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Sell ​​your used books, CDs, DVDs and computer games (only shrink-wrapped)!
Fair, fast and safe. We bear the shipping costs from 25 euros sales value. If you don't reach 25 euros, you can send the books at your own expense.

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After entering the barcode or the ISBN, you will immediately receive our price offer and can put the desired items in the sales basket. Shipping is free for you. After a few days you will receive your money.

Attention: For technical reasons, our system determines a price for items that we do not buy such as VHS, calendars or older specialist literature as well as PC games that have already been played. Unfortunately, the ISBN numbers cannot be excluded, but these items cannot be purchased. Please read the terms and conditions and terms and conditions before completing the sale.




Simply send all items in one package yourself, free of charge. Done!


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Fixed price offers. (Provided that the status description is correct) Guaranteed data security. Has been working as a serious second-hand bookshop since 1982. Visit our stores. In very individual cases there may be price corrections, but you decide at any time whether to sell the item, in which case we will return the item at our expense. Does not apply to incorrect status information.

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We want to pay you the maximum price. Help us, send us flawless goods and become a regular seller. Both sides benefit from this. We prefer continuity and focus on customer satisfaction. This is shown by our 40 year company history. We'll pay immediately. Try us!