What is the process of product design

8 steps to product success - the design process

1.) First conversation, clarification of the design needs

The design process begins.
At the first design discussion, it is clarified which work we can or should do. We always offer this first interview as a free consultation.
Even if no order is placed with us, you will no costs at.

Goal of the first design talk:

Here we should receive all documents and all information that are necessary to be able to prepare a binding offer for you. In other words, information about the product, area of ​​application, operation, regulations and standards, manufacturing options, quantities, etc.
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Of course, you will receive a confidentiality agreement prior to this conversation.

While we need to know everything, we will not share this information with anyone.

Trust is important! No new development should be made public too early.

We undertake to maintain absolute confidentiality from third parties about all information and documents that you provide to us.

2.) Offer for the design order

When we have all the design-related information, you will receive an offer for the design work. The design process becomes "tangible".

The costs are on the table! You know what to expect!

The design draft consists of true-to-scale colored representations (3D models) that enable a realistic idea of ​​the new design. Materials and possible manufacturing processes and functions are indicated. However, it is not a construction drawing.

You now know what costs you have to expect for the design draft. You have all the information and can decide how to proceed.

3.) Industrial design (product design) arises

After you have placed your order, if this has not yet been done, a specification sheet will be drawn up together with you.
A specification sheet for the design of your product. A design strategy is being worked out. The design process continues.

4.) Then we create your new product design

The new industrial design is created exactly according to your specifications and your wishes.

This is the most important and at the same time the hardest step.

The built-in parts are positioned. The ergonomics worked out. Developed the cheapest manufacturing process depending on the planned number of pieces. The design draft is created!

5.) The presentation of the design draft

Now it's getting exciting. We present the new design in your company or in our office.
At the same time, a weak point analysis of the new design is made. Does the design draft correspond to the requirement profile? Was something overlooked or even forgotten? In this phase in particular, a great deal of trust is required from both sides.

However, I can assure you that in around 70% of all design projects, the first design draft is accepted. The design draft has to be revised once in approx. 20%. A third draft is necessary in 10% of all our work. But this is the exception.

Product design for system housings made of aluminum sheet

Product design Variety of parts - this allows the manufacturing costs to be estimated

6. The production documents are created

The Design process. After the design draft has been approved, the 3D construction for the new product design has to be created.
Depending on your requirements, these documents can be created in-house, by your employees or by us.

Sensible decision, who designs what?

If you do not have a development department, your design department is overloaded or has no experience with the planned manufacturing process, it makes sense to do the design with us.
Here you will receive the desired result quickly and at a calculable cost.

Our strengths lie in the know-how of the manufacturing process. We know exactly how to produce something in the cheapest way depending on the number of pieces.
You can benefit from this know-how from over 500 product developments.

Tip:Especially with demanding design drafts, it makes sense to let us do the 3D construction for the housing. We keep seeing the difficulties that designers have with, for example, 3D freeform surfaces. Constructing these requires special know-how, which not every designer has.

7. The prototype is built
We can also support you with the creation of a prototype. With the construction you have a virtual product. However, you can only sell a real product! The first step towards a real product is the prototype. We use the most modern and best manufacturing processes for this.
Now you can really hold your product in your hands!

3D construction of an aluminum housing

After the production documents have been created, production can begin. Safety tests, trials or examinations may still be necessary.
But put simply, you can use your new product in the new one Industrial design sell now.

8. The transition to series production - the design process comes to an end
The prototype needs to be tested and analyzed. Now is the right time to carefully check all product requirements on the prototype again. Now is the right time to incorporate any changes into the new design. Once the series tools have been created, additional costs are incurred.

So, let's go! Is the product the way you want it?

If everything is in order and any changes have still been incorporated, it is time to take care of series production. Thanks to our many years of development experience, we have the right partner for almost all manufacturing problems. We do not manufacture any parts ourselves, but we know where we can have the parts manufactured most cheaply. Know-how that you can use, which you should use!

Postscript: Unfortunately, we also know statements like:

  • It's just a drawing, it can't cost that much!
  • Do I get a preliminary draft for free?
  • I have to know what it looks like, otherwise I can't order the design!
  • I just want a simple sketch!
  • Etc.

I would like to say the following about this:

Industrial design is hard work. Hard work that requires an enormous amount of know-how. What use is the most beautiful design to you if your product far exceeds the planned production costs (manufacturing costs)?

Here the designer can cause either the sales success or the failure of a product.

But nobody can make a successful product or product design for free. Or do you give away your product?

A simple sketch is practically never enough for a good design. We therefore do not make free drafts, no quick 500, - Euro drafts, because your product is important to us. Your success and the success of your product should also be worth something to you.

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