purposes prior to December 31, 2000 are repayable from government funds. It is allowed to pay a mortgage before the child is three years old or if this loan was taken out before the birth of the second child. At this point the rules are very flexible.

When applying for a mortgage loan, in addition to the first payment, the amount of maternity capital is attached, which is not given to the hands, but transferred from the pension fund to the bank account. Thus, the remaining amount is reduced. Funds are transferred from the pension fund upon presentation of a certificate of ownership.

At the same time, the law is obliged to immediately spend part of the apartment on children when buying a mortgage-laden home.

If such a loan is not repaid on time, the bank has the right to terminate the contract with the borrower in court. At the same time, the family capital spent on a mortgage loan is not reimbursed. The judiciary has the right to terminate the contract between the bank and the borrower.

Additional maternity capital

Additional maternity capital is provided in some regions of Russia. In this subsection we learn what it is. The establishment of maternity capital for a second child and subsequent babies is also regulated by the laws enacted by the local authorities. Conditions and restrictions in various places can be added.

For example, in the Kaliningrad region, maternity capital is provided, which can be used to buy a car. And many families like to take advantage of this opportunity. An additional mat will be provided in the Ulyanovsk region. Capital for the second, third and subsequent child.

The more babies, the higher the amount for each subsequent child. The largest payments of additional maternity capital in Russia are planned in the Amur region. Why do these functions exist? Funding for additional maternity capital is allocated according to regional, regional, city, republican, or regional budgets. Accordingly, these governing bodies have the right to make their own adjustments.

In any case, in certain subregions of Russia, the place where maternity capital is drawn up is additionally provided - in the branch of the Pension Fund. No other authority has such authority.

Decision to make additional payments It is adopted at the local level by the regional, city, regional, republican or regional authorities.

Maternity capital for citizens outside the Russian Federation

Citizens residing in Russia but temporarily residing outside their own country also have the right to receive family capital and reside permanently on the territory of their state. How do you set up maternity capital in this case? The terms and conditions differ slightly. To obtain a certificate, you need to contact the Pension Office at the place of registration in Russia in person or through your representatives. The deadline for applying for this document is not limited by law.

To find out how to register maternity capital for citizens of the Russian Federation who are permanently resident outside their country, have citizenship, but are not permanently resident or resident in Russia, you need to contact the Pension Fund.

This can be done either directly on the spot or through a representative, or by sending the entire package of documents through the Consulate of the Russian Federation, which is located in the territory of the state of permanent residence. In this case, there is a slight nuance. The application attached to the documents must be notarized at the consulate. Federal law prohibits spending money received outside of Russia.

That is why in this article we studied in detail where and how to spend maternity capital to citizens of the Russian Federation.

Only citizens of Russia are entitled to maternity capital. First, women who have given birth or adopted a second child have this right.

This right is enjoyed by women who have given birth or adopted a third child if they have not previously used it to receive maternity capital.

The age of the first child is irrelevant for the maternity capital.

Another group eligible for maternity capital are men who are the only adoptive parents of the second, third, and subsequent children. Men can receive maternity capital if they have not previously exercised this right.

For fathers who have adopted a child, such a right arises in the following cases:

- the death of the mother or the report of her deceased;

- Deprivation of parental rights of the mother of the child, who gave birth to the right to maternal capital;

- The mother committed a willful crime against her child. - in case of cancellation of the adoption by the mother of the child.

Unfortunately for the birth of twins, triplets, etc. Maternity capital is only paid out to one child.

You can register your rights to maternity capital no earlier than three years from the date of birth or the adoption of a second, third, etc. a child.

But there is one exception. Maternity capital can be used at any time to repay loans or loans to purchase housing, including a mortgage.

The right to maternity capital is confirmed by a state certificate.


How do I get maternity capital?

In order to receive a maternity certificate, you must contact the pension fund at your place of residence or residence. If there is no registration, the contact should be at the place of actual residence. The application can be made by post or electronically.

Documents and their copies are requested by the pension fund itself from the responsible government agencies, unless the applicant has provided them himself.

The pension fund can refuse to issue a certificate for the following reasons:

1. due to the lack of a certificate right;

2. Termination of the entitlement to a certificate;

3. provide false information to create a certificate;

The refusal of the pension fund to issue a certificate can be appealed to a court.

If the certificate issued is lost, the Pension Fund will issue a duplicate at the request of the copyright holder.

Parents or one of them whose child died in the first week of life are also entitled to a certificate of residence. To do this, they must obtain a birth and death certificate for the child from the registry office and submit a corresponding application to the pension fund.

The decision on whether to issue a maternity certificate must be made by the pension fund within one month. Five days after the decision to issue a certificate, the Pension Fund notifies the applicant of the decision and issues a certificate.

If the child has the right to obtain a certificate, the certificate will be issued in their name.

An application for a certificate can be made at any time from the time of the birth of the second, third, etc. child. However, you cannot manage the certificate until after the child is three years old.

The basic amount of maternity capital is 250,000 rubles. The law provides for the procedure for indexing the specified share capital of the mother.

Maternity Funding Funds are not cash but a government support measure. Certificate funds can be sent to:

- improvement of housing conditions;

- upbringing of the child (s);

- on the funded part of the old-age pension.

The funded portion of the pension is allocated only to female mothers. Fathers do not have this right.

Allocation of funds to improve housing conditions

The allocation of funds to improve living conditions is carried out according to the established rules.

The said rules provide for the use of the mother for these purposes by anyone before civil transactions aimed at the purchase of housing.

- Acquisition of housing;

- Payment of a contribution under an agreement on participation in joint housing construction;

- Construction or reconstruction of a residential building;

- Payment of appropriate contributions to housing, housing, building society savings association;

- Payment of the down payment for the loan or loan, including mortgage, for the purchase or construction of housing;

- repay a loan, including a mortgage, to buy or build housing.

Cash for these purposes will not be issued. Payment is made by bank transfer to residential property sellers and credit institutions.

The main requirement for the introduction of maternity capital to improve housing conditions is that the apartment is registered in the joint property of the parents, the child and other family members.

Individuals receiving maternity capital are exempt from income tax but they are not entitled to any tax deduction.

Simple step by step instructions How do I get maternity capital? here.