Does the clickbating of video clickbaits work?

Clickbaiting - what is it?

The subject of clickbaiting is always a hot topic. Especially since some portals, such as TV Movie, repeatedly cross the line of good taste and receive bitter criticism for it. Said TV magazine, for example, announced in a preview post that a famous TV presenter would soon have to retire from the business due to cancer - a name was not mentioned, but instead a photo montage by a total of four moderatorsdisplayed. Numerous readers feared the imminent death of their favorite presenter and first had to click on the headline to find out which of the four was actually the sick person. Because of such incidents, critics accuse portals that use clickbaiting of deliberately manipulating their readers. Another point of criticism is that the readers are very often hijacked articles without added value or benefit.

But of course there are also advocates who use clickbaiting as a Phenomenon of modern online communication consider. And clickbaiting is also interesting from a marketing point of view, especially when it comes to the Website monetization goes. If you want to earn money with your website or blog, you need a lot of clicks and high traffic, for example to be able to sell advertising space lucratively. And sites that primarily work with clickbaiting usually have good click numbers. However, the quality of such pages is often rather low, which could put off a critical target group: The content is usually nothing more than so-called content aggregation. You add just a few lines and comments to images, videos or social media posts from third parties and then distribute them on your own page.