What are the advantages of kitchen remodeling

What does a kitchen conversion cost: Use the existing potential

What does a kitchen conversion cost: an extension as an option

If you have enough space available, you should not only focus on the renovation, but also on expanding your kitchen equipment. How about a kitchen island that creates additional space for socializing and looks really chic at the same time? Other alternatives are a counter with suitable seating and a seating area. If you have a white kitchen with a high-gloss finish, individual color elements that loosen up the room and make it appear more modern may also be an option. What does the kitchen remodeling cost if you decide to expand? In this case, too, an appointment for a consultation and a cost estimate provide the necessary information.

What does a kitchen conversion cost: fittings suitable for everyday use

Nowadays the fittings are just as innovative as the entire kitchen equipment. Faucets are no longer just simple devices with access to the water pipe. With a hose shower attachment, they can be rotated in all angles and provide the necessary space for cooking, washing up and cleaning. Single-lever mixers save fine adjustments to the cold and hot water supply on separate sides. The desired temperature can be set with just one handle. Particularly innovative fittings deliver boiling water at the push of a button and can even filter and bubble it. You might be wondering now if it fits into the budget if I go for these fancy details. We keep the costs as low as possible.

What does a kitchen conversion cost? A consultation with the experts at K├╝chenwerkstatt Einrichtungs GmbH will answer this question. We look forward to your call.

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