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Meme Meaning: What is the Definition of Meme?

A meme is an inside joke among people on the Internet that is spread very quickly and thus goes viral. A meme is a snippet that makes internet users laugh. It is a sub-form of the broad term "internet phenomenon" that has been the most widespread to date. Anything can become a meme: a politician photo from the TV news, a video of cute cats, an advertising claim from some manufacturer, a line from a song, a snippet from a music video or photos of unknown people. These are mostly things that you can make fun of or that you can use to make fun of something else. Memes are simply pictures that are subsequently provided with short, concise texts or individual words and are disseminated on social media. The majority of Internet users know directly what is meant by “memes”. The phenomenon, which consists of photos and funny texts, is sent back and forth between many friends every day. Internet users even associate their own everyday situations with some memes, which are shown with the funny picture collages - which makes the memes all the more fun. Memes have been part of everyday life on the English-language web for a number of years and this humorous internet phenomenon (very sarcastic, merciless, nasty and very, very funny) is now commonplace in Germany.

Sites like Knowyourmeme.com and Memebase.com list all common meme meanings with origin, variations and instructions for use. In our picture gallery you can find some examples of memes that have gone viral after being spread online:

Where does the term meme come from and how is it pronounced?

Meme or meme is an artificial word. It is based on the English word "gene", in German "Gen". Because genes represent the replication of information. The word meme is also derived from the Greek word "mimema", which means something like "something irritating" or "something imitated". It is pronounced [miːm] - that isMiem.

By the way: The English nameMemes was already in front introduced to the World Wide Web in 1976 by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. He gave the examples: "Ideas, beliefs, behavioral patterns".

What was the first meme?

Of course, it's not that easy to say what the very first meme in the world was. Scientists and internet professionals assume that memes were distributed by humans even before the internet. However, most researchers have agreed that that"Dancing Baby" was the first meme.The Dancing Baby shows a three-dimensional imitation of a baby making dance moves. This little clip was shared by quite a few users and went viral. Today the dancing baby is considered a real retro meme that people still like to share on popular social media platforms.

Which good meme apps are there?

"9GAG" is by far the best and most widely used app for memes. Meanwhile, however, there are great Instagram accounts on which new funny photos - i.e. memes - go viral every day - and thus cause one or the other laugh. If you want to create memes yourself, you can download the "Meme Generator" app for your smartphone. The app allows you to upload your own photo and then add text. You can send your own memes to your friends or even use them for online marketing. Maybe your picture will even become the next big internet phenomenon?

What are the best Instagram meme accounts?

If you are addicted to memes, you should definitely follow these accounts on Instagram. They provide internet users with a new picture post every day.

Memes have become that important

Memes can now even be used for online marketing. There are websites like reddit or 9Gag where memes make up a large part of the content. Furthermore, memes are even more important on other websites than just being funny. So they should, among other things draw attention to problems. By sharing, sending and disseminating, the meme is ultimately assigned ever greater importance and gives the associated websites and social media channels an enormous reach. No wonder that all online marketing campaigns are now based on memes.

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