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The biggest advantages and disadvantages of the turntable

Not sure if a turntable is really right for you? Before you go out and buy a turntable, would you like more information? A List of all advantages and disadvantages may help you to see things clearly.

This is exactly what this guide is about: We really introduce you to all the advantages of the turntable that we can think of. So that you don't see the topic too one-sided, we don't hide the disadvantages from you.

Only those who can live with these disadvantages are real vinyl lovers! Let's start with all the advantages we can think of about turntables and listening to music on vinyl:

What are the advantages of the turntable?

We would like to start our list with the advantages of buying a turntable with the following point:

+ The playback quality of vinyl is better

Have you ever heard an album on vinyl and then on CD - or worse - in the form of an MP3?

Countless music lovers believe that Music on vinyl sounds warmer and livelier, than from the CD. And that although the sound quality of the CD is technically superior to a vinyl record.

What is important here: When it comes to sound quality, you can't go without it View of the rest of the equipment determine. The quality of the pickup, the stylus and the other accessories such as amplifiers, preamplifiers or loudspeakers must also be right.

+ Turntables are expandable and maintainable

When the CD player is over, it is over. Do you still remember the CD player of your youth? Repairing such a device is not exactly easy.

Goes with the turntable Broken needle, this can be done in most cases change. At least if you made a good decision when buying the turntable. The pickup is also interchangeable.

So you can - even if you have to replace individual pieces over time - anyway save at the base.

+ Records often offer free downloads as an encore

That's a great thing! When buying music on vinyl you often get it as an encore, the pieces in Mp3 format. For example, in the form of a code on an enclosed piece of paper that you have to enter under a link.

Tip If you order on Amazon, the songs of the ordered album are also in your own music library online and you can listen to them on the go.

+ Vinyl albums come with beautiful covers and artwork

While masses of CDs just seem chaotic in the living room, you can even use a beautiful record cover as a decoration.

The covers of records are often beautifully designed and give much more than the digitally saved thumbnails of the MP3 download or the small booklets on the CD.

I can still remember browsing my father's record collection as a child and stumbling across Pink Floyd's The Division Bell. The cover alone had something magical for me and so it is still in my apartment today and unfolds its effect.

Incidentally, almost half of the guests pick up the record and a large number of them insist on playing it. This is something that almost never happens with a CD booklet!

+ Vinyl can be extremely cheap

Almost every major city has record stores that do too old, used plates buy them and then give them back at a very affordable price. That way you can get incredible bargains.

Tip Even newly purchased records are not really expensive, especially when you consider that the digital version of the songs is usually available for free.

+ Collectibles keep (or increase) their value

To say that records are a good investment is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but some pieces actually increase in value over time. And records that are not in great demand can certainly be resold later on better than the dusty CD collection.

Because vinyl clearly has one advantage: It's much more durable than a CD. These often give up after a few years and can no longer be played.

+ Turntables enhance the ambience

A record player, skillfully placed in the room, simply looks good. If you are also a little skilful with the arrangement of the remaining accessories of the turntable, nothing stands in the way of a skilful interior design.

Many bloggers and Instagram stars put the turntable or the records as special highlight in the living room a. And no wonder either: A turntable always steals the show from a CD player or stereo system!

+ With vinyl, you actively listen to music

This means the way we listen to music in everyday life. Maybe you know it when the radio is always on in the background somewhere? Or you listen to a CD but don't really notice the music at all.

No wonder either - because where is the CD player or even worse on a PC in MP3 format at all the music?

  • With the turntable, in stark contrast to the MP3 player, it is easier to see where the music is actually coming from.
  • You are yourself actively involved in the actionwhen you put the record on or position the tonearm.
  • In addition, it is not that easy on the turntable listening to a specific song or just skip others.

So many just go over to listening to the whole album again. The message here could also be: Away from mass consumption, towards mindful listening to music!

+ Records are extremely durable

A vinyl record has one if properly cared for and properly stored almost unlimited shelf life. Of course, playing records is not entirely free of wear and tear.

However, this is in stark contrast to other audio media such as B. the CD, which causes problems with playback after a few years.

What are the disadvantages of the turntable?

With all the advantages that we of course also see ourselves in our turntable, we don't want to forego the less good facts here. Of course, a turntable not only offers advantages, but also some disadvantages, which we will show you below:

- The turntable is for home only

The turntable is suitable for home use only. There are models that can also be transported, but they still cannot keep up with a practical MP3 player. In addition, the sound quality of these turntables leaves a lot to be desired.

- Records and turntables are very sensitive

This point mainly concerns the improper handling of panels and also that of the turntable.

In general, a lot can be done wrong if you don't know your way around properly. Fortunately, our numerous guides and information articles will help you here.

- You usually have to operate turntables manually

Unless you have a fully automatic turntable, you have to Operate the start and end of the plate yourself. In most cases, the titles cannot simply be selected using a remote control.

Incidentally, a lot is required Exercise to lower the needle directly on a specific song. Many beginners find it very difficult here.

- Vinyl can also be expensive

As you may have noticed, we already mentioned the opposite of this point, namely that vinyl can also be cheap, in the perks. That is very much related to various factors. For example how important quality is to youwhether you're buying used or new, etc.

You can get used turntables and records at a very affordable price. However, you should It is better not to save on certain parts of the turntable (needle, cartridge).

Tip We would also advise you not to put your turntable on record with badly damaged records. This can also damage the needle.

- Turntables, records and the like take up a lot of space

It's best to keep this in mind right from the start. You need a lot of space for a turntable including system and boxes! Not to mention the record collection, which is sure not to get any smaller over the years.


All in all, it can be said that while a turntable has a number of advantages, the disadvantages should also not be ignored.

Have you already figured out what for you the upper hand wins?

At home there are other ways to listen to music in addition to the turntable. Just because you enjoy listening to certain albums on vinyl doesn't mean you have to forego all alternatives at the same time. For example, Spotify can be very practical, especially when you are on the go.

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