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Germany and other countries with Anna Lassonczyk

Today in conversation with Anna Lassonczyk Dirk Daenen:

Dirk Daenen is a communication trainer, university lecturer and TEDx organizer. He has lived and worked in Brazil, Germany, Great Britain, France, the USA and Belgium.

Already at a young age he noticed that the cultures are different. As a former dean of UBI (recognized partner of Middlesex University London), he regularly gives guest lectures at universities around the world, including Vietnam National University, Tongji University in China, Novi Sad University in Serbia and Clark University in the USA .

As a communication trainer, he regularly advises international companies and public institutions, including the European Parliament.

Dirk is also an ambassador for TED who has coordinated numerous TEDx events, including TEDxLuxembourgCity with videos that more than 10 million people have seen.

In the episode Dirk speaks

  • to convey and teach other people something through his great passion in order to have a positive influence on their lives
  • about the fascination of a TED talk
  • about the challenges of organizing a TED Talk and about how differently the lectures are perceived by visitors and spectators.

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