What is Superman Liegestuetz

Step by step to the flying push-up

From FITBOOK | December 18, 2020, 11:34 a.m.

Squats, pushups, lunges ... done a thousand times? Then go a step further and try an exercise with your own body weight that requires significantly more strength and coordination: the impressive flying push-up. Personal trainer Erik Jäger introduces you step by step in the video above.

Flying push-ups (also known as Superman push-ups or fly-ups) not only require a lot of strength and coordination. They also ask you the exciting question: Do you DARE? In this video, personal trainer Erik Jäger shows you how to slowly work your way up to the king's version of the push-up!

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What are the requirements for the Flying Push-up?

In order to be able to perform this particularly demanding bodyweight exercise, wrists, elbows and shoulders must be injury-free. You should also be able to perform normal push-ups easily and cleanly (learn the correct technique here). How many push-ups you can do is of secondary importance!

Mobilization and strength check

Mobilize wrists, elbows and shoulders with circular movements. Then warm up the rest of the body: e.g. by jumping rope, jogging on the spot or - if you are in the gym - rowing 500 meters at a brisk pace. Are you already warm? Then you're good to go. With these preliminary exercises:

  1. Push-ups on your knees: Place your chest on the floor and push up until your arms are fully extended. Your fingers are spread!
  2. Classic push-ups with straight legs, also place your chest on the floor. Watch out, it works with a deviation further: put your knees on your knees and push up from this position until your arms are straightened.
  3. Classic push-up (pusp-up)

Train explosiveness

Do you have enough strength? Then it can go on! In addition to the technique, the flying push-up depends on the explosiveness of the movement: i.e. the speed with which you can push yourself up from the ground in order to get into the air. These three exercises will help you:

  1. With your legs straight, go into the classic push-up position, lower your chest until it touches the floor. Now push yourself up hard until your arms are straight - and clap your hands. Keep your feet on the ground.
  2. Like doing the push-ups before - clapping your feet at the same time as you come up.
  3. As a third and final preliminary exercise, try to stretch both hands forward over your head while pushing up.

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Do you manage to land safely in push-ups after these three variants? Then you are ready for the toughest push-up there is!

The technique of the flying push-up

Get into the push-up position: legs straight, arms 90 degrees below your shoulders, chest touching the floor. Now tighten your stomach firmly and push it off the floor with full force. Important: the higher you fly, the more time you have to catch safely. Have fun practicing!

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About the person: Erik Jäger is a functional fitness trainer and has been a successful personal and athletic trainer for many years. On his Instagram channel, the “capital city coach” motivates people to take part in sports every day. His customers include numerous celebrities.

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