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What is the best way to use savory?

Savory is a spice that can be used in various types of vegetables and vegetable salads. It goes particularly well with legumes such as beans. But meat dishes can also be refined in terms of taste. The herb has a very intense aroma, it tastes fresh and a little hot, a little like pepper. The taste is also reminiscent of thyme. It can be used chopped or whole twigs, both dried and fresh.

Because of its very intense taste, savory is added in whole branches to many dishes only during cooking and removed again before serving. The herb is very flavorful and should therefore always be used sparingly. This is especially true for seasoning in powder form. In principle, savory is more suitable for cooked dishes, as its sharp aroma harmonizes better with them. If it is to be added to salad dressings, for example, only fresh leaves that are very finely chopped or cut are suitable - otherwise the aroma would be too sharp.

Savory is said to have beneficial effects on digestion. It is supposed to make many difficult to digest foods easier to digest, which is why it is used particularly often for such dishes.

• Beans: In this country, savory is still often used as an addition to beans. It is added to the legumes during cooking. This increases the taste of the beans themselves, and the result is particularly spicy and flavorful.

• Other legumes: Legumes such as lentils, peas or beans are generally considered to be more difficult to digest and many people have stomach problems after eating them. The addition of savory during the cooking process makes legumes generally more digestible and also more intense in taste.

• Meat and fish: Above all, very rich dishes made from rather fatty meat can be seasoned with savory and thus made more digestible. The cabbage can be added to roast pork or mutton, for example. Lamb becomes even more aromatic in this way. But the herb also harmonizes in taste with rather lean meat, such as veal or poultry. It adds flavor and flavor to dishes such as ragouts or fricasses, for example. Savory can also be used for fish that are more fatty, such as mackerel or carp.