Was married to mother Mary

Olaf Kling

In the "Lindenstrasse" from episode 387 to 1174

Olaf Kling: a man with two faces. If he loves, he sacrifices himself, if he hates, he knows no mercy - and his behavior often borders on obsession. Olaf was up to mischief in the neighborhood for 15 years until he finally disappeared from Lindenstrasse overnight in the summer of 2008.

Olaf Kling: The whole story

Olaf Kling was born on November 10, 1955 as the son of the caretaker couple Else and Egon Kling. The trained shoemaker married and lives with his wife Inge in Regensburg. After the marriage failed, Olaf moved to Munich to live with his parents.

In May 1993, Olaf meets Claudia Rantzow on Lindenstrasse and falls head over heels in love with the florist (episode 387). After Inge's divorce, Olaf surprisingly proposes marriage to his beloved in July (episode 398). Claudia likes Olaf very much, but is afraid of a new relationship after a breast amputation caused by her cancer. In October, however, she can no longer resist the shoemaker's imaginative advertising: When Claudia receives red ankle boots she has cobbled as a present from Olaf, it is the first night of love (episode 411).

Olaf's mother, however, is not very enthusiastic about the new woman at her son's side and shows this openly to Claudia, who comes from the east. Because she saves her life in a fire, Else finally accepts her as daughter-in-law. On April 3, 1994, the time had come: Olaf and Claudia said yes and after the celebration of the honeymoon in Venice (episode 435).

But the marriage is not a good star: When Claudia's father dies in November, her unemployed brother Dieter settles in with the couple and puts their young happiness to the test. More than once there were violent arguments between the two men, which also strained the relationship between Claudia and Olaf. To make matters worse, Olaf's strong desire to have children comes to the fore, which Claudia is not ready to fulfill for fear of passing on her cancer. And so what began so romantically ends with a catastrophe after only one year of marriage: Olaf becomes palpable during a dispute over the annoying topic of offspring - Claudia escapes onto the street, is hit by a car and dies (episode 491) . Olaf falls into deep grief. He takes refuge in work and continues to run Claudia's flower shop on Kastanienstraße.

Mary's fear of deportation

In December 1995, Olaf's interest was aroused by the pretty Nigerian Mary Dankor, who lives illegally in Germany and is hiding with the Beimer-Ziegler family. In order to prevent her deportation from Germany, he offers the desperate Mary a few months later to enter into a marriage of convenience with her (episode 547). Although his intentions do not appear to be perfectly clear, Mary finally agrees and in July 1996 travels to England with forged papers to marry Olaf there (episode 555).

After the wedding, Olaf makes his young wife's life hell: he controls and criticizes Mary in everything she does and even tries to cut off her contact with the Beimer Zieglers. Mary also has to look after her mother-in-law, even though Else harasses her because of the color of her skin. In addition, Olaf wants to force Bavarian culture on her with dirndl and folk music. At the beginning of 1997 there was the first violent assault by Olaf, who insisted on his marital rights and became intrusive (episode 580). But since Mary's fear of deportation is even greater than her fear of Olaf, she stays with her husband.

Although Olaf jealously watches over his beautiful wife, he does not notice that Mary falls in love with Vasily Sarikakis, the host of the Greek restaurant "Akropolis". In November, Olaf is confronted with a fait accompli: Mary wants to divorce him because she is expecting a child from Vasily (episode 622). Olaf takes revenge in his own way: Since he has previously satisfied his unfulfilled "marital needs" in a brothel, the so-called "Alpine Club", he uses his contacts to a judge there to arrange for Mary's deportation to Nigeria ( Episode 625). When Olaf's involvement in it is exposed, his father Egon breaks off all contact with him. The other neighbors also boycotted him and his flower shop from now on, which is why Olaf soon ran into financial difficulties.

In April 1998 his dodgy buddy Olli Klatt got him four hand grenades from the Bundeswehr, which Olaf wanted to sell in the "Alpine Club". Instead, one of them explodes in his apartment (episode 650). Olaf is seriously injured and is in hospital for four weeks. After his release, he finds out that Mary has since returned from Nigeria. In addition, the property management gave him notice of his apartment and the flower shop was leased to someone else - to Vasily of all people!

In July, Olaf received the next bad news: his father was killed in a car accident in Paris (episode 659). And Olaf's streak of bad luck doesn't stop: an anonymous tip that slanders him as a child molester makes him the victim of anonymous phone calls and stone-throwing - and even imprisoned him for a week! Although this suspicion is not confirmed, Olaf and his mother Else are avoided on Lindenstrasse for weeks. Even after Vasily came out as the initiator of the smear campaign against Olaf, things continue to go downhill: At the end of November, Olaf, who is completely burned down, has to reluctantly take a job at the garbage disposal (episode 678).

A few weeks later he bitterly decided to take back his old shop and therefore resorted to a ruse: he borrowed 20,000 DM from Pia Lorenz, a prostitute from the "Alpine Club", and sent her to Vasily as a "middleman". Unsuspectingly, he rents the business premises to Pia - and so the triumphant Olaf opens the shoemaker's shop "Olafs Schuhstüberl" on Kastanienstraße at the beginning of 1999. Since he has now also got together privately with Pia, she moves in with Olaf and his mother in April (episode 699). But when Else found out in October what profession Pia had been doing so far, she asked her son to throw her out of the apartment (episode 725). Pia then threatens to disappear with her money and leave Olaf with the shop.

The dispute in the Kling house continues into the new year. Meanwhile, Olaf is fed up with Pia. To get rid of them, he gets in touch with his old friend Olli Klatt, who is supposed to get Olaf a loan about his relationship with the underworld. Olaf also allies himself with the caretaker Hülsch and convinces him to transfer Pia's lease contract to him in order to open a snack bar in the business premises (episode 736). When Pia learns of the plot, she avenges herself for being expelled by clearing out "Olaf's Schuhstüberl". But Olaf catches her doing it and forcibly throws her out of the store. Later he gave Pia back the money she had invested.

A macabre bet

The days of the "Schuhstüberl" are numbered, because at the beginning of February 2000 Olaf opened the Bavarian snack bar "Aloisius-Stub'n" (episode 740) at the same location. In June, buddy Olli proposes a macabre bet: He wants to help Olaf have sex with Mary within four weeks, whose husband Vasily is now seriously ill. Olli's plan: Olaf pretends to be a bone marrow donor for Vasily with forged documents and blackmails Mary to sleep with him - knowing full well that she would do anything to heal Vasily (episode 760).

Olaf is in a coma for a week and is released from the hospital at the end of October (episode 778). So that his sinister machinations are not exposed, he refrains from filing a complaint against Mary and, after a fight with the meanwhile recovered Vasily, restricts himself to verbal attacks against the Sarikakis family. After the act is done, Olaf enjoys the suffering he inflicted on Mary. However, he doesn't get his throat full - and has to pay bitterly for his greed: When he tries to force Mary to have sex again three months later, she desperately defends herself and robs Olaf of his masculinity with poultry shears (episode 774).

After all, Olaf can report a positive business balance for the "Aloisius-Stub'n" at the beginning of 2001 (episode 789). So Olaf has his livelihood with the snack, and now all he needs is his personal happiness. In June, the "Humanitas" charity shop opens next to his shop (episode 812). When Olaf met Ines Reitmaier, the daughter of the owner Oskar Krämer, there, he was immediately fascinated by her. From then on he visits her regularly at work in the "Café Bayer" and is even involved in the charity shop's sponsoring association. Ines, who recently separated from her husband, thinks Olaf is very personable and enjoys the snack operator's charming advertising.

In February 2002 Ines - against all warnings from her father and her friend Gabi Zenker - accepts Olaf's invitation to a romantic dinner (episode 847). On this occasion, Olaf relentlessly reveals his past to his beloved - but not without leaving out certain details.

Olaf vows to get better and asks Ines for a chance for a future together. She hears his plea, but shortly afterwards she suspects him of having ordered a prostitute and, deeply struck, refuses any further contact (episode 852). To prove his sincere love to her, Olaf asked for Ines' hand in May (episode 858). After a lot of trials and tribulations, everything finally clears up and the two actually decide to marry.

Ines' environment rejects her connection with Olaf, but all attempts to convince her of the wickedness of her fiancé go unheard. Accordingly, only a few guests come to the engagement party in August, but the couple tries not to let it spoil their mood (episode 873). When her divorce becomes final in December, Ines is finally free for Olaf. The only downer: While he wants nothing more than a regular owner, his fiancée tells him that she doesn't want any more children because she lost her son Kevin from his first marriage in a bicycle accident. Nevertheless, Olaf does not allow himself to be dissuaded from marrying Ines - even if he has to take another setback: his mother Else suffers a stroke a week before the wedding and therefore cannot be there when the wedding bells finally ring on June 8, 2003 (Episode 914).

For the "Aloisius-Stub'n", Olaf has now found a new help in Murat Dagdelen because he wants to take more time for his wife. But Kling's luck does not last long. In March 2004 Olaf is caught up with his past: Ines learns several of his misdeeds from earlier days about which Olaf had successfully left her in the dark. This is how his visits to the "Alpine Club" come to light and, above all, the whole truth about what he did to Mary. Deeply struck by his lies, Ines chases her husband out of her apartment and her life with disgrace and shame (episode 955).

Deadline: Iffi's wedding

Depressed, Olaf moves back to his mother Else. All attempts to win back his wife fail - Ines feels bothered by Olaf's permanent siege at Café Bayer and makes it unmistakably clear to him that she will not come back to him. When the divorce petition actually fluttered into the house in October (episode 986), Olaf had already gotten into his "Ines" madness so much that he hatched a crazy plan of revenge: In his opinion, four people were to blame for his marriage has failed, they should pay for it! After all, Ines' friends Gabi Zenker and Anna Ziegler, his ex-wife Mary and police officer Nina Beimer had told his wife about Olaf's dark past. That is why he has only one goal: on January 30, 2005, the day of neighbor Iffi Zenker's wedding, he wants to shoot all four and then kill himself.

Olaf has been preparing for the "day of vengeance" for weeks, but when the time comes, everything turns out very differently than planned (episode 1000): When he is about to target the women, Olaf is surprised by Ines in their former apartment . She snatches the rifle from him and tries to flee with it, but Ines falls unhappy, falls down the stairs and loses consciousness. After Olaf has called the ambulance, he removes the gun and all traces with his presence of mind, which is why nobody has any idea what really happened.

The concerned Olaf swears not to leave his beloved wife alone and to look after her until she wakes up from the coma. But Ines' condition remained unchanged for many months. When Olaf's hospital costs grew over his head in July, he finally brought Ines to his home and continued to look after her there. The snack is now run by Murat because Olaf has withdrawn completely from everyday life to be there for Ines.

On November 10, 2005, on Olaf's 50th birthday, of all things, his greatest dream came true: Ines woke up from a coma! Since she cannot remember what happened before her accident, Olaf initially keeps the good news a secret - after all, he has to fear that Ines' friend Gabi will at least inform her about her previous plans for a divorce. But gradually Ines remembers her past in fragments. At Christmas, Olaf can no longer hide from the outside world that Ines has woken up and decides to confront his wife with the truth. He confesses to her that he was a bad person, but wisely withholds the planned attack. Gabi also reports to her friend about Olaf's atrocities and is sure that Ines does not want to stay with him. But she is completely overwhelmed and only feels one thing: that Olaf loves her more than anything. To his great joy, Ines finally decides in favor of her husband in spite of everything.

On her way back to a normal life, Olaf is there to help his Ines. Her recovery is progressing rapidly, and in February 2006 she announced that she would soon return to work at "Café Bayer". Olaf can hardly believe his luck - at the moment he is only worried about his sick mother. When he started a 10-day journey with Ines on Ascension Day, it was difficult for him to leave the old lady alone in Lindenstrasse. Since the stubborn Else cannot be induced under any circumstances to accompany his son and daughter-in-law, Olaf says goodbye to his mother on May 25, 2006 - without realizing that this is a goodbye forever (episode 1069). A week later, he received a call from Murat, who was supposed to check Else's house while Olaf was away and now had to bring him the news of her death.

Olaf suffers a lot from the loss of his mother, but the grief binds him and Ines even more together. She is now absolutely sure of her love for Olaf and makes her husband an unexpected confession in July: Ines wants a child from Olaf (episode 1075) to complete the happiness they have together!

But at the end of the year Ines is still not pregnant - and is also the victim of a scheming bet: In order to be able to spend a night with the beautiful waitress Marcella, "Café Moorse" owner Julian Hagen has to seduce a woman she has chosen. Since Marcella has chosen Ines, who is honest in her eyes, Julian creeps into Ines' trust with a maudlin story about his sister, who allegedly died in a coma (episode 1097).

Meanwhile, Olaf gets deeper and deeper into his desire to have children and continues to urge Ines to have a parent - although the snack bar operator was certified as being infertile in February 2007!

Ines finally doesn't know what else to do and asks Julian to sleep with her in order to finally get pregnant (episode 1108). Unsuspecting Olaf is still firmly convinced that a miracle will give them the offspring they long for. His stubborn optimism - and her guilty conscience because of the affair - drive Ines to sheer desperation over the next few months and slowly but surely maneuver Kling's marriage into a crisis.

In the autumn, the marital problems take a back seat, because Olaf and Ines are victims of targeted attacks: At first only foods poisoned with sodium nitrite appear in their apartment, but then also in Olaf's snack bar (episode 1140). His suspicions quickly fall on his former partner Hülsch, with whom he still has an account to be taken. However, this rejects any guilt.

Olaf and Ines will soon run out of nerves. Since the takeaway operator is convinced of Hülsch's culprit, he first attacks him, but finally gives him 8,000 euros, which he still owes him anyway (episode 1142). In fact, the spook is over - however, it remains unclear whether Hülsch is actually responsible for the poison attacks.

Despite the crisis that has been overcome, the Klings are now facing lean times: In the snack bar, the customers and thus the turnover are missing, so that Olaf initially gives up his desire to have children and at the end of the year is even forced to close his beloved "Aloisius Stub'n" ( Episode 1151).

And Olaf's downward spiral continues: In February 2008 he receives a letter in which an anonymous scribe exposes Ines' cheating with the windy Julian Hagen (episode 1158). Olaf then runs amok: First he slaps Ines, then he knocks Julian unconscious with a bottle of champagne. In the evening, hot Olaf throws his wife out of the shared apartment. He does not accept Ines' argument that he only tried to father the longed-for ancestor with the one-time affair.

Olaf faces the shards of his marriage - and the ruins of his existence. Since he is unemployed, he shamelessly takes advantage of his wife's remorse by demanding maintenance from her. Ines willingly pays and hopes for a reconciliation with Olaf, but the horned husband doesn't even think about it - he wants a divorce (episode 1163).

Olaf is becoming increasingly neglected. In May he received a court summons for his attack on Julian and reproached Ines for being to blame for all his misfortune. When she gains access to her former apartment to see if everything is going well, Olaf lies in wait for her from behind and holds the barrel of his rifle to her temple with a crazy look (episode 1174). Full of malice, he finally opens Ines' eyes to what actually happened that day in January 2005 before she fell into a coma. He scares Ines to death, but lets her get away with her skin intact. Olaf then disappears from Lindenstrasse.