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How do I find web apps that are alternatives to x? [closed]

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Ideally, this is helpful when you are looking for a new app and want to check out all possible solutions and when you want to switch from your current app.

Many questions on this website ask for "alternatives to x". Hopefully this question can provide some information to help these users.


Google & Google suggest.

If you're looking for an alternative to Application X, just type in the following phrases:
"Application X vs" and "vs Application X".

e.g. Dropbox.
If you have "dropbox vs" and "vs dropbox"
Googling, the following alternatives are displayed on page 1: SugarSync, Mozy, Wuala, Drop.io, ZumoDrive, box.net, JungleDisk, Live Mesh, Syncplicity.

Google suggests doing even better as it immediately shows what items are currently being compared.

Just type "Dropbox vs" in google.com's search box and wait for the suggestions to appear.

Suggest gives the following "crowdsourcing"
-Sugars for "dropbox vs": sugarsync, mobileme, idisk, box.net, mozy, google docs, evernote, live mesh, zumodrive.

What To Use is a service that allows you to find software based on specific tasks, topics, and about users with similar interests.

If the app has been listed on MakeUseOf, there will be a long list of similar apps in their listings. I've found this to be very useful.

Hivefive Services / products in a specific domain. Very useful posts from

I found it best to ask for Quora directly. There are many alternatives to questions about Quora that are not closed due to strict guidelines.

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